Tracy Chapman - Bang Bang Bang Lyrics

What you go and do
You go and give the boy a gun
Now there ain't place to run to
Ain't no place to run

When he hold it in his hand
He feel mighty he feel strong
Now there ain't no place to run to
Ain't no place to run

One day he may come back
Repay us for what we've done
Then where you gonna run to
Where you gonna run

But one fine day
All our problems will be solved
Bang bang bang
We'll shoot him down

Give him drugs and give him candy
Anything to make him think he's happy
And he won't ever come for us
He won't ever come

But if he does
And if there's no one else around
Bang bang bang
We'll shoot him down

If he preys only on his neighbors
Brothers sisters and friends
We'll consider it a favor
We'll consider justice done

But if he comes for you or me
And we can place a gun in his hand
Bang bang bang
We'll shoot him dead

What you go and do
You go and give the boy a gun
Now there ain't no place to run to
Ain't no place to run

Now we'll all be at his mercy
If he decides to hunt us down
Cause there ain't no place to run to
Ain't no place to run

If he wants the chances that you took from him
And nothing that you own
Then there'll be no place to run to
There'll be no place to run

And if he finds himself to be
A reflection of us all
Bang bang bang
He'll shoot us down

Before you can raise your eyes to read
The writing on the wall
Bang bang bang
He'll shoot you down

Before you can bridge the gulf between
And embrace him in your arms
Bang bang bang
He'll shoot you down

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Tracy Chapman Bang Bang Bang Comments
  1. SirGift Media Productions

    I love this human being♥️

  2. Moome Masete

    2020 ❤️

  3. Ed Green

    My daddy there has been a change in the music corporation from performance to looks. Just look at how many people don't know the joke by Brandi carlile a very talented artist who got very little air play and people didn't know of her until she won an award on t.v. . Its the industry. Pink floyd speaks about it on "have a cigar".

  4. Ed Green

    Amazing artist! Never tire of her music! Repeat! Repeat!

  5. Nadine Speziell

    Ich glaube, Tracy hat mich mein Leben gelehrt...
    Großartige Frau!!!

  6. Wænesday Öctobër

    Watching (hearing) in 2020, January.
    English is not my language, even thou enjoyed the music n soothing voice. 👍🏽✨💫😘😍

  7. Lourival pires Silva

    Eu não tenho formação não a acredito que o papa e image Buda Maomé seja santo eu não não é vocês que tem formação eu sou mesmo um cavalo kkk a kkka a kkkkkkkk

  8. Angela Maria

    Hum adorooo em

    Ellis Freed

    We're on the same vibe tonight Merry Xmas.

  9. maina maina

    *Tracy's* song should play in heaven.. Oh what a beautiful soul girl..can't live without her song love you so much *Tracy* 🖤🖤

  10. Andrew Kerton

    Truth be told this is me all over

  11. violeta gidei


  12. Maerahn

    This song is literally a punch in the heart. And Tracy Chapman is a huge-hearted genius.

  13. Kenny Vawter28

    There are times when a man gets created that knows moral responsibility. A man that fights for his own survival that changes the course of time and future. A fight for his survival that saves mankind...A man that takes a pain for existence...A creation that tortures a creator that creates everything...A creation that tortures themselves unknown to them...To live is easy...Just Live...Like a child plays to play. There are times in life a man keeps a door open when all doors appear to be closed...A faith that has a particular outcome when all predicted future outcomes close the doorways to all understanding and open the deadly outcome.
    Kenny Vawter
    Earn your Keep and Keep your Faith..
    When all is lost and nothing is found.

  14. Ver Os Bichos

    ela e linda suas músicas é demais

  15. Olusegun Oni

    Jeeez!!! She is really pretty

  16. Edina Maria

    Adoroo ela ê muito linda com essa voz é de mas lindíssima sou fansona essas músicas me acalma me faz viajar ão tempo que eu vivi não tem como recordar essa belíssimo voz tudo que é bom ja mas esquecemos vai ficar pra sempre na memória e no coração

  17. Old Dirty Tattooed Warhorse

    tha's some cold, hard, shit right there...

  18. Guerreros del Alma


  19. Jeff the killer

    Cooooooool 2nd comment

  20. Sergekow

    just Brilliant...

  21. William Williams

    Amazing song, give him drugs and give him candy make him think he's happy

  22. johnson

    Thank You, Tracey. Been listening to u since the early 90's n still am at age 61.

  23. Luiggi Michael Riwu-Kaho

    what a beautiful TC🔈🔉🔊

  24. Kenny Vawter28

    Arizona planned on setting me up with a murder charge.. I had to leave...Getting harassed and assaulted all day to force me to commit suicide...i had enough..then the officers followed me to Las Vegas and sure they will follow me across the country to start rumors to cover up the fact the reason why they campaigned me in a porn pyramid was to steal my inheritances...60 billion 90 billion and duplicated at 70 billion. .
    Kenny vawter

  25. wakefulday

    "Before you can bridge the gulf between
    And embrace him in your arms
    Bang bang bang"
    There's so much humanity and care in this song, and so much understanding. It also struck me how real, natural and humanly beautiful the faces in the video clip were. They also took the care not to promote violence at all, and yet convey what the lyrics are about. Well done!

  26. CharlieJulietSierra

    Sounds like it's everyones fault but the criminal. Is that right?


    CharlieJuliet Sierra yeah that’s pretty much right


    CharlieJuliet Sierra it’s actually not a song about a criminal it’s about government oppression

  27. Paul Woodcock

    She as the most beautiful smile and so underated

  28. Aidan Mcginn

    My favourite singer in the world. Beautiful vosie and words. We love her in Ireland

  29. Felix Ajayi

    Looks like Simone Manuel

  30. oshomah ikhena

    Gets to me everytime

  31. Fernando Nogueira

    Linda! Te amo

  32. Kenny Vawter28

    Always have fun...When fun leaves the mind and heart it's time to take a break for revaluation...Then get right back to swinging, throwing, training, etcetera..The CIA ruined my professional baseball career as an 8th Round Draft Selection for the Anaheim Angels.Cia ruined my fire department career..The CIA are trying to ruin my advertising career...Stealing 90,000 product ideas from me...When I was 9 years old I thought of puttin on the hitz...7 years old black!! I know right!! Wtf!! 13 years old a man connected to a rubber band preventing him from. Hitting the ground..Bungee Jumping...Lol!! NASA stole that from me and gave it to George Bush and Bush Collaborated with a soldier coming up with bungee jumping.

  33. Love Child

    A song for this day in age..

  34. Randy Bridges

    Open borders for Israel Never forget The USS Liberty

  35. Randy Bridges

    The protocols of the elders of Zion is the Truth!!!! A Racial Program for the 20th Century is not a Hoax


    wot a beautiful VOICE&SINGER. I think so anyway,don't care wot others think . especially the white repremesis💪💕

  37. Florian Lebreton

    Ça c'était de la musique

  38. Debra Johns

    Relevant song - even more so today

  39. Joanna Czesak music.Cheers.I love you very much my beloved husband Mark.My Angel.My heart.

  40. Gordon Coelho

    A beautiful voice from a beautiful soul

  41. Ní Síocháin Gan Saoirse

    A beautiful woman, with a beautiful view of this world we inhabit, and a beautiful soul with which to make sense of the world.


    Love this song💕

  43. jean- claude BOURILLON

    Je suis français je comprends à peu près les chanson, mais sa musique est et restera éternelle dans les vibrations de mon corps, malgré mes 63 ans et je l’ai écouté à 18 ans environ !!!!! Bravo à Tracy et a YouTube

  44. Sabah

    Pure soul

  45. Kenny Vawter28

    Theres speculation Kenny Vawter asked how much money the Government stole from Mrs. Chapman. His Source replied 100 million dollars. When Tracy Chapman finished her performances in Las Vegas Nevada Kenny Vawter Thanked Her Personally and gave her a check for $100 million dollars...
    Kenny Vawter
    Cant wait!!

  46. Kenny Vawter28

    Tracy sells out at Satellite Palms Resort in Las Vegas Nevada..Theres speculation that Kenny Vawter presented to her an offer she couldnt refuse..17 performances at 1 million dollars a performance...Kenny Vawter was quoted saying she is one of the most amazing musicians in the World....I hope she can withstand the sound at my venue..It gets loud!!!
    Son of God

  47. brownpunk

    Im a punk and metal guy but i gotta respect a true artist like her..mark my words..her music will be remembered in years to come.genius

  48. G Summy

    Tracy is one of the best vocalists of our time.

  49. 20BMR

    Tracy Chapman so beautifully soulful... Thank you for you’re music and soul. 💞

  50. david wade

    I was there and understand the not so sutlle message here. Thank you for such a haunting song.

  51. Kenny Vawter28

    8 cyber criminals were removed from existence on planet earth...
    KV 28

  52. lgkichana

    STill an anthem...2019

  53. Riley Legarde

    You can sense the sadness of emotion and heaviness in her soul...she's a rare jewel.

  54. Lana

    Her delivery is perfect.

  55. Giuseppe Badini


  56. remfanbeforu

    Tracy is fearless.

  57. Bryan Anjeh

    RIP Nipsey 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  58. Etta speer

    Tracy Chapman is Beautiful
    A great singer
    I love your music
    Keep on singing beautiful lady
    Helping me heal loosing my husband Charlie Speer 😢


    only me here thank god

  60. Lana

    Love the song, love the artist, one of the best story tellers/songwriters of our day.

  61. Ina Nitzsche

    i love your music since more than 20 years and i always will. i made such a hugh impact on my life. i´m so thankfull and happy discovering in the very beginnig of my life. you made me strong and believing. can´t thank you enough!

  62. Chris Mccourt

    This song was b4 it's time with all the mad shit thets going on nowadays kids with guns look at that idiot in newzaland

  63. Kenny Vawter28

    I will never be happy...
    Kenny Vawter

  64. maina maina

    evergreen soul evergreen song

  65. Rosilene Alves

    Engole esa (senhor) racismo 😎

  66. Kenny Vawter28

    Ask JC for forgiveness..Murdered my entire family..If your not dead..your going to..Sorry..i
    tried..I wasnt good enough
    Kenny Vawter

  67. jarka k


  68. Alessandra Indicatti

    Melhor cantora do mundo!

  69. bree 665

    Anyone in 2019? I love me some Tracy❤️


    yep im here :)

    Kora Mioduszewska

    Me.happy bday to me.

  70. Kenny Vawter28

    My gun is lethal Bruin...:)
    Kenny Vawter

  71. Joseph Dionigi

    What an amazing & beautiful talent! I will not die happy if I don't get to see her in concert live!

  72. chelesile dube

    Your songs will never vade and the message within

  73. Wilfreda Gregorio

    Hermosa cancion

  74. Dtrav thstud

    I don't support taking any gun away.. that bn said if you want to own a gun join a branch of service and you can earn your right. If not sit down and shut up u have no voice

  75. Keyboard Krazy

    You wont find many more powerful songs than this, thanks Tracy.

  76. Kenny Vawter28

    Kenny Vawter
    Enlightened by Holy Breath
    Son of God

  77. Marcia Jesus

    Uma das vozes mais encantadoras !

  78. Josh Coffman

    Don't hate appreciate 💁🎧🎵🎶🎤

  79. Olive Lanre

    I love this woman songs so much

  80. Keekee Waleria Sadd

    I love this woman ,she have the most beatiful soul .....!

  81. 44 annetta hunte.

    (2018 hd )

  82. Wayne Phillips

    Very rarely does a musical talent of this magnitude come along; a true musical genius wrapped in a beautiful female package.

  83. Robert Machonski

    Tracy my lovvvvvvve

  84. Mike Stewart


  85. William Ruy

    Tracy is a Goddess. Tracy es una Diosa.

  86. Rosana Gomes

    Adorei muito bom

  87. Edna Maria

    Essa música é demais sou apaixonada por todas elas você uma voz lindíssima só sua fã queria poder conhecer pessoalmente

  88. Nus Moon

    Love the messages in all her music, one gifted beautiful lady...❤❤❤❤❤❤

  89. Ken Curry

    Last great folk singer!

  90. Miroslav Duška



    1:14 Malcom X ?

  92. Sydney Soares


  93. gustavo algusto do nascimento

    Excelente cantora linda música perfeita saudades desse tempo que não volta mais

  94. Bailee Dowson

    2018 still strong 💪🏼

  95. gerald pacco

    don t push the boy he can run