Tracy Byrd - Good Way To Get On My Bad Side Lyrics

A little lady standing next to me,
Isn't she a pretty thing?
I'm the one that put that ring on her left hand.
Another fellow can tip his hat,
And I'm as gentle as a pussycat.
But let it go much further than that and he's a dead man.

Cause that's a good way,
That's a real good way,
That's a good way to get on my bad side.

The politician on my t.v.,
Says he's only lookin' out for me.
He says he knows what the poor man needs in the long run.
But every year he gives himself a raise,
With a chunk of every buck I make.
Now he's talkin like he wants to take my shotgun.

That's a good way,
That's a real good way,
That's a good way to get on my bad side.

Aint lookin for no trouble.
Don't wanna start no fight.
Don't want more than I got commin'
I only wanna do what's right.
Just treat me like I treat you,
And we'll get along just fine.
But mister take one step across that line.

And that's a good way,
That's a real good way,
That's a good way to get on my bad side.

I like Van Halen and I like George Jones.
Charlie Daniels and the Rolling Stones.
Bocephus when he rocks-n-rolls still kills me.
There oughta be a law against cowboy rap,
And all that boy band crap.
A little sissy in a cowboy hat aint country.

No..but that's a good way,
That's a real good way,
That's a good way to get on my bad side.
Yea that's a real good way to get on my bad side.

That's a good way,
That's a real good way,
That's a good way to get on my bad side.

That's a good way,
That's a real good way,
That's a good way to get on my bad side.

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Tracy Byrd Good Way To Get On My Bad Side Comments
  1. jr schild

    Thanks for reminding me why Obummer is the biggest POS on legs

  2. Taylor Steege

    Gerard Kraus is my buddy guard

  3. Atheist Conservative

    Fuck you, ex president oBozo!! We got us a PATRIOT in the white house now so, eat shit

  4. April T.

    That's was my Daddy Rabbit (R.I.P.)! Also my second husband!!!!

  5. Jonathan Vasquez

    utube home made remadies Google app DJ phone.

  6. Dynamite Dustin

    This is my Jam

  7. nathan bell

    Talkin bout my dad is a good way to get on my bad side

  8. Matthew Nickerson

    Rural, middle-school, first-quarter social studies project?  lol

  9. limpy tequiza

    Great song. Boy band crap LOL!!!!

    April T.

    limpy tequiza LOVE YOUR profile picture Mr Clint Eastwood, damn good actor! One of my late Daddy Rabbit's favorite actors ever.

  10. Layne Noser

    Love the reference for sissy in a cowboy hat


    Layne Noser me to 😂😂😂😂


    Don't forget Jason Aldean, he's the worst one today trying to mix country with hip hop. It's a wonder he never spit in George Jones face when he was still alive.

  12. Tyler Nickel

    This song describes me to a T. Total patriotic AMERICAN!! Without all the political BULLSHIT!!!!!!

  13. Blaid73

    Mr Expendable Chuck Norris was in this great video,,,awesome made and a great song,,!

  14. Raylee Hatch

    Here is a real good way to get on my bad side... Let's use new pictures & propaganda with Obama accompanied with a song I love that came out before 9/11... Remember Bush? Better think?

  15. PolycrystallineLace

    Isn't Europe Socialist?

  16. PolycrystallineLace

    The Chinese system is not ture Socialism. I think you do not know the difference between Socialism and Communism.

  17. Hellspawn880

    And if you socialists want that life then move to China... Just see how great it is. I know quite a few people who have moved to the U.S. from China. Talk to some of them or better yet move there. Three days and you'll be happy to be back with these conservative antiquated "hicks". Same thing I say about black people who say its so bad for them here. Just go live in Africa with some of those warlords for a week.And if you survive you'll be glad to be back here with "ol' hateful whitey" i promise

  18. Hellspawn880

    So just give (What little remains of) our country to these foolish "leaders" who want to make socialist welfare state out of this entire republic? China is the only nation to make it work (somewhat) and they still had to resort to theft and violence to accomplish that. So who is the smart one again? Who are really the fascists here? From what I recall freedom is being able to make your own choices; not have an official or an "organizer" tell you how much money and land you're allowed to have..

  19. Hellspawn880

    Amen to that

  20. jdweatherford1

    @jdweatherford1 ignant= ignorant for those people smarter than MrRedneckboy67

  21. jdweatherford1

    @MrRedneckboy67 no the worst mistake america made was thinking that Obama was wrong for trying to do anything that involved compromise...... ignant fuckin hick

  22. jdweatherford1

    @japierce15 yeah!...... tell Toby Keith that..... ummmm i wanna talk about me would be a good reason lol

  23. Cody Smith

    @countryboy100able Thats A good Way to get on any Country boys Bad side

  24. japierce15

    @Mrblaze0505 lol ! Okay ;)

  25. Mrblaze0505

    @japierce15 never mind

  26. Mrblaze0505

    @japierce15 fuck you

  27. Amy Chalfant

    16 peope are obama lovers....hmm... THATS A GOOD WAY TO GET ON MY BADSIDE....

  28. Samantha Lynn

    seriously i kno that we all have freedom of speech but all this arguing about the fkn video is fkn rediculous, the person who mae this video is allowed to express his self or herself any way they please, bc someone desides to put something political on it doesnt mean itz garbage maybe OTHER people should get off the fence and atually take a fkn side and not bytch when someone elsetakes a side... so stop bickering and shut the fk up this was someones view on this song so stfu

  29. grosenaw

    If your grabbin somethin from wal-mart... chances are its not from the United States. Get some education son.

  30. Logan Roberson

    try to take my guns that will sure be the last thing you see

  31. BioFlight

    I love it! Thanks for posting!

  32. jh1keener

    @aaronkrieger go strieght for the racist card . . . nice.

  33. NorthIsNotUp

    I don't think I have ever been this enraged. Or saddened. Not because someone thinks that the deaths of 3000 people were worth it. But for the sheer ignorance thats being passed around that is not getting corrected. That people will not let be corrected. Dumb, blind and stupid is no way to go through life people. Open your ears and open your eyes.

  34. Dale Lockwood

    asshole obama "inherited" everything that's ever happened from bush, he says. He inherited his muslim brother, "obama bin laden", the same way.... from bush's interrogation policies....piss on obama.

    Matt Beeman

    Fuck that he ran knowing what he was getting himself into. He left this country in just as bad shape. If he was any good the Dems wouldn't have lost the House, the Senate and the Presidency.

  35. Aaron Krieger

    @MrRedneckboy67 Are you racist or are you going to make up some excuse to say that he did something some way you didn't want? I honestly don't know why that comment got 4 thumbs up because Obama seems like any other politician to me. As far as I'm concerned Obama hasn't done anything worse than any other presidents.

  36. Aaron Krieger

    @randyburghardt13 I was going to say some bad shit about this comment but then I realized it's from a year ago
    but anyways who was the one who fucked Bin Laden?

  37. Dave Wollenberg

    Tracy and Mark knew each other from their days in Beaumont, TX. They hit #21 in Billboard, 7-01. God bless ya, for postin' it. Thanx!

  38. japierce15

    there outta be a law against cowboy rap! ;)

  39. tim wood

    im posting this song bad ass!! watch it!!

  40. khuff25

    that was really clever how you put the lyrics and pictures in sync

  41. khuff25

    that was really clever how you made the pictures and lyrics match up

  42. FraternalOutdoors

    @Socaldude21 Hello idiot, only the first verse is about a man flirting with another mans life, the whole song is just about things that piss them off.

  43. LordTalon99

    I just love how ignorant assholes seem to take any song and twist it to their own views. This is not about Obama! This is about the biggest asshole to ever walk the face of the planet and was the one that truly FUCKED this country. George W. Bush. The president that was NOT elected by the people.

    jeremy fabrizio

    the previous 3 were hand elected. Trump is the first since Reagan, that actually supports the constitution and bill of rights. our countrys history and the reason we are here. and dont even start with the indians. we made trades for land and they refused to leave. muslims have no legal right to be here, thanks to a bill past in 1959. its pos, homo loving anti patriots, like obama, that destroyed America, with bush and clinton helping along the way. wake up. grow a pare or shut the fuck up.

    April T.

    jeremy fabrizio I DO agree with you about Mr Reagan and Trump, the rest not so much.

  44. Countryboy_91

    love to see you corrupt goverment basterds try to take my guns youll have a bullet between yer eyes i may go down but im takin most you fuckers out with me

  45. frankie15oct

    Love It!!!

  46. Pacster17

    Awesome song, Stupid Music video

  47. durvid48

    @RandyBurghardt pay for the trip and ill be there :)

  48. Randy Burghardt

    @kuelexx Just to let you know, congress is also to blame bud

  49. kuelexx

    This problem has bene here for the better part of a decade. And dont go blaming Bush either. The problem has been and always will be with regulation and the only branch of the government that controls citizens lifestyle, CONGRESS. The president can not change the country, just its foreign relations and its military.

  50. kuelexx

    Good points, almost randyburghardt. But, i stopped reading at the ignorance of blaming a president that has been in office only a year. Get to know politics better before lashing out at the wrong person. Congress regulates the country, the president can just suggest.

  51. likes2aplay

    loved it thank ya

  52. Randy Burghardt

    @durvid48 why don't you read the new comment on this video, you will love it.

  53. Randy Burghardt

    Durvid48, I want to tell you, I do support abortion, I don't care what gays do, just don't do it to me. Come to South Dakota, I'm willing to show you how it all works. Obama knows nothing about Ag. so come and see it for yourself, unless your a puss and hate it when you're wrong. It doesn't matter what party you are, Agriculture is being blamed for carbon on all sides, we have to make carbon to make your food. You need to know what it is, before you change it. Common Sense, use it more often.

  54. Andrew Ogilvie

    @ kperk014. The USA isn't protecting the world. The U.N. is doing that. The U.S. invaded Iraq after the U.N. said not to. But im not going to go into detail about that. My point is the U.S. DO NOT protect the world and they ARE NOT the police of the world.

  55. Andrew Ogilvie

    Ok, Canada and the USA are allies. And if the USA did declare war on Canada they would have to fight alot of other countries then just us. Many countries that are in the U.N. would be supporting us not The USA. BUT there is no reason that the USA and Canada would fight. The enemies are the teorists that both Canada and The USA are losing lives to!

  56. daydreamgirl7

    Good Job!!!

  57. durvid48

    anything who the fuck cares if gay people wana get married as long as they dont try nothn around me i dont give a shit and how is this or abortion gona help the econmy problem we are having here hmm tell me the government is currpt with stuped things that we shouldnt be worring about

  58. mop313

    where can i download this song?

  59. Ciaphas Cain

    thank's .

  60. Edward Miles

    well "otterchap" If you havent noticed everything in this song is what "Your" president is doing! this is a perfect video to the perfect song!!!!!!

  61. hoyer

    3:33 u think thats a s tank, but as far as i know only sweden uses s tanks..

  62. Wren Arbuthnot

    also not sure about how ANY of this song pertains to Obama AT ALL.....after all it was released in '05....makes no sense sorry buddy

  63. Robert Opsahl

    Good song and I have some similar views but was the comment at 0:09 really nescesary? And the stuff about Obama too, that wasn't cool.

  64. burrmanchu

    Holy shit thats hilarious. Great song, horrible vid. I like my guns as much as anyone but why all the radical propoganda? "Obama religeon: MUSLIM/UNDECLARED"? Cmon now...

  65. Ciaphas Cain

    Don't touch my flag, my girl, my dog, or my gun and we'll get along just fine !

    Other wise my dog can bite, the flag will wave and me and my girl both know how to use a gun .

  66. wlindenlaub

    GREAT VIDEO! And fuck all this tree hugging, bed wetting, thumb sucking, war protesting, liberal douche bag FUCKS that wanna comment!

  67. mustangkraft505

    thats what guns are there for an instrument of power there to save you ass when you need it, nobody fucks with the guy with the gun. definition of a liberal: stupid fucks in large numbers that THINK their smart that fuck up the world for the rest of us

  68. wolfdog777

    CledusT, I mean my comment below was not guided toward you...

  69. wolfdog777

    No, I was talking to aminblues. Not you, lol...

  70. dixiecowboy78


  71. wolfdog777

    You are so lost. Have fun in Hell...

  72. LukeL007

    What has the government ever done for you in your personal life? If anything it was the housing bubble which was caused by bad loans mandated by the feds and given out by Freddie Mac, and Fannie Mae which are in the pockets of Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi which caused this housing trouble.

  73. Jason Halverson

    great song, too bad it got ruined by all the anti-liberal garbage. dont be sore losers after your party got trounced. now lets fix this mess that war criminal bush and the republicans got us into! thumbs down all ya want, thanks to obama we can say our opinion without being thrown into some prison in cuba. LOL

  74. UCSPanther20

    I think it just described the Liberals, NDP and Green Party north of the 49th.

    Just take the Democrats, and divide them into the socialists, the radical leftists and the Green freaks and you got the leftist political parties of Canada.

  75. Elorine Klockow

    dude, cool man

  76. SAsithlord

    Like it brother. I have to say that sissy in that cowboy hat...looks like something you wouldnt want to step in. Might not come off your 5 stars

  77. 1PAcouchpotato

    I wont vote for anyone who wont Pledge to the Flag.

  78. BrunchBreak

    "A little sissy in a cowboy hat ain't country"