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Trae Bad Don't Seem So Wrong Comments
  1. shungokusatsu2784

    To me, that kinda proves the theories about the 'illuminati'. You see how there's sooooo many fake and flaughin' ass people out there nowadays because they listen to hip-hop radio's all control man, and they know that Trae da Truth IS da Truth and he'll reach and wake them people up, along with all the other real ass rappers out there. That's why i don't listen to the fuckin' radio anymore

  2. CRAO 1

    this is 50 brought me here..

  3. bandicoot2ps1

    @MadesiCcBullieS Ummm, he's from Chicago, and his partner chilly went to jail and is currently servivng 44 years for dealing heroin. Just because someone isn't saying shoot up your people(not saying Trae)and sell poison to your distant relatives doesn't mean they're fake or pretending. Stuggle is apart of his songs as well and all people from any ghetto can relate to that.Don't worry about his life just listen to the lyrics.And fyi all of my panties are seperate.

  4. fromthe603

    @LockStratus nothing to give by cunninlynguists!!!!!!!!!!!! way better version than this

  5. lucien johnson

    isnt this a Cunninlynguists instrumental?

  6. Clarence J.

    Real talk this the realist song i've heard in 2011 amd ,maybe even 2010, its a dam shame they wont play songs like this on da radio

  7. Buddah Mayne


  8. Dxnn Mike

    Bad Don't Seem So Wrong..


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  10. Gettin Money

    Just rapped the replay button

  11. nikhil101

    Cunninlynguists "Nothing to Give" used this sample the best

  12. SwazyFinesse

    @JimmyMabryJM Good Lookin Out

  13. SwazyFinesse

    whatz the sample in this song called

  14. 800mEric

    @iRep281and713 lol it's there no Behind The Scenes Clip At The End. nice try don't lie so you could get some views lol it's just youtube lol....
    Been tryna take me off of my perspective
    But I respect it
    But I still give you F's for effort
    And the A's for me
    Extra Credit.....