Tracy Byrd - I'm From The Country Lyrics

Way back up in the country
Back in the hills
Down in the hollows where the folks are real
Livin' with the crazzies and the old wildcats
Sawed off shotguns and coonskin caps
That's where I'm from and I'm proud to say
I'm from the country and I like it that way

Everybody knows everybody
Everybody calls you friend
You don't need an invitation
Kick off your shoes come on in
Yeah we know how to work and we know how to play
We're from the country and we like it that way

All day long we work in the fields
Then bring it on home for a home cooked meal
We love ya like Sunday
Treat ya like Saturday night

And when the beds get full we can sleep in the hay (Hey)
We're from the country and we like it that way

Everybody knows everybody
Everybody calls you friend
You don't need an invitation
Kick off your shoes come on in
Yeah we know how to work and we know how to play
We're from the country and we like it that way

Everybody knows everybody
Everybody calls you friend
You don't need an invitation
Kick off your shoes come on in
Yeah we know how to work and we know how to play
We're from the country
We're from the country
We're from the country
And we like it that way

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Tracy Byrd I'm From The Country Comments
  1. Arnold Flowers

    Mississippi guy I like to take off my shoes and I like the blues for I know that I'm country and I like it that way.

  2. Jose Aguilar

    Listening to this while wrapping my Christmas gifts 🎁 2019

  3. Tammie Hardeman

    December 2019 like this song

  4. nick9

    I'm from the suburbs and I like it that way.

  5. Leslie Davis

    Wow tracy bryd love the song💙💙💙💙💙💙

  6. Gregory Smith

    I'm not from the country, but I like it that way. I have a buddy from Englewood, TN, he was exactly like the song- he knew everybody, everybody knew him.

  7. George Malo

    I saw him live back in the day it was fandamntastic and hott in the summer wow

  8. Lindsey Harris

    Love listening to this song while cleaning am from the country

  9. Scott Singley

    This is what country music should ALWAYS sound like ;)

  10. Kyle Amann

    if you an't country are you even living

  11. one love one life

    Man life was really good in those dayz😃✌

  12. Anthony Machac

    This is what I called country live dancing and party!!!!!😎😍😎

  13. Iyden Cambra


  14. Pat Welds

    I'm from the country and I like it that way!!

  15. Terrence Warthen

    J d could drive and we like it that way

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    Keep your Manhattan!

  17. Anthony Machac

    This is what I call country live dancing!!!

  18. Cody M

    The music video was directed by Michael Merriman, and premiered on CMT on February 7, 1998. The video begins with the CD putting into the stereo, and turns the volume up. Various guests arrived at the cabin. Throughout the video, Byrd was singing the song at a cabin, and sits on the stereo, in the kitchen with two women, and some guys cooking on the grill. The last scene of the video shows Byrd jumping into the hot tub. He blows his candle out, and the video ends.

  19. K. Carter

    I live in the city but the “ country “ is just a few miles down the road. 😁

  20. luke nickell

    Back when telling people that u are country still sounded country

  21. Paul Bliss

    Hart mi 49420!!!!!!

  22. Hendrix Peel

    great song,. TRASH MUSIC VIDEO. ....

  23. Austin Herzner

    If you ain't from the country, you can have it your way🍺🥾

  24. Chris McCurdy

    This is a nice country music song that tells you about the south.

  25. Brad Howe

    Good music these yepis these days like country music. Put on boots cowboy hats think theyre country lol want a bees lol best way to live

  26. treepon king

    I'm the dog lol

  27. Jamie Short

    WOW 798 comments god bless the 798

  28. Valerie Linder

    I seen him today!

  29. K RDP

    Hell yea Bo you done earned a new subscribe Thank the Lord you still making country content Bo most of today's content is pop this pop that but it aint as good as the you make content like this just wish we could get the good ole tunes back like you did here

  30. K RDP

    this song about describes me

  31. Leslie Hamilton

    2019 This children is real country MUSIC.

    Darin Thompson

    At 16 years old I now a real country music is

  32. Lace & Roses

    I saw Tracy Byrd last night! He and his band were great. 👍

  33. Joshua Boat

    Josh 👺

  34. Joan Pash

    Really like this were from the country

  35. Light Bishop1

    Hard to believe I actually met Tracy Byrd at Billy Bob's. (Shook his hand and got his autograph plus he called me buddy witch I found was awesome).

    Bradley Bruner

    So lucky

  36. BJ McCoy

    3:30🤣 I remember seeing these guys live when I was a kid. an Montgomery gentry. I was star struck.

  37. Rickey Engle

    good who are you,,

  38. Ken Hall

    I'm so glad I grew up with this music, it's good for the soul

    Dark Bishop

    Im seein' Tracy Byrd tomorrow (June 1st). 2019

  39. Ethan Schroeder

    Country boys unite

  40. Jeff Meiklejohn

    Wish I was back in the country can’t stand this city life


    🎶"everybody FUCKS everybody everybody is also KIN they don't need an education just pay a nickel in they'll say heres some food stamps go have you a kid..don't know how to work but know how to play where from the country PLEASE GOD KILL ME TODAY"🎶

  42. Gerald Turberville

    Down home country food and freedom and that what I like.


    Gerald Turberville Well..huh huh huh Gerald you get to bathe Ma twoNite..

    Gerald Turberville

    @JASON CUTSHAW not me it's Your ma and you do it....Lol

  43. Paul Johnson

    *starts to line dance*

  44. ItsPlanB NL


  45. roger funk

    Sawed off shot guns get u time

  46. Brian Brandle

    Love this country song and why because none of that my wife fucked my brother my dog ran away my daddy is in prison I'm drunk and I wanna blow my brains out depressing crap.

  47. Sarah Yates

    There's no better way of living than living the country life! ❤️

  48. truth flame

    man I always loved this song and watermelon crawl--

  49. Balls McGonagle

    We always liked it & we always will Tracy!

  50. Jesse Weaver

    going to see him this saturday!

  51. JoBro Vlogs

    Im just 12 but i can tell the differnce from country back then and now

  52. Geoff Gowans

    I grew up in East Van but I moved to a small town and raised my family there. So now I say I'm from the country. It's a state of mind more than an address.

  53. Andrew Cripe

    I am a country boy I got pure country tattooed on my neck and I'm proud of it

  54. rb26 Does Everything

    @ 0:27 I Thought At First He Said "Sawed Off Shotguns & Broomstick Hats"

  55. Connie Daniels

    Im from the citcountry

  56. Silly Willy

    Dinosaur baby. I’m from the country and I like it that way. Eastern NC baby

  57. David Passmore

    Becky likes it!

  58. Niklas Enblom

    This is the way to live. AWESOME!!

  59. Rose Kazmerski

    I am in love with Tracy Byrd's songs, he is so handsome charming and very awesomely great.

  60. R797

    Marty brown!

  61. Anthony Thompson

    2019 anybody

  62. Saul Martinez

    ILOVE. This. Song

  63. Aaron Morris

    Good song

  64. Charlie Bazen

    I love that song

  65. Ash

    This was the good real country no pop country bs

  66. Bradley Parker


  67. City Beneath

    I’m 2 years old and love this kind of music

  68. Nadine Christener

    Greetings from Switzerland! 😜 And I Like It That Way! 😊😅❤️

  69. E. tezani

    Reminds me of Nevada..

  70. Magic Mike

    I literally just sang this out of no where and searched this up.

  71. Tray Schweitzer

    Ted cruz brother?????

  72. Chris Winkleblack

    Suddenly off shot GUNS. Law ENFORCEMENT.

  73. Steacy783

    SORRY to Marty Brown but ,,,, :)

  74. Wes Schofield

    Tracy Lynn Byrd (born December 17, 1966) is an American country music artist. Signed to MCA Nashville Records in 1993, Byrd broke through on the country music scene that year with his single "Holdin' Heaven", which reached Number One on Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks. Although he did not land a second Number One until 2002's "Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo", Byrd has charted more than thirty hit singles in his career, including eleven additional Top Ten hits. He has also released ten studio albums and two greatest-hits albums, with four gold certifications and one double-platinum certification from the RIAA. Tracy Byrd is the eldest child of Jerry Lynn and Brenda Vaughn Byrd.[1] Tracy Byrd graduated from Vidor High School in May 1985. His first college experience was at Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas. He began studying business at Texas State University (then called Southwest Texas State). While studying he sang with a local band in Beaumont, TX called Rimfire led by Jeffrey Adams and Dave Adams, a band that also featured acts such as Mark Chesnutt. One of his friends coaxed him into singing a cover of Hank Williams' "Your Cheatin' Heart" at a local mall recording studio.[2] The owner of the studio was so impressed with his version that he entered Byrd into a local talent contest. Byrd signed with MCA Records in 1992.[3]

  75. Mia Espinoza

    If you’re from southeast Texas you’ve at least met Tracy Byrd at least 30 times lol

    Debbie Kays

    Ain't that the truth! Just got back from Vidor a couple days ago!

  76. Andrew Kenseth

    Back when country was great!

  77. Rena Fletcher

    love this man

  78. Kelsey Hoffman

    My staff mama lisha likes this song ever

  79. Sysopx86

    361 anyone?

  80. Harry Prater

    So called "country" sux nowadays.....I hate most of the new stuff.....sounds like 80's pop.

  81. Hello Lollie

    I want to live in the country!

  82. Lester Bratcher

    i miss the 90s country cause todays country aint the same

  83. Aquarius Mayors

    I'm from the country and I like it that way.

  84. Ryan Shordee

    country classic FIRE!!!!!

  85. Veronica Oliver

    Great song..thanks for sharing.

  86. Broken Nothing

    Never heard this song since I was a kid still good

  87. LW Ma2K9

    Miss this music big time!! Awesome memories.

  88. Quinten Puckett

    I was born and raised on a farm and I like it that way

  89. Shyann Ewing

    Country girl 💕💕💕

  90. CDaniel J80

    Tracy Byrd created the format for every single country song that comes out in 2018..

  91. Elisha Caspersonn

    Great song

  92. Brenda Robinson

    I'm from the country and I like it that way

  93. Zyquan Daniels

    im from florida and i like it that way

  94. Zyquan Daniels

    we danced to this at school

  95. Addison McElrath

    Real country

  96. Micah Huggins

    . anyone know Clay Walker if I could make a living whenever I hear that I change the words to if I could make a living out of hating you I'd be a billionaire in a day or two actually words if I can make a living out of loving you I'll be a millionaire in a week or two saw someone changes the words to so I thought of that and that I would say something