Tracy Byrd - Watermelon Crawl Lyrics

I was drivin' through Georgia in late July
On a day hot enough to make the devil sigh
I saw a homemade sign written in red
Rhine county watermelon festival ahead

Well, I wasn't in a hurry so I slowed down
Took a two lane road to a one horse town
There was a party goin' on when I got there
I heard a welcome speech from a small town mayor

He said we got a hundred gallons of sweet red wine
Made from the biggest watermelons on the vine
Help yourself to some, but obey the law
If you drink, don't drive, do the watermelon crawl

When the band started playin' the watermelon queen
Said let me show you somethin' that you ain't ever seen
She grabbed me by the arm, said come on lets go
She dipped down, spun around, and do-ce-doed

She rocked back on her heels dropped down to her knees
Crawled across the floor and she jumped back on her feet
She wiggled and she giggled and be all you ever saw
Said this is how you do the watermelon crawl

She said we got a hundred gallons of sweet red wine
Made from the biggest watermelons on the vine
Help yourself to some, but obey the law
If you drink, don't drive, do the watermelon crawl

If you're ever down in Georgia around about July
If you ain't in a hurry then you oughta stop by
I can guarantee that you're goin' have a ball
Learnin' how to do the watermelon crawl

Well, we got a hundred gallons of sweet red wine
Made from the biggest watermelons on the vine
Help yourself to some, but obey the law
If you drink, don't drive, do the watermelon crawl

Yeah do the watermelon crawl
Have fun you all
And do the watermelon crawl

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Tracy Byrd Watermelon Crawl Comments
  1. tjerwin1

    I wish he would come out with some new stuff like this. We need this type of music back.

  2. James Ayers

    what album is this version on?
    i cant find it.

  3. Laraney Morford

    This was not filmed in Georgia it is in Humphries County middle Tennessee

  4. Sylvia Williams

    If anyone can make a remix go ahead. Otherwise comments are only anal, please be considerate to ALL people.

  5. Joe Hintz

    I enrertained pro for a good while...I still tink it's kind of a stupid song!!!

  6. swoglar

    Yo speed it up x1.25 👌🏽

  7. Brandon Koch

    My life been a roller coster i think It's Time to let the real me show before my time is up

  8. Terri Fratilla

    Where are the sugar Grove Ohio men at Terri fratilla I miss aunt pat

  9. Taylor Rode

    As silly as it sounds when I hear this song I start crying because this is the song that was playing when I said goodbye to my Friends for the last time before moving away from them. I have only seen them like twice since and it has been almost two years.

  10. Rosalie lang

    Looks fun might be something to consider checking out next year

  11. Arron Wilbanks

    Georgia state trooper in the video lol

  12. EasternShoreBilly Farms


  13. Mark Stengel

    most of them are zombies by now by the walking dead universe lol love the song thou.

  14. Lucas McCain

    How many guys fapped to the original video back in the day?Those country gals were smokin' hot!

  15. Michael M

    A shame so many country music videos from this area seem to only exist online in such poor quality. There were some great videos from this time that would be great to see again in good quality.

  16. Mikey Conway

    Ross Chastain's theme song

  17. Blue Xenomorph79

    I love this song so much💯💙♥️

  18. holly eversmeyer

    love this song

  19. Liane Layman

    It was hot enough to make the devil sigh in MD a while ago.

  20. Cindi Thomas

    Eating watermelon and thought of you

  21. kmoseley66

    As blurry as this video is, I feel like I've had too much of that wine.

    ____Kdoge ____

    Yep me to I fell like I am the wasted one instead of the camera

  22. ____Kdoge ____


  23. Love my Drones

    YeHaw! Very nice!

  24. Ovalbugmann

    144p video nice, lol


    You are very funny. This video is over 20 years old. It does not have it original on the Internet. The video is only there for those who like the good Tracy Byrd. The rest is rest ... lol

  25. Michał Siedlecki

    Radio WNET mnie tu przysłało :)

  26. Gabriela Gonzalez

    Saw him in August at WTC in NY. 2001 and he was so stunned by how tall the skyscrapers are. He said he was from a small town in TX and he'd never seen anything like this city before 💗

  27. Captain Revenge

    Great song but its sounds like you video taped your TV

    Randy Lawton

    It's the exstended version

  28. Jason Kephart

    So much better than garbage artists now such as Luke Bryan. Real country music right here.

  29. boscoco

    saw him last Fri. at Bluebonnet Palace, Selma (San Antonio), Tx. he still sounds great! my wife & I really enjoyed it!

  30. Ayden H

    This wasn't filmed in Georgia, it was filmed in McEwen, TN, we're I live at the Irish Picnic place

  31. tidechamp15

    This is REAL COUNTRY!!!!

    Ryleigh Kannel

    tidechamp15 True like so true

  32. Edward Wayne Wilkins Jr.

    "Watermelon Crawl" is a song written by Buddy Brock and Zack Turner, and recorded by American country music artist Tracy Byrd. It was released in July 1994 as the second single from his album No Ordinary Man. The song peaked at number 4 on the country charts in the United States and number 8 in Canada. It also peaked at number 81 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

  33. Edward Wayne Wilkins Jr.

    Please Redo Video in HD It's Real Blurry Thanks


    Hello Friend
    I'm sorry, but unfortunately it was the video I had available in my playlist
    He's old, and I'm not going to have him in better quality.
    was posted only to those who like tracy byrd
    thank you...

  34. Joe Haas

    The quality of this video is horrible!! And if I remember correctly this is not the original video.


    Sorry friend, video is from 1994, it was what I had in my playlist, he's old and it's just for those who like tracy byrd

  35. perito contabil

    1990's ... good times ...

    Liane Layman

    Sure were.

  36. takforce06

    I loved this song living in Ohio. Now I live in Hampton, SC. A small town with A WATERMELON FESTIVAL. It's real now.


    This party must be really cool.

    Evelyn Fortune

    Haha lucky I live in Ohio

    ZP Pierce

    Wow you really achieved the MAGA dream...🙄

    Andrew Heitmeyer

    Gold rush country in northern California has a mandarin festival. Watermelon festival sounds amazing.

    James Massey

    Ya know youtube spooks me sometimes bc I'm in Hampton rn and just passed the water melon festival building just passed the fresh market

  37. Billybob Smith

    47 people dont know how to do the watermelon crawl

    Kevin Plays Guitar

    They know how to do the macarena.

    Christina Tatro

    They to busy doing the keke 🙄

  38. Liane Layman

    Boy Tracy was such a cutie pie back then.

  39. Stitch o7

    Country music videos of the 90's love it

    Kristin P.

    I agree!

  40. mobywv

    A young Ted Cruz

    Denise Smith

    Good Lord you are right😢

  41. Susie Cunningham


    Fred Thomson

    Smiles. Enjoy

  42. MrSamurai99999

    Tracy Byrd makes me want to beat him with a hammer...

  43. tiffany fillmore

    Like this song

    Fred Thomson

    Dare you to rovk back on ypur heels and do tje watermelon crawl

  44. Andrew Macleod

    Country music loving truck driver here, unfortunately I'm in the UK, I'd give anything to work in the states, absolutely adore a lady in cowboy boots!! . Nothing hotter on earth, you lucky bunch. And to my fellow truckers across the pond... Truck em easy, 10/4 I'm eastbound and down now

    Jacob Seed is my husband

    I'm in the UK and I have a love of the deep south as well. The accent on men makes me weak

    Kristin P.

    @Jacob Seed is my husband Thank You for compliment 😄

    Jacob Seed is my husband

    @Kristin P.
    No problem 😂 it's true. Best accent to my ears

    Kristin P.

    @Jacob Seed is my husband Come to Eastern North Carolina. You'll hear British southern talk. I didn't know till a few years ago not everyone calls the trunk of the car the boot 😅

    Lucas McCain

    @Jacob Seed is my husband Thanks! I was born in Mississippi and now live in Tennessee. I worked hard to get rid of my Southern (as I worked in radio news) drawl but you make me want to regain it!

  45. Gabby Dickson


  46. Nicolas Orozco

    The day of the silver eagle.

  47. Kenneth Seratte

    Back in the good ole days of country music.


    Very Good

  48. aaron cohenour

    He inspired me to learn wine making


    Very good "aaron cohenour". Because I love wine

    kenny komodo

    Inspired me to find Rind county along Highway 43 in Georgia!!

  49. nemesisgenius

    I had a coworker named Oscar Chavez who looked exactly like Tracy Byrd.


    looks like a young cool ted cruz toohaha

    ____Kdoge ____

    Lol what if he got a new name and changed his name lol

  50. Blovenation Brandon Lovell

    Happy Labor Day weekend America

  51. Joseph Bard

    Good song

  52. Cory Nielsen

    This to me sounds like a new dance craze.


    Already was. There was a line dance for it. You can actually see bits and pieces to it in the video.

    Jonathan Lockhart

    @Shredpostings A long time ago.


    @Jonathan Lockhart you don't say? Lol

    Mike Lochridge

    Actually, line dances came out right after the song came out 25 years ago. And there were at least 3 different line dances created for it. The dance done in the video wasn't the most popular one. Whoever was able to publish a dance fastest was the one that everyone would do.

    _ GreyBones

    Such a fun line dance in the early 90's! (American Cowboy Co -. country bar in Tampa, FL)

  53. Dennis Miller

    This video is the worst quality ever seen. If there is none better this one should be burned.


    Friend ... You were very good at explaining. Better than me. HAHA HA. Thank you

    Michael O'Dell

    @ADIR P. LIMA you're welcome.


    Friend. I am Brazilian. I like Tracy Byrd. Thank you for your tuning. Friendly hug

    Michael O'Dell

    @ADIR P. LIMA you're very welcome. Hope you can post more Tracy Bryd videos on YouTube. I'm a fan of Tracy Bryd and been to several of his concerts. I saw him in 2015 at Dosey Doe and was able to shake his hand and talk to him. I even got to see the inside of his tour bus and met his band members.He even gave me his cowboy hat ( which I lost a few years ago in a bad wind storm). I still have have an autographed picture of him. I will definitely watch and like more Tracy Bryd videos from you if you have any more to post. Thank you very much.


    @Michael O'Dell
    wow michael
    Very cool
    I'm from Brazil and I'd love to have this opportunity.
    Congratulations my friend

  54. mandy page


  55. bisp25

    there be some fine Georgia peaches in that video

    Paul Jordan

    bisp25 how can you tell with this 240p? Like beer goggles.

    ____Kdoge ____


    Dark Days

    There actually Tennessee peaches. The entire video was filmed at the irish picnic in mcewen tn.

  56. Joshua Brooks

    "If you drink, don't drive, do the watermelon crawl..." Best musical hook ever!


    Big smo

    Liane Layman

    If you drink don't drive because you might hit a bump and spill your drink.

    ZP Pierce

    Yeah, wayee better than any of that Beatles or Stones hooks that have ruled for 55 years 🙄

    John Choate

    @ZP Pierce This song was God awful back in the day , I came here to hate watch it I don't know what made me think of it.

  57. Kevin B.

    Independence Day 2018 🎊🇺🇸🎊

    Sarah Quinliven

    Kevin B. Labor Day 2018 for me!

  58. Chance Dryer

    Here on freedom day. Dance your asses off cause were still kicking ass and taking names. Merica!

  59. Fire Cowboy

    uh huh nope not good

  60. Hayden Martini

    This is good song from Tracy Byrd

  61. Brenda Hanson

    This is my favorite version of this song

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    Brenda Hanson I'm sure you can find no ordinary man on Amazon for just a few cents plus tax and shipping

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    Brenda Hanson this is just as equally incredibe as this version

    Brenda Hanson

    countrygirl countrymusiclover hiw does that 1 look like dont think i have that 1

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    Brenda Hanson he's sitting down and has a black guitar on his lap and he's wearing a red shirt and of course a cowboy hat. I think it has 18 songs on the CD

    Joe Alarcon

    Brenda Hanson 💦💨

  62. A R H

    So what ever happened to the original video of this? I can't find it anywhere


    I had the video saved.

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    Mr Aaron Hawbaker this is the only video that was ever made for this song. What are you talking about??? I may of been almost eight months when this came out but this is the video I saw when I was like two years old. And this song came out in july 1994. I came out in Nov 1993. But what other video is there


    I dont now...

    Randy Lawton

    @countrygirl countrymusiclover no. This is the exstended version. There was a a normal version

    Randy Lawton

    @countrygirl countrymusiclover I was 7 years old when this came out

  63. Genea Maines

    Great Video.. I love Tracy Byrd Music..This song is great !

    Genea Maines

    Brenda Hanson. Southern Junction, Emory Longview Bossier city.Going to see him tomorrow at Billy bobs Texas..

    Brenda Hanson

    Genea Maines have fun hoping he comes 2houston again soon

    Genea Maines

    Brenda Hanson I hope he does to . He was just there .just keep an eye on his website. Tracy Byrd

    Brenda Hanson

    Genea Maines thank u he was here at the strawberry festival

    Joe Alarcon

    Genea Maines send me a picture of you