Tracy Chapman - Crossroads Lyrics

All you folks think you own my life
But you never made any sacrifice
Demons they are on my trail
I'm standing at the crossroads of the hell
I look to the left I look to the right
There're hands that grab me on every side

All you folks think I got my price
At which I'll sell all that is mine
You think money rules when all else fails
Go sell your soul and keep your shell
I'm trying to protect what I keep inside
All the reasons why I live my life

Some say the devil be a mystical thing
I say the devil he's a walking man
He's a fool he's a liar, conjurer and a thief
He try to tell you what you want
Try to tell you what you need

Standing at the point
The road it cross you down
What is at your back
Which way do you turn
Who will come to find you first
Your devils or your gods

All you folks think you run my life
Say I should be willing to compromise
I say all you demons go back to hell
I'll save my soul save myself

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Tracy Chapman Crossroads Comments
  1. RR SoCool

    7 January 2020, At a crossroads....Tracy soothes my soul....

  2. Lucia Palomo

    grande ex-sitos muchos recuerdos hermosos

  3. Sha Jansen

    2020 🎉

  4. Marek Koppel


  5. dani sunny

    The best Song ever😍😍

  6. Lauren Smith

    She's so good I like her so much xx

  7. Marina Nina

    Thank you

  8. Moussa Konate

    J'aime cette dame ses chansons

  9. tosh2012


  10. Official Pumzi

    Still listening to this, still feeling it in my core...real music..we still love Tracy Chapman

  11. Elhadji Matar Dieng

    I'm here in 2019

  12. Jeff Burnes

    She is the music lady GoD Bless

  13. yasmin l


  14. yasmin l


  15. yasmin l


  16. Pauli R

    I've said it before and I'll say it again... Your music is pure genius

  17. Rosaly Wengan

    I'm here in 2019

  18. Sister Jo Plain Talk


  19. Valéria Bispo Silva

    Love yah

  20. Sha Jansen

    :) save my soul, save my life 💋

  21. Olver Ruano



  22. Uma mb

    Absolute genius

  23. EHT ENO

    Good lord too good.

  24. PARÉ Boubakar Sidik

    December ❤❤❤

  25. mona G

    Tracy Chapman - "Crossroads nice song

  26. HASIBUAN TV Official

    Very good, subscribe done 👍👍

  27. Michael Logan

    I've really acquired a taste for her sound. This track is great

  28. Mehmet Tomris

    90 lar nerde şimdi

  29. ESF Brown: Community Buy Up

    All you demons go back to hell!

  30. Yannick Zoetgnande

    This song is too strong

  31. Eugene Jacquescoley

    J'adore cette chanson.

  32. rox k

    Best of 2019 ! I love this song 😍

  33. Casey Casey

    So talented.

  34. sosiceni ralulu

    All black people with good guitar skills that sing crossroads sold they soul to the devil look it up guys you will see....I love her but I'm sad and sorry for her 😭😭😭😫😭😭😭😭😭

  35. Ro Ney

    Tracy, you are a star🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  36. Patience Mashumba

    Beautiful music Tracy .Listening in November 2019...

    Ro Ney

    Mwana wekumusha, hiee

  37. Rita Pantoja

    Sou fã ! Sou fã !2019 aqui !

  38. Hauskerle - Tipps und Tricks rund um den Haushalt

    ... and one of the best songendings ever!

  39. Hauskerle - Tipps und Tricks rund um den Haushalt

    One of the best songbeginnings ever!

  40. Lily Green

    She is amazing and honesty I personally think that she is the most attractive woman ever

  41. Henriko Suparyanto

    The crossroads .... wow. Regards from Pretoria November 2019.

  42. Stanley Nhongonhema

    Will forever be in love with you....this is beyond this world of ours....beautiful

    Ro Ney

    Taura hako chibaba..wat a talent

  43. Mohamed Abdelnaby


  44. David Belmonte

    i finally found out how to play it on guitar smh its awesome this song

  45. jamari mitchell

    I love her so muchhhhhhh . Goosebumps when I hear her
    2019 and beyond

  46. applecandy folks


  47. 2serveand2protect

    "I'd rather beg than steal." That's a punch in the stomach.

  48. Chelsea Rogers

    Wonder if she was inspired by Joan Armatrading

  49. Naldosouza Souzaã. .do..Brasileiro..pernabucano..naldo..evangelista..

  50. tag heuer415

    tracy ,'mary me please i'm a french guy

  51. Disorientated Elf

    This makes me depressed because I can't go as high as a contralto but happy because she rocks :D

  52. Coeur 974

    Octobre 2019 toujours

  53. Gary Ball

    We try to look good negotiator make things right

  54. William Buss

    Reminds me of my early high school days when I belonged to those music of the month clubs. I ordered Traci's album on cassette on a whim. It was great music. Wish I still had it now thirty years later.

  55. David Belmonte

    I need a tutorial to play this on guitar

    James Sewell


    David Belmonte

    @James Sewell no, actually I'm a beginner. However, two days ago I could learn it by myself and realized how easy it is haha.

  56. Kevin Brown

    Tracy is kicking ass

  57. Anna Getrude

    We always come to crossroads in our lìves

  58. Anna Getrude

    We always come to crossroads in our lìves

  59. sosiceni ralulu

    When I was young i always sing along...not. knowing this was about her selling her soul to the Devil.....just like the Johnson crossroads

  60. erika davis

    mad underrated

  61. Lotus Aguilera

    Real Artists Make Timeless Music. 💓🙏🏽👑 #2019

  62. Tyra Jim

    Oct 2019, too much trust in others, let down and “Crossroads” yet again. ONLY Tracy Chapman❤️

  63. Brenda Evans

    One of the best female singers ever

  64. Paul James Brady

    Nostalgia is off the chart 💙

    The only bad thing about this song is that it ends 😏

  65. Airam maria

    Qui est la en 2019 ?🤗👍

    tchim wadol b Tchimbakala

    moi je suis la

    kya kami

    Airam maria présente !

    Yannick Zoetgnande


  66. Yuck Fou

    Tracy Chapman 2020? Live pls

  67. Alun Davies

    Sorry I am a bit rough around the edges and I think the world of Miss Chapman it
    Means girly sorry about that but like I said I am quite rough and She’s my ideal as a Woman because She’s so gentle and caring and I think that you are a lot younger than me and that you aren’t as
    Violent when you have to
    Defend your people I’m like this because I am a product of my environment and Miss Chapman is my calm and lovely music that has meaning to me

  68. More raw

    Woke up with this song in my head this morning after asking for it is 🙏 so much gratitude xxx

  69. Kevin Quinn

    In an age when 'likes' have become pretty meaningless, I still like Tracy Chapman.

  70. TRUTH 3.6.9.


  71. Ndau kelvin

    Tracy and this masterpiece, what a craft? Very simple and appreciated across the seven seas to the swahili nation! This piece is meant to live.

  72. Mpho Rakgalakane

    Such an Amazing Story teller

  73. Kellon Easefree

    I love you Tracy Chapman!😘 Thank you for all what you've done! Thanks for the great music.. There is no other like you! Love you lots

  74. Teresa Cullen


  75. Daniela Lorenzoni

    Cresciuta con lei

  76. Erin Bentley

    The Promise made me talk to my father after all those years. Thanks.

  77. CineSocial

    love this music I love this music

  78. Cornell Waters

    🎸 Music!

  79. Dee vile

    Tracy Chapman has always been the one .. listening to this songs makes my life whole again ..will always love ..them ..

  80. Star Stable Player

    in these times... a very good song!

  81. your future billionaire

    I love this woman😍

  82. Fábio Cavalcante

    Show show show Brasil RJ tamo junto Brasil curuba RJ 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 alguém ae em 2019

    Leandro Santos


  83. erwin tertullien

    im here in 2019

  84. Josiane Agathe

    Unique 💓simple 💓pleins des talents 💓tracy chapmam 💓

  85. Rizzy Rojas

    08/21/19 😊

  86. Clovis Moura


  87. Luigi Pati

    I remember these songs so well....I was a teen living in Italy in the middle of nowhere, we all loved these songs :)

  88. Bongani Arthur

    2019 anyone?❤️

    Richi Mejia


  89. Sam sheible

    What a legend 😀

  90. Rose & Kids

    What a wise women u are Tracey I wish u could of talked to nipsey hussle god bless his soul xxx


    Rose & Kids there are a million lost souls out there who need guidance right now. That’s the problem with the world to busy looking at the past when in reality we should be looking to the future. One thing’s for certain tomorrow there will be another murder. Yet no one try’s to make a change, you’ll wait until it’s to late and say I wish I could have done something.


    Rose & Kids save your blessings for the living!

  91. Este tipo

    From my soul to yours, TE QUIERO!!!

  92. James Crawford

    I think shes beautiful along with her music.

  93. Anatasia Beaverhausen


  94. Sontaga Rachela

    Nowadays we have little mix Perrie wearing some sorta plastic doll thing but I remember Tracy Chapman not caring about what she is wearing as long as her music means something so little mix what does your music mean I know what it means ex boyfriends