Tracy Byrd - Holdin' Heaven Lyrics

I'm face to face with an angel
How'd you get those eyes so blue
You're a vision in white and I been waitin' all night
Just to have one dance with you now all my dreams are comin' true.

I'm holdin' heaven in my arms tonight
Everything about you is so perfectly right
I've never been there but I think
I might be holdin' heaven in my arms tonight.

I'm not sure where you came from
But I thank my lucky stars above
And I got the chance to have a dance
But one dance just ain't enough I think I'm fallin' in love.

I'm holdin' heaven in my arms tonight
Everything about you is so perfectly right
I've never been there but I think
I might be holdin' heaven in my arms tonight.

I'm holdin' heaven in my arms tonight
Everything about you is so perfectly right
I've never been there but I think
I might be holdin' heaven in my arms tonight.

I'm holdin' heaven in my arms tonight...

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Tracy Byrd Holdin' Heaven Comments
  1. Neil Tipton

    93-95 were the last years of REAL country music being put out. Before the ruining began. And onto the trash that is today..

  2. Justin Hughes

    My neighbors have the biggest trucks an stables but I have the biggest stereo that look country but that no I am I'm howling this shit so loud.

  3. chan dawg

    Classic song

  4. Ryan Galloway

    Seeing Tracy Byrd in concert tonight! Cant wait!!!!!

  5. Brian See

    Im so excited right now ill be seein tracy byrd on the 8th of August for river rhythms in albany oregon 2019 lets go baby helll ya

  6. Neil Tipton

    These would be the last years of "real"' country music. 92-94

  7. boscoco

    my wife & I are going to see him tomorrow night at Bluebonnet Palace, Selma, Tx.

  8. Jenny Torres

    I can't wait to see him in Selma Texas this Friday

  9. carol holiday

    I got front row tickets to see this awesome Entertainer. While waiting for the concert to start, a electrical lighting storm rolled in. Two minutes to show time, huge lighting tore into the stable behind the stages. Yep. It got cancelled. 😢😢😢😢😢

    Debbie Kays

    Well that sucks.
    Hopefully you'll get some good seats on his current tour!

  10. Jaded Star

    He's a cutie

  11. Saul Martinez


  12. Nicolas Orozco

    Wowww pretty blonde,I'd fall in love with her if she was dancing like that in front of me. 👍🤠

  13. Nicolas Orozco

    Nice looking chics in the video. 🤠👍

  14. Genea Maines

    I helped this video get over One million views.. LoL

    Sheila Dreaden

    Come to think of it, we all did, right?

    Debbie Kays

    Haha! But I bet Geana did more than most lol 💚

  15. William Alexander

    Always thought he looked like Elvis!

  16. Jennifer Dijames

    T bird, W here have you been ?

    Debbie Kays

    He's only been playing in Texas the past several years, but right now he's back out on a national tour.

  17. Binky Johnson

    Looking pretty cute Tracy bird! Love this song!

  18. Genea Maines

    Love this song ! I always like singing it, sometimes alittle to loud...Ha !

  19. Kevin Phillips

    I always had a crush on that blonde headed "heaven" growing up.

  20. Wade Baker

    Looks like one helluva night, Tracy Byrd playing so damn good music in a barn full of classic cars. That's my kind of party

    Kelly Dods

    Wade Baker I miss those barn dances, they never have them anymore

  21. Nicolas Orozco

    Pretty blonde girl,somebody find the watermelon crawl video and put it on YouTube.

  22. sbteam133

    this is great !!! late 80's to mid-late 90's was the best Era for country music. it really has shit the bed after that era

  23. Rebel Devin

    I wanna go to that barn

    Hart Hare

    Rebel Devin SAME

  24. free


  25. Jason Dishon

    this is how i feel when im holdin rita coy

  26. Chessie System Railfanman

    Tracy Byrd looks like Ted Cruz.


    Maybe in the eyes, but I never thought about that before lol.


    Holy shit!!!

    Jaded Star

    Chessie System Railfanman no he don't

    Redneck Girl

    Not even close. Tracy Byrd is good looking.

    Christina Tatro

    Lmfao definitely some similarities

  27. Heather Forman

    I like Tracy Byrd.

  28. cafeconlehce

    greetings from Finland

  29. Chrystal Montanez

    Can't wait to see him he is comming to thirsty horse saloon 😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  30. mike blair

    the corn belt area at least. dont want upset people. sorry.

  31. mike blair

    great three cord country! to bad its disapearing. the only country comes Texas any more.

  32. Venkman29

    I want to know who the beautiful blond is that gets out of the car is dancing, I'm in love.. She gorgeous.. :)

    sc lawman

    Venkman29 Charissa Seaman from Columbia, SC. Went to high school with her when she did this video.

    Vicki H

    Venkman29 take her and keep her away from my man, lol!

    Redneck Girl

    She is grossly out of place for the setting, but she's a very good dancer.

  33. Darci Lenhard

    Tracy Bird - what a doll! This is my FAVORITE Tracy Bird song!

  34. Bre08

    he is so hot ;)

  35. lovemuffin1963

    Awesome song!!

  36. RaptorGP

    Such a nice song!

  37. Pam Voge

    Brittney I'm not to worried about it

  38. Pam Voge

    what a sexy guy he can hold me all night long

    Sandra Cannon

    +Brittany B get a life

    Pam Voge

    +Sandra Cannon Sandra you go girl she should get a life

  39. sue fran

    love tracy

  40. Rachael Barfield

    Love the cars

  41. bob bob

    i miss holding heaven in my arms she left 2 months ago

  42. Anna Annabella

    I was only 4 years old when this came out. Why I have never heard it until this year is beyond me. Tracy does an amazing job in this video AND with this music. Thank you YouTube poster VEVO for posting awesome videos like this one for fans all around the world to enjoy.

  43. picksalittle

    32 people like Luke Bryan and Cole Swindell

  44. Karen Medley

    Red on a rose

  45. Jimmy Queen

    Yes all my dreams have come thrue thanks to a great husband

  46. sapphire07

    I heard this song back when i 4 or 5 and just loved the beat. And a couple days ago heard it again on prime country!!!!

  47. Lindsay Fortin

    Song has a great beat

  48. Garrett Smith

    me holdin heaven in my arms tonight!

  49. Shane Hayward

    love this song

  50. Pedro Mic

    Super super super

  51. VOIP Portland

    Back when country music was really hitting a great stride.   '93-'96 - fun times.

    Then Tim McGraw come along with his whiner country song Please Don't Take the Girl and country slid back to where it was before, 'tear in my beer' and miserable.    Gone, for the most part, we the great HAPPY country songs of the early-mid 90s.

    Austin Dalyai

    You do realize, don't you, that Don't Take the Girl came out in '94?
    Only a year after this song.

    Jacob Robinson

    hey! I liked that song! It's not terrible!

    jason clemmensen

    I personally like country music that has the emotions that help people with daily life situations


    What’s wrong with “Tear in My Beer” type songs? That’s the type of song the country genre was entirely built off.

  52. northrockboy

    what a great barn to have a dance in !!!!

  53. Mye_Joco

    i wish they would bring this back!

    Waylon Cooper

    Probably real country.

  54. Dave Wollenberg

    Tracy sang like a Britisher, the way he dropped his r's, after the vowel sounds.

    Cory Nielsen

    Really I haven't noticed that.

  55. Tatiana Robinson

    Love u songs

  56. stonecoldtrk

    this truly is country GOLD!!!!

  57. stonecoldtrk

    There are definitely some good artist and songs today that are country but it's nothing like the 90's

  58. Brad Slavens

    The music made in the last 13 or so years is alright but 90s country is the true best music ever produced! They should've never changed anything about how country is made!

  59. margaret ramirez

    90's country was the best but miss the earlier country heard when I was a kid just bring back memory's of those family traditions. And some new country artist I like but not all same with rock 80's love the hair bands but but just like good old country got country singers that should be singing pop just not the same ne more miss them days of great music

  60. Hunter Moran

    great jam

  61. john leo

    great song!

  62. Timothy McMillin

    his voice is better live than any album, first and only I can say that about

  63. Windy Whipple

    One of my favorite songs. Is he still singing now? Have not heard him in awhile

  64. Play4u67

    ROFLMAO too true

  65. jeff hough

    lol. gee ya thunk?

    Favion Mathis

    What's wrong are you an uneducated idiots don't you know how to spell . John Michael Montgomery is pure gold he is a wonderful singer to this day so shove it you are both lmao

  66. timcann88

    so true

  67. Grow up, Weble!

    Bringing back memories right now! Grinning from ear to ear!

  68. Brian Landers

    and john michael montgomery, sammy kershaw, clint black

  69. Kevin DeLargy

    you wonder what songs he dedicated to his mistress!!! just sayin'...

  70. J LeJend

    you just THINK that?

  71. m3chaw0lf

    oh and CLint Black.

  72. m3chaw0lf

    the 90s were the best. Brooks and Dunn, younger toby keith, CLay walker, tracy byrd, only to name a few. There is a lot of good new country out, like big and rich and trace adkins, but they will never beat this.

  73. john hale

    ur so right man

  74. slant40

    93 was a pretty good year for Country - and this one is proof. One of the hottest lead breaks you'll ever hear in a country tune - and a perfect par 3 clocking in at 2:29. Thanks for posting this one!

  75. Chris M

    vevo sucks more than that

  76. BOHICA308

    You thought right brother.

  77. Kelly Dods

    I recall back in 90's my grad class listened more to country then they did rock. Country exploded back then, Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, Tracy Byrd, Clay Walker all new to the scene and playing their hearts out. There is some great artists today but the sound is not the same.

  78. Mikevac86

    I like how this is a talented person's music video, and right next to it there is a advertisment for the least talented person.....Nicki Minaj

  79. Dave Wollenberg

    The lyric writer got it wrong. There's NO SUCH THINGS as 'lucky stars'. ACC's #16 song of '93. God bless ya, VEVO, for postin' it. Thanx!

  80. ArcisBlade

    I'd have to say that 90's music in general was amazing.. But, as this is some rockin' country, I'll stay on the subject. Late 80' country through probably early 00's country was the best era I can think of for the genre. And no, it's not just because I was born in 1990. The older stuff was good, but that country twang just sprouted wings during the 90's...

  81. Snooperzan

    From a time when country was good

  82. lewie0730

    That's because country today isn't really country. It's just people who couldn't make it in pop.

  83. killyou45

    524 Likes, 0 Dislikes. Why I don't think I've ever seen a video with so many likes and no dislikes. Tracy's awesome!

  84. Justin Faucette

    I was only 3 when this song came out, but I'd rather be listening to this nowadays on the radio than what they play now

  85. Countryboy_91

    CMT and GAC need to have a full month dedicated to 90's country instead of this bullshit they have on nowadays


    Countryboy_91 preach it

    Marian Knittle

    Couldn't agree with you more!!

    Linda Meade

    It has lost its direction. Not what it could be.

    Robin Peryea

    Where do u live

  86. turbodaze

    @bobafettfan32 country is like rock now lol. Sucks ass most of it.

  87. brianmarliere1313

    @countryboy4life80 well it all depends on the artist really because they all have different emotions that they put into it but now a days there are artists that are only in it for the money yes

  88. mkl62

    12-17-2011. Sake's alive, sake's alive, look who's 45. Happy Birthday, Tracy.

  89. bobafettfan32

    Back when country music was country music. I quit listening to country radio a long, long time ago. I have seen Tracy Byrd 3 or 4 times back in the mid 1990's and early 2000's.

  90. sc lawman

    Great tune. The blonde chick's name is Charissa Seaman from Columbia, SC. I know because we went to high school together when this video was shot. You can't beat old country music-anything's better than today's crap.

  91. Madison Clark

    @countryboy4life80 yeah....... don't you wish they would play these songs again? I'd like that!!

  92. Ray63301

    @crazzynascarfan Ain't nothin made like it used to be. Songs included!!

  93. funnybear15

    "I'm holdin' heaven in my arms tonight"..And under that is Lady Gaga "Judas"..Lol.

  94. crazzynascarfan

    Well there are some good country songs being put out now, but I don't prefer most of it. I like this era a lot better. I'll start thinking that they don't make country like they used to, and that modern stuff is too much like pop. But then I realize that that's probably what my parents thought about this era too. It's all about perspective I suppose.

  95. brandon morgan

    @countryboy4life80 agreed 100% todays 'country' isnt country sounds more like theyre tryin to make it more like a hiphop all these new artists

  96. MiddleMadMen

    @countryboy4life80 present cooky cutter pop country crap is the correct term heheha

  97. Beth Brown

    Love Tracy's music... I think I have all his albums now...thx