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Trae Slidin Comments
  1. jayhaigler


  2. Przemo ER

    DOPE !!!!

  3. lkyassam5 king


  4. Dem Bxyz

    Nigga really put 4s on a Lambo lol

  5. Vanessa Arriola

    Yessss texas 💙

  6. SkinnySlim405

    See you O.T. a real Locsta!!!!

  7. Crack War Vet

    Crip walkin in skinny jeans smmfh!

  8. jasmine lee

    Here from the JABBAWOCKEEZ ❤️🥳🥳

  9. Trevin Iron Road

    I love how there's a wide range of cars in this. Sooo dope.

  10. jayocular

    Dudes face at 0:51 is pretty much my reaction when seeing that stupid Lambo

  11. Ste Sua

    Been a fan of trae since the guerilla mabb days. To be honest this is not where it’s at

  12. T vanz

    Trash, how u gone make a song like that and not shoot the video in the Bay?

  13. Christopher Cabrera

    Daaaaamn.. this shit bang! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🎧

  14. Jesse Velez

    Lol dude In the wheel chair sliding too...haha

  15. Don Ja

    That my friends look like C Walk 2019, not sum new shi sry

  16. MrKrazee Horse

    You got a real bangger Trae

  17. thaa goerr

    Juss put yo bay area niggaz on the remix bruh

  18. Lil Durk

    635 huh yeah gross

  19. Rob Pendergraft

    This shit slaps so fucking hard

  20. MC TDAWG

    Those rims are the worst... so chessy

  21. TVBUU

    Bay Area + HTX let's get it mane

  22. Pequeno Mad


  23. Zattla Habibi

    this west coast banger right here!!!

  24. Free Briccs

    Now what y’all know about them Texas boys, Comin’ dyne in candy toys?

  25. Bruno da Silva Grativol


  26. Bruno da Silva Grativol

    Very good !👊👊👊

  27. Nas Nas

    My dude trae go so hard all luv h,town them mfs put them ugly ass rims on everything even the fifth wheel 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂

  28. Pablo Rodriguez

    Good for Trae... peace from that Alief.


    TUNE IS FYAH... SO IS. HE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  30. Grecia Guillén

    He look like he been workin out🏋️

  31. Cash Money

    Ok a million views, let do a billion y’all. Trae a real one ,he deserve it rt. Real hood hero he wuz in my city for the storm. Beaumont Texas 2019 !

  32. Daniel Petit-Frere

    White Grand Cherokee 🔥

  33. Alfredo Zertuche

    homie we dont play around 12 they read rights

  34. Street Ears Stur&Stabil

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  35. Rom


  36. Bernard Baty

    My favorite part @ 2:22 Homie in the wheelchair And Trae Tokyo Drifting Telling Homie Ta Push That motor. Trae: Nigga Let's Go !

  37. Mike A

    When the Southern Boy gets a Cali, West Coast blessing.

  38. Young Reezy

    Yeah aight

  39. Tu Ru


  40. olivier753

    That new era cwalking is nasty and dumb as fuck , the ogs and bgs were doing it way better , that shit now look like a traditionnal russian ot turkish dance

  41. janboblarry


  42. Nymbler

    Yo is that O.T. Genasis @ 1:00 ?

  43. MeatJamHouse Production

    Hey.....! Is that ole boy from "Power" that Trae was racing? 1:16

  44. El Ricksta

    Texan Made💸💣

  45. Music Box

    *Good* 👌✌

  46. David Edwards


  47. Brand Blue

    Htown's very own unlockable BMX flatland legend Omari 2:30

  48. Brand Blue

    GTA meets Mario Kart meets Fast & the Furious with the Hyphy invinci-star Slide

    Shoutout Bay Area from Htown
    Trae tha Truth

  49. Jayelin Śò lit

    This song turnt tho 🔥

  50. Rage Plays

    Lambo rims are sooooo Ugly :D :D :D

  51. Tay star

    Trae we from htown. 44. We fighting good & bad hit me. [email protected]

  52. Damon 23

    Sound like a track Nip would hop on from texas to cali this shit 🔥💪🏿

  53. LaQuavious Hollomon

    Niggas wanna see you meet your family.

  54. LaQuavious Hollomon

    Paster r Thompson. Tell him to shut the fuck up. Meet him. Wait until you see that nigga street capabilities.

    LaQuavious Hollomon

    That's your family.

    LaQuavious Hollomon

    Before he get someone killed.

    LaQuavious Hollomon

    Simon temple ame Zion Church. Fayetteville NC in the ville where those niggas get killed. Most of us.

    LaQuavious Hollomon

    You need to meet that nigga ASAP phone. This your calling Trae the truth.

    LaQuavious Hollomon

    I became a member of that church to see this shit.

  55. LaQuavious Hollomon

    If you don't got his last name Trae don't tell him shit.

  56. LaQuavious Hollomon

    Leave Sauce Walka alone Trae.

  57. LaQuavious Hollomon

    Get dna tested go to school Trae and help the city of Houston let those kids have fun. Peace.

  58. LaQuavious Hollomon

    You got a opportunity to do something good for Houston Trae. You got Indian in your blood go back to your roots.

  59. LaQuavious Hollomon

    Did the Police say hit Mike Jones Trae? Do you work for the white man?

  60. LaQuavious Hollomon

    I'm starting to think that Mike Jones would of did something better than you. Let the police do they job Trae.

  61. LaQuavious Hollomon

    Watch the news Trae local and tell me what you need to do for the city of Houston and get it done.

  62. LaQuavious Hollomon

    You break the rules you get a problem Trae. You cannot go against the grain.

  63. LaQuavious Hollomon

    Why was you doing shit for people Trae and letting them say your name. If you scared go to church nigga you know the rules.

  64. LaQuavious Hollomon

    Trae why niggas shooting your function up and why you getting shot? Why niggas saying your name?

  65. Luis Alvarez

    pokes on the lambo sick shit bro fuck the haters Reppin Texas

  66. Hishiro Nakabeezy

    Yall niggas love the bay.. stick to C walkin and gang bangin! Smh we can't have shit!

  67. Chapo Negro

    trae tha truth said in 10' he ws tryna put 22" swangas on tha Lamborghini in 19' it happened

  68. DMC Mix

    H-Tine Texas bitch!

  69. ColoradoStuff

    Dislike the F out this garbage

  70. ColoradoStuff

    I am white an I can rap better than this

  71. ColoradoStuff


  72. ColoradoStuff

    How to rice out a Lambo with Garbage music😂🤣😂😂 who the actual F thinks this is good

  73. Efrain Vazquez

    That Jenny keep spinning...

  74. Its Too Late Satan

    That Huracan 🤩

  75. Waylon Poteet

    Fire ass 🎥....they all getting it

  76. Rain drops

    Oh uhhhh....slide.....slide...powerful vibe!!

  77. K&F Adigz0804

    Really dope track. Bay area wsup! I made a short dance freestyle on it. Pls check em out guys..
    Anyway Jabbawockeez brought me here and definitely not disappointed Trae turn it up!! Godbless Y'all :)

  78. Heartless & Hopeless Records


  79. Q Z00

    Fuck What Dey Talm Bout Dat Lamb Look Good On Dem Swangz 🤘👈

  80. Texas Finest

    Fuck this yo get off the bs you an zro need to get back in the studio drop something there’s a lot of paper still need to be made fam damn I miss the pimp Foreal

  81. Glynn Raven

    Fire 🔥🔥🔥💯💯

  82. Tá ruim mas tá bom


  83. Shinigami

    Slippy Boi Shit.


    is that OAKLAND

  85. X Lo

    that lambo is a crime against humanity

  86. Hayzie

    swangas on a huracan lol

  87. Super lights

    And respect for wheels guy in this video, Trae!

  88. Super lights



    I gotta put da kids on this dance

  90. Michael B

    Imagine car dealer ships started putting rented on the licence plates of their cars with some random numbers - super fuck up these rap videos 😂

  91. Joe Stakkin

    Swang and bang Texas till we die cuh

  92. Chance Dukes

    Sounded like a Blueface song on beat

  93. MC Realty