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  1. AJ Matthews


  2. CharliesAngel Jonnson


  3. Daniel Manning

    Tru OG talking.


    Mon, Nov 4 2019🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. Nazeer Abhary

    I ain't got no mothafuckin' friends
    I'm comin' down, real slow in my Benz
    I ain't got no mothafuckin' friends
    I'm comin' down, real slow in my Benz
    I ain't got no mothafuckin' friends
    I'm comin' down, real slow in my Benz
    I ain't got no mothafuckin' friends
    I'm comin' down, real slow in my Benz

    [Verse 1]
    I ain't got no mothafuckin' friends
    I'm comin' down, movin' slow in the Benz
    Lookin' at these suckers through these Cartier lens
    Reachin' out to God, hope he overlook my sins
    Clear sunroofs open up to feel the wind
    Feelin' like Khaled, tell them all I do is win
    Only countin' racks if they comin' by the tens
    Whole world watchin' cause they know I'm settin' trends
    I'm King Truth, bitch, I'm 'bout it
    Streets locked, bitch, I got it
    See me lose, bitch, I doubt it
    I'ma check somethin', no deposit
    Villains comin' out the closet, probably 'cause they know I'm solid
    I ain't there to look and make it, I'ma take flight like a pilot
    Like Big Mo, I was chose
    Like Derrick, how I Rose
    My money long, I expose
    Like Jay-Z changin' clothes
    I build traps like kaboose
    I'm still with it, think I'm froze
    I'm heavy with it, nothin' light
    Don't roll glass 'less it's foes

    I ain't got no mothafuckin' friends
    I'm comin' down, real slow in my Benz
    I ain't got no mothafuckin' friends
    I'm comin' down, real slow in my Benz
    I ain't got no mothafuckin' friends
    I'm comin' down, real slow in my Benz
    I ain't got no mothafuckin' friends
    I'm comin' down, real slow in my Benz

    [Verse 2]
    I'm back at it, nothin' safe
    'Bout ten Summers, played the race
    Don't get mad, fix your face
    Jump all cool like I'm grease
    Can't take mine, get your place
    Trunk floatin', went to space
    Don't touch mine, check the waist
    All black, check the race
    I'm representin' Robert Bates, to the whole world, he the greatest
    He spot like he Mikey Vegas
    He still the king, I'm the latest
    Me and Moxiii 'bout to zone out
    You don't understand that, you on the wrong route
    It's my time, I can't hold out
    I bring the heat like it was cold out
    No rollout, I'm just ridin'
    All black tint like I'm hidin'
    Got a new wave, I'm just divin'
    Better take your seat 'cause I'm risin'
    It's real life, ain't no rhymin'
    Everything I got from me grindin'
    I be damned I don't get to the top, I was on my way like I'm drivin'
    I'm tryna shut down the game
    And after that, lead it with fame
    Ain't nothin' I got to explain
    Just give me that check with a name
    And I do not feel I can change
    Ain't no reachin', I'm outta your range
    I come take you, you think I was strange
    Hit the whip and I switch up the frame

    I ain't got no mothafuckin' friends
    I'm comin' down, real slow in my Benz
    I ain't got no mothafuckin' friends
    I'm comin' down, real slow in my Benz
    I ain't got no mothafuckin' friends
    I'm comin' down, real slow in my Benz
    I ain't got no mothafuckin' friends
    I'm comin' down, real slow in my Benz

  6. Donnie Jackson

    No friends zone 👌🏽🔥🎤

  7. Timothy Walters

    Trae is the truth you can tell by the beat he rappin on .A Houston down south hustler 💪 It's a difference between real Real these days means you a snake bitch that deserve your head getting cut off backstabber and solid means you my nigga I'll never cross you or play with your life! that nigga solid.I always liked Houston rap they beats got soul in it and slap your trunk

  8. Malkolm Urbang

    Fuck wat you thought it ain't bout flashing it's about keeping bitch niggas in the range of a laser

  9. Jessie Koch

    @traethetruth and @flatbush zombie should make a song together they look so much alike and I think they would do really good on a track

  10. Hiphop for you T1

    Trae is a legend 💯

  11. Dont_Mess_Wit_Texas

    I love being from texas #suc4life

  12. Tripq Music

    R.I.P Fat Pat!

  13. Alexander Mcvey

    You aint got no friends cuz u a sell out .thats why that boy ZRO goes way harder.i remember meeting trae in Dallas..abn was my shit still is..but too bad u sold out.

  14. Ja'vonte Clemons

    Not a single wack line in the whole song 🔥🔥🔥

  15. William Estrada


  16. Ricard Rs

    Straight fireee🔥🔥🔥🔥

  17. Lazarus kryptonite

    It's wierd he's not a very good solo artist. He sounds better with anyone else on the track

  18. James W.S.

    Like Big Moe, I Was Chose!

  19. Big V hoskins


  20. TiresBiggerThanTexas

    That shits real.
    I came into a bit of money and all I got is my two homies from when I was 3 years old and my momma.
    It’s a blessing and a curse.
    It ain’t even my money, it says in the Bible we are merely managing Gods money cause this is God country.

  21. Antwan Darelle Fenton

    Love this jam

  22. 810 Goodfella

    I fux wit this heavy. Ten Toes Down 💯

  23. Delton Branch

    Prep p7

  24. Jose Lucio

    Should be a mill by now...

  25. Jose Cuervo

    fuck this nigga hes fake af he aint no real texas nigga just a bitch on a real niggas dick

  26. Deshawn Real

    Trae always holdin it dine fo SCREW

  27. Zskywalker 2020

    I still ride w u Trae
    This song pops

  28. Anthony Paul Dominguez


  29. The SuperMayn

    New theme song

  30. Juan Council

    Its Paris TX in this ho. Keep prepping that Tx,we the trillest.

  31. Screwhead87 LandoftheTrill

    One of the top greatest EVER to do it. 💯💯

  32. Ryan McCarthy

    Trae let them know I Am the way truth and the light and life... RJM

  33. Ryan McCarthy

    Thanks for being truthful Trae. HOUSTON, DFW, Austin , Corpus Christi , East Texas, Texas, Bermuda, Hawaii , Colorado, Australia , Switzerland, Singapore and Dubai.... RJM the TTFM IS OVER. The truth forever movement. Darwinism has begun

  34. Adam713Houston T

    Trae never lost it 🤘🏼

  35. Sky's the Limit! Forever Young

    Shorty is too young to be exposed to this. Poor parenting.

    Dwayne Mason

    Lol shut up!!

  36. Dwayne Griffin

    I play this shit every morning before I start work!! This shit go crazy homie!!

  37. Bigtim850

    Trae had me thinking he was Kevin Gates in the thumbnail 😂😂

  38. Antwan Darelle Fenton

    Lol at vogue's yeah gotta pair of those couple years now

  39. brandon juarez

    Double tap tap if I could
    TEXAS WHUT iT DeW!!!$$$$
    What’s GOOD!!!!

  40. Alex Mar

    Forget everyone and just get this money.

  41. Twentyy Sevenn

    love how trae neva changed that h town style

  42. Mike Hawk

    Fuck no.

  43. Devin Boysen

    Haven't listened to trae since Z-ro and him quit making music together.

  44. Diego Holley

    I aint got no motherfucking benz

  45. Christian Simmons

    💯💯💯💯💯Trae is the coldest

  46. Bat Man

    I ain't got no mother f****** friendz 🗿✔♌! ! ! Still Jamming.

    Bat Man

    Showing Love all the way from tha Co. Waco To Be Correct .

  47. Chris Morgan hip-hop

    Itz tru cant trust anybody no friends sometimes family members but yh everyone is really on there own only the real understand why

  48. Raul Lopez

    I want that hat anybody know where to get it at

  49. Zach Crosby

    Trill 4 life

  50. Eric Cornish

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  51. William killington


  52. bosmang6

    R.I.P. DJ Screw FOOL

  53. bosmang6

    and DJ Rapid Ric Remixes 100

  54. bosmang6

    100 miss them S.L.A.B Mixtapes on the "G"

  55. Ray Howard

    Fuck with Trae the long way

  56. BeastMaster210


  57. Scrap Dogg

    Wow, says racks not rex

  58. Scrap Dogg

    Been up here over 10 years solo repping red and blue every where I go, still tsoing, never ghosting !!!

  59. Mafio Jones

    No Lie . Home Boy.

  60. R L

    Is Trae being played on the radio in other cities? He's banned in Houston.

  61. Norin Rad

    This is some real shit

  62. Moses Arenivas

    No Murtha fuckin friends

  63. Kray-Z

    Much luv Trae from Guaymas, Mé're the best from Texas!* ...and rap fast like before so this suckas from now know wazup..

  64. Cody Smith

    trae always killing it rip screw Robert davis rip pat hawk pimp c

  65. Ashley Johnson


  66. Richie Breaux

    Prolly my favorite Artist of all time Trae... Love ya Bro keep doin ya thing. Everything's better in Texas.

  67. Gosho Kehayov

    king truth

  68. Сергей Купельский

    Respect from Russia

  69. Chuck Jordan

    Tru game

  70. Thando Joka

    Just came across Tha Truth 🙌🏿 he’s my rapper. A male version of Azealia Banks

  71. o'bezzy

    that beat tho

  72. Mom2BbyG KaTeraD

    2019.... Trae Remains Tha Truth!

  73. Mom2BbyG KaTeraD

    Absolutely ❤❤❤❤❤this!! I've BEEN rocking with Trae Da Truth!!!💯💯

  74. Felicia Kern

    Still my jam in 2019. This song is so true

  75. Quartez Bonton

    💯🔥💯🔥realise shit I ever listen to💪

  76. Ray Gutierrez

    Rip fat pat 🤘🏼

  77. Rolando N Crystal Arriazola

    Port Arthur Texas

  78. Jonathan Samudio-Facyson

    Good song and video. And hello to your son



  80. Rafael Villa

    I played this song in Hawaii, where I'm living at. People saying bad things about this dude but I don't give a damn what they said. Trae is the real deal

  81. Chance St.Thomas

    0:02 Cute kicks!

  82. ItzReece

    Trae stay Holdin' keep droppin good music

  83. BiggQue

    Love from St. Louis.

  84. BiggQue

    I've been sleepin'.

  85. BiggQue

    🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥

  86. Alex Mar

    Love my city Houston, Tx

  87. Gwøpånësé

    Mr. FAT PAT! 🤘🏿

  88. Chilli Bean YFN

    S/O from Port Arthur Texas to them servers & collector's 💪🔥#ABN

  89. Ry Bread industries

    Brings a tear to my eye , excellence

  90. Big noasted

    He gained my respect when he gave naurdwar a boom box

  91. Odete Silva

    King trae

  92. Taeda Jones

    1 Love Trae The Truth, Salute All The Way From Tucson, Arizona!!! #AStateHomeOfTheWeight#ArizonaBalla

  93. Kowboy8Six

    Throw this on when when I'm comin up on Downtown skyline from I45 South with that fog in the morning... that's how u gotta come thru sometimes man... love all Traes mystic, man ass tracks man





  95. AntDaStoner Mitchell

    I'll bring the heat like it's cold out

  96. silky locc