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  1. omeara28

    steve can play the hell out of a Hammond B-3 - turn it up to eleven

  2. Charles Gomez

    Got turned on to S.W. & Traffic back in 1970..... I was all of 18 at the time & gotta say this Album just SPARKED from beginning to end.....

  3. chicchitammuottocifa

    So Groovy

  4. John Warren

    my whole life

  5. David Wilson

    djclay33-love this song-love basset hounds too!


    Hard not to love both right?😁😁😁

    Bill Barry

    Basset hounds are cool mutts


    @Bill Barry beautiful companions!

  6. Ray B.

    This is one of my old fishin tunes

  7. Christopher Danielson

    Apparently I'm etymologically challenged because I should have just said Amendment

  8. Christopher Danielson

    I guess that's just a fancy English word for an addition thereto

  9. Christopher Danielson

    Somebody put LSD in my tea I am a poet and I didn't know it

  10. Christopher Danielson

    App end um scratch a comment about a penguin a minute pendulum LOL was that respectful enough did you get it apparently my phone is mildly retarded however it is supposed to be a smartphone

  11. Christopher Danielson

    A pendulum a penguin a pendulum it was Stevie Winwood sorry folks I forgot I had Google LOL

  12. Christopher Danielson

    Wasn't Stevie Winwood or Spencer Davis on vocals I don't remember?



  13. Christopher Danielson

    All too many years I had been staring at the empty pages

  14. Derek Larson

    One of my favorite songs. This song and I'm a Man, i can listen to all the time.


    no doubt. Superb musicianship.

  15. Michael Mikulski

    Glad I was listening to bands like Traffic during the golden days of FM.

  16. ozone baby

    Even though this album came out before I started school I love it

  17. Lisa Bullock

    I was a Junior in high school when this was out, 1970, now. Its 2019, this is such a great reflection song now.......💯❤

  18. Josiah Quincy

    A great great "album"

  19. Velvet Wilson


  20. Kris Scanlon

    What a joyful racket these three made!

  21. jmdurant2000

    My favorite album ever!

  22. Alfredo Nt

    Traffic: Incomparável, inimitável e inesquecível.


    Concordo amigo...Um saludo de Trento, Italia...Amo Brasil, seu Povo e sua musica....Ate' mais....Ciao

  23. Don

    This song takes me back to the spring of '70... sitting in a Staten Island bar called Tarry's with a bunch of other 16 year olds who came over from Jersey to drink under age. This song was playing on the juke box... it didn't seem like life could ever be any better...

  24. Julio Chirinos


  25. Karen Zywics

    Nice graphic effect, too, buddy!

  26. Michael Winder

    best groove ever...capaldi is right there

  27. David Womack

    The keyboards is a lost part of the best times in music. I am a sucker for them.

  28. Jeanette Wilson

    Love this song and Traffic it's bring back such great time in my life.

  29. Cliff Cala

    One of the best songs in my lifetime !...I cannot get enough of Traffic. I heard this song for the first time when I was 16 years old !.....I play it to this day......on a turntable !

    Cliff Cala

    I'm also "Glad" that John Barlycorn did not die ..haha !

  30. Tim Lupo

    Windwood totally underataed ! Rock on Stevie!

  31. Susan Largent

    man does this take me back to my teenage years.

  32. Hesh

    Traffic is an all-timer for me. In the 70s, the two best white singers with serious soul to them were Winwood and Robert Palmer. The 80s made them both rich as they delved into pop, but they left their fervent passion behind. Shame. Legends.

    Side note - the drums are killing it here. Stellar.


    I loved Robert Palmer but if you want to talk serious I mean serious blue-eyed soul from the 70s and 80s you got to go with Gregg Allman and Daryl Hall seriously come on


    Oh, man. I’ve been to a ton of Allmans shows over the years. Huge fan of them as well. The fact that they cranked out Duane, Betts, Haynes, and Derek Trucks is mind blowing.

  33. Freddy Ojeda

    Me gustan los videos publicados por ustedes GRACIAS MIL

  34. Burt472

    That electric piano.......

  35. Charron Sikorovsky

    Keyboarding to die for!🤣😆💫🌈❤️💙🤗😘😊🇺🇸

  36. ivan kovacevic

    Just hats of... thats all here

  37. Kris Scanlon

    I've been lost and forgotten but I got something to show show

  38. Mark Dolan

    Another timeless classic.

  39. Daniel McKeon

    The whole band gets to jam on in this song. Dope!

  40. Kevin sisboy

    Nothing but perfection and I thank God that I was born in 1959 and had the opportunity to have real friends and music to help guide me through my life if I didn't have it who knows where I would be now probably in a insane asylum if I had to listen to the shit that they call music now days that's all I have to share

  41. Ashra Tempel

    Timeless classic album. Never gets old.

  42. Debbie Lynn

    Forgot this gem!!! Traffic. Al Stewart. Dan Fogelberg. Zep. Host of others. I'm a teen in the lucky!!! Experiencing best music and lyricmeisters!



  44. Daniel McKeon

    Killer song...

  45. Cynth Enraptured


  46. FindACity

    This song caught my ear when I first heard it in the mid-70s on the Winwood album. It was different sound than what I was used - a relaxed groove, quite funky but in an understated way, and it's so damn catchy. The electric piano solo is so relaxed - and why wouldn't it be? And lyrics about writer's block - and, maybe, starting w/a clean slate - well, that was different too. Casual and honest.

  47. nyrichiek

    Capaldi just so soulful on this.

  48. byff2323

    This song does not get the love it deserves.

    Massachusetts Mapping

    This whole album is very underrated. It's honestly one of the best albums out there.

  49. Buarque Amorimj

    Essa banda é incrível, adoro a voz desse cara é d++++++. Esse disco John Barleycorn perfeitooooo!!! Todas as composições são lindas, amo "Traffic"

  50. joseph lemko

    One of the greatest bands of all time. This album is a masterpiece. The way Winwood, Capaldi, Wood & ,Mason(when was in the group) incorporated different musical forms was incredible.

  51. MoreMartinThanMartin

    Damn that Bass line is punchy.

  52. jim pinkey

    Interestingly this was Traffic's biggest hit song in the US at least when they were a band. Not "Low Spark..." or "Dear Mr. Fantasy" both of which became classic rock station favorites. FYI- Saw Steve Winwood twice as a warm-up act in last five years he sounds great and plays lots of Traffic, highly recommended.

  53. Greg White

    Why Steve Winwood and Traffic are legends

  54. Felix Norman

    oh man that organ kills. Steve Windwood gots soul!

  55. Ibnhaked Online

    Love me some Traffic, Timeless!!!

  56. Dave Allman

    Can't beat the keyboard solo, anywhere, great musicians all around. Stupendous!!!!


    One of the best keyboard grooves in the Rock N Roll Stew.

  58. Mitch Cornacchia

    Did someone say...MASTERPIECE!!!!!!!?

  59. dennis white

    From a fantastic album that started out as a solo project and ended up pretty much a reunion album.  This is one of my favorite "Traffic" albums...the title track is amazing, and of course all the upbeat numbers included are truly wonderful.

  60. Ronald Charles Epstein

    Did the band members like to read?

  61. caddyjoint96

    One of the greatest rock grooves in history.

  62. kevtruth

    Creative channel with the color changes on the album cover. Or am I so high right now that I imagined it.


  63. thekenzosh

    To the guy from WNEW Radio Fan Page....great upload!!


    Thanks Ken😁. Easy with such great music.

  64. Sky Blylevin

    One of all time faves. Winwood's voice, electric piano, Capaldi on drums organ --- planets aligned.

  65. SilasLang Lang

    Perfect drumming

  66. Kelly Thorsen


  67. hanpfaall

    Starring at empty pages....

  68. Cindy Gerstmyer

    They were way ahead of their time.

  69. Jaswant Sukthankar

    One of Traffic’s finest album

  70. Kooper Knebel

    Brilliant electric piano solo. Great song!

  71. eJacob Cornelius

    As usual, the bass line in this song elevates it to greatness.

  72. fruitcake4t

    what age was winwood doing this 16, 17 ? amazing voice

  73. James Sinclair

    often lost and forgotten....story of my life

  74. King Shuk

    If one's receptors are in shape at 63, one can listen to empty pages on and on and write something in their head. Good one definitely.

  75. Gary S

    Great group that I hadn't heard of until recently. Love that Hammond Organ! Thanks for posting.

  76. Shannon Bailey

    He is the BEST

  77. antonio correa

    We are in november 2018 and I still hear it.

  78. Linda May

    Love this song and band they don't make music like this now so sad

  79. Kevin Mcnamara

    Traffic ... yeahhhh!!!!!!

  80. Joseph Bailey

    Just the best. I remember listening to this in the early 1970s round my mates house and thinking that I would love Steve Winwood 's voice his piano , his organ, Dave Mason's drumming (v. important indeed) and rest of the band working overtime forever. Steely Dan, great band as they were, always recognised Traffic as an important influence and my goodness did they have influence with this album. One of the one and only jazz rock albums .


    Joseph Bailey Dave Mason’s drumming? It’s Jim Capaldi on drums.

    Joseph Bailey

    My mistake. What wonderful music and it  really is so long ago I  can't remember.

  81. Henry Horstmann

    very simply class act, devoted family man, and still sounds exactly the same way today in 2018 as he did way back with 17 year old stevie winwood, and spencer davis rock n roll hall of fame should have a wing dedicated to him luv ya forever Stevie

  82. 80sruler


  83. GunnerVision

    Steve Winwood could’ve brought the British Invasion over by himself!

  84. Gary S

    I had never heard of this song or group, until yesterday. They sound great! Love the Hammond Organ. Thanks for posting.


    Look them of the BEST!!!

    Tim Arnott

    Git on da stick son, THIS IS the shit!!......enjoy!!

  85. alexi longart


  86. ipsurvivor

    Bass line is excellent... progressive but with R&B grooves...

  87. Court Beall

    Capaldi,s hi hat is unbelievable

  88. ivan kovacevic

    Great, great lp... what a band.. winwood has an AMAZING voice, among all the rest

  89. Vws Vas

    Awesome album.

  90. Tim Arnott

    God, I love this song.....picks me up when i'm feeling down, so I got something to show!!!.....wish todays music had this artistry and musicianship...miss it....thank GOD for this!

  91. horowizard

    A wonderful and most interesting tune, which by the way, swings like mad.
    It's hard to imagine a song with no Guitar becoming such a huge hit at a time when Guitar oriented music ruled the airwaves but it took a group like Traffic to accomplish that. Structurally very simple but harmonically not necessarily what you would normally think. I hardly ever hear other bands attempt to play this and when they do they get it so unbelievably wrong.

  92. Bill Samuelson

    What do say we start filling thos empty pages

  93. Winter Blue

    One of the best bands of all~time

  94. Barbara Pyles

    this takes me back to my college days!

  95. bigtex macgonigle

    luv the shuffle drums

  96. rod jack

    this one too

  97. sdbolt65

    This album andLow Spark of High Heeled Boys are Traffic at their best.