Traffic - (Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired Lyrics

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Traffic (Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired Comments
  1. Othello O

    Why don't people sing such songs these days

  2. ChevKen

    You've got to smile and turn the other cheek.

  3. Plinio Araujo


  4. Claudio Garrido

    Imperial el solo de guitarra, Winwood ejecuta con exquisita sensibilidad y belleza ese gran final, una delicia de tema.

  5. Jim Reardon

    I love the guitar solo in this song. It has so much emotion in it. It has the same feel as the song.

  6. laburgy

    Capaldi's lyrics, they were a great songwriting team Capaldi and Winwood...

  7. Dominic Marrano

    this tune IS INSPIRING!! FFS!!

  8. Arvid Jakobsen

    one of my favorites, great song!! love it.. <3

  9. Tinka george william

    I am feeling so uninspired right now.

    Gail Vermillion

    Tinka george william

  10. Diego Morales


  11. madshadows830

    Brilliant song and most under rated album. Saw them when they toured it at the Academy Of Music here in New York City, they were incredible and had Roger Hawkins, David Hood and Barry Beckett the Muscle Shoals session players who played on this record playing with them on this tour...This song was spectacular live, Steve and the band took it to another level live dynamics wise. Free with Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke,( no Koss unfortunately) and John Martyn opened.


    Was at one of those shows Dave Mason showed up for the encore, have yet to see a better show in 5 decades the band was so tight it was almost mystical.

    Dominic Marrano

    me too!! the lit ball on the ceiling shown down on the face of Steve's green guitar as he was playing....amazing

  12. Homo Erectus The Essene

    I'm so glad the first line was the title cause I just wanted to look it up on you tube, Iuse to make my sister laugh acting like I was really feeling the blues of the line.traffic was so very unique. man, I had so many diverse albums.

  13. mscheryl199

    What a great song.