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Trae Ballin Smashin Comments
  1. Rosie Gee

    Following his dad nice good job

  2. Mike Johnson

    Trae iz the truth dope song got his son......

  3. blue sky

    Clicc Clacc this shit sliding

  4. Tana Anderson

    Love you framly!! Ballin😎

  5. Bee Diane

    IDK about nobody else but I'm still fucking with this in 2019

  6. Michael Rodriguez

    My mama use to tell me, bout these
    Broke roaching ass niggas, in these streets
    So many people, wanna see me fall
    And then they wonder, why my attitude is fuck em all

  7. Audrey Goetz

    Apple didn't fall far from tree

  8. Audrey Goetz

    He's cute

  9. Kendall Thomas

    Still banging this!!💯🔥

  10. © WolfeLoco ®™️

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  11. Korey Lackford


  12. Julio Rudy

    Trae tha truth ft Lil Trae

  13. Tyrin Morton

    Y does the dad sound like he's on drugs

    Langston Scott

    How fool

  14. Tyrin Morton

    Respects to traes son

  15. Elijah Noel


  16. Isidro Castaneda

    Much love and respect bro that's g shit for this generation

  17. Phil

    Whats his name?
    I wanna hear his music now in 2019

  18. Joseph Gregory

    2019 “ballin smashing, making my ends”

  19. - Kandy Soufax -

    this is a gem

  20. Chris Boyd

    Legendary song

  21. Black GOD

    Lil dude rapping better than all these new weird ass cats. Lol

    Buddy said he riding blue!

  22. Domingo Garzoria

    Wow great awesome gangsta beat but trae son fucked it up.....smfh

  23. Benjamin Jeanes

    Being a "baller" doesnt make you cool.. Being a good person does. "Cool" is a trick the rich play on the poor. They just want to sell you crap. I know Trae is smart enough to drop all this ghetto sht. And for gods sake teach your children compassion and self expression. Not ignorance and imitation.

  24. Texas_Raised_ Texas _Made

    Awwwww such a cutie pie!!

  25. Tyler Bush

    kids sacrifice

  26. Kidd G

    Tha TRUTH & Lil. TRUTH ✌frm El Paso screwed up TX baby... 9 fifteen


    look at him"already😎✌am rocking wit it"Memphistn

  28. Jaime Santiago Navarrete

    New gen. Already niños with tww shirts. Starch up jeans. Clean clean...

  29. Mike Lancaster

    Love it Lil guy Killin it

  30. Damian Lundquist

    Shorty gettin it, keeper! Legacy🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥👍💯🚀

  31. dom 123

    Damn he prolly grown man now

  32. DA4GOTTEN1







  33. Think PIONEERing

    Wonder what this kid is doin now?

  34. Chris Savannah

    booooo!!!!!!! go to sleep little kid ATX rep tha best!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Jonathan Buch

    lil J.Dawg

  36. Paul Hughes

    good song

  37. Darren Brantley

    This shit still go in

  38. Vato Loco

    Yeah i be balling. With. Hispanics cause we causing panics. Niggas wanna be likes us. Oh oh yeahhhh. We talking ablut u africans americans who came into my country ohhhh yeahhh. Nigga wanna feel pain eeeehhh

  39. mexakinz 5050

    Jam sucks Dick

  40. Rolando Arriazola

    I used to smoke oz after oz back in the day. Yall should search the song "wetter" by twista. Also good song during this time

  41. Rolando Arriazola

    This video has been out since late 2008
    Thats back when I was 18 fresh out of highschool working at fastfood restaurants while my classmates where in college those where the days and a gallon of gas was 4.50

  42. Melissa Thompson

    that song still go hard till today him and his son reck that

  43. radaprince

    ok, ok, I feel it

  44. Francisco Hernandez

    I hope he stayed in school and got good ass grades.

  45. SneakyP

    Respect brining his son up in the game too. Good shot.

  46. Ernesto Benavidez

    I must say that's real love fo your son

  47. Oleg Stratan


  48. Oleg Stratan


  49. Oleg Stratan


  50. Oleg Stratan


  51. Jissel Ivy Lopez

    Damn better than young thug Kodak black and all them new wanna be rappers wanted to sound alike .

  52. Jay Siqueira

    Lil bro rocks!!

  53. joemakesvideos

    Bruh why lil bro so good lmao

  54. Deandre Thompson

    My boy houston and trae

  55. Linda Lozano

    respect my og


    They did dat

  57. Manolo 717

    yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIiiiiiIiIiiiiiiii........respect lil t

  58. HUS SAIN

    Original: Lil' Troy - Wanna Be A Baller. Still dope though

    Zack Beene

    +HUS SAIN different song..

    Yahawadah Yasharahla

    Mass 187


    Not at all lol

    Ray Flower

    Both samples

  59. imsodank1

    Trae a G for this shit much respect to him and lil homie


    I like thiz.......

  61. Jonathan Nava

    this kid tight man.

  62. Israel Robles

    Raps better then young thug

    Devin Baltimore

    Israel Robles lol

    Chelsea Alfred

    Israel Robles

    Joao Paulo Rocha Ferreira

    hes voice is better 2 !! lol

    Clinton Decambre

    Israel Robles fuckin idiot 😑

  63. YoMama ChiTown

    trae an OG. showin lil man the game. track is fire!

  64. Clorox Bleach

    my uncle put me on the game when I was little. its like passing the torch to a new generation of young pimps ready to pick up where the real niggas left niggas ro & tre been killing tha game for a minute but they getting older by the day, time to pass that blue flag. let's hope theese kids turn out like the OG'S of the game & bring REAL rap back mainstream.

  65. Luis Marsh


  66. Danica Brooks

    lil man getting it 👏👏👏...he makes sure school is number as a parent and I can respect that for you lil homie

  67. Angel Herrera

    Anybody notice this is sampled from the Isley Brothers - Make Me Say It Again Girl

    Adam SUC420

    i did and love it mayne thx 4 the info !

    Joey Collins

    Angel Herrera Gangsta Blac formerly with the 3 6 mafia used it in his song "No Love" ft. Lord Infamous odd his Can It Be album.

    Also @ the end of Naught By Nature's "Hip Hop Hooray"

    Henry Garcia

    Ballin and smashing comes from hataproof

    Benjamin Jeanes

    Prince Royalty ... You have Tourette syndrome? Random blurting of nonsense.. Sound like a puff daddy intro

    Kenny Jones

    Young boy gotta hit don't he, gotta love the isleys

  68. Raymond Johansen

    3/4 of the world lives on less than $2 a day but its all good ha

  69. Wyatt Laird

    ayeeeeeee that grill tho lol

  70. Tyrone Davis

    Daddy LoveYouSon!

  71. Chris Alaniz

    Dam these kids r gonna be so screwed up

    King Stokes

    Chris Alaniz boy how his dad a rich rapper


    axel schweiß if getting money is child abuse, I’m mad my parents didn’t abuse me


    IDENTITY THEFT IS NOT A JOKE, JIM he talking about purple syrup and kids doing it getting screwed up

    James Wade

    Chris Alaniz next generation of SUC

    Political Addict

    Steven Esparza good one! I don’t think the bitch got it thou.....

  72. angel cuevas

    Ballin, Smashin, Makin My End*
    Like Always. He's wreckin It. Since Day One

  73. Maria Anaya

    this how my lil boy gone be with his daddy uff caint wait <3

    Beatrice Coleman

    El saponins


    But in reality you aint balling......


    Maria Anaya lol

  74. ARA

    Used to listen to this every day in 8th grade lol


    Still listening 👌🏼

    Manolo 717

    +renae wilson what about now.....are u still listening?


    +Manoco 717 yes I am 😊😂

    Angel Herrera

    7th grade for me! Haha

  75. Sammy Ngare

    Like father like son.

  76. Hobbit427

    Haters gonna hate! Lol just mad he eating half the rap game up before its even recess. Much love Trae will always be tha truth!

  77. DJTonyEscobar

    His son has grilz

  78. iXanderr

    Damn lil trae be wrecking

  79. Christian Richards

    I hated math as well till I started making money!

  80. Michael Ray

    this vid is tight! been a trae fan for a minute, this with his son is cool... lil boss!

  81. izm

    DJ Screw - Wanna Be A Baller

    Angel Herrera

    Wtf lol

    Yahawadah Yasharahla

    Mass 187

  82. Anthony Rivera

    This was the first I heard Trae n his son n I knew trae was gunna be big look at him now. #ABN

  83. Altonake

    nice vid but these kids should be playing with toys and shit like that

  84. terrell johnson

    The song reminds me of the relationship with my own father balling smashing

  85. terrell johnson

    This song is very special to me, good work

  86. DJ LEZ Production

    real   shit  not  talkin about killin   

  87. 420Lovermusic

    this is fucking stupid

  88. Tre Johnson

    Every lil rapper dudes can rap betta den lil mouse


    Todah, Ahch!


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  91. Kay Whitley

    Cool video.

  92. EverythingsPurple

    Throw da DUB up ABN to da Death mayne hold up!!!


    shalom bro tribe of Judah ^ abn means asshole by nature

  94. danaka arnold

    awwe hes so cute

  95. Young boss Houston

    Yes sir third ward Texas DTA nigga...but lil man went fed tho