Trace Adkins - Fightin' Words Lyrics


Everyone knows I'm the hard workin' peace lovin' type
I walk a thousand miles out of my way
Just to keep from a fight
Poke fun at the way that I talk
Or this hat that I wear
You can say what you want about me
See if I care

But one slip of the tongue 'bout my God Or my mama
Or this flag that I wear on my shirt
You'll see a side of me man
That I don't think you wanna
Cause them there's fightin' words

Now don't get me wrong
I've swapped skin now and then in my youth
I was all for an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
Now the older I get
The less I wanna stand toe to toe
But before you go runnin' your mouth
I think you oughta know

That one slip of the tongue 'bout my God
Or my mama
Or this flag that I wear on my shirt
You'll see a side of me man
That I don't think you wanna
Cause them there's fightin' words

Chevrolet or Ford
The south or the north
That ain't gonna get me worked up
But I'll draw the line
Everytime when it comes to the things that I love

So one slip of the tongue 'bout my dog
Or my woman
Or this country that I proudly serve
You'll see a side of me man
That you damn sure don't wanna
Cause them there's fightin' words
Yeah, them's fightin' words
Ahh them's fightin' words, Hoss

Excuse me
First amendment?
Son, the first amendment protects you from the government
Not from me
You can say whatever you want to out there
You come within reach of me
I'll exercise my right to give you a good ol' country ass whoopin'
Is what I'll do for you
By God

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Trace Adkins Fightin' Words Comments
  1. Bernadine Benoschek

    Pray for peace prepare for war- USMC

  2. Herr Wolf

    Gotdamn I love this song!

  3. Guy Smiley

    Tell m I said that

  4. Guy Smiley

    Northern by birth , Southern by Choice Country by the Grace Of God.... That's a t-shirt. And a new Song .....

  5. madbear3512

    Im a city slickers but i wanna move to the country so this song still applies

  6. Holton Greene

    I ain’t gonna start a fight gonna try to stay away from it but if someone hits more or it pisses me off more if they fuck with some one that one won’t do nothing back

  7. Mr Superman

    Fighting words is worth writing words I just. Talked to trace today..but when that feeling gets right.then u know it's about time to get there.and u know who.macgregor...supermans the handle Matthews the name.bad guy good man....but you better understand my reasons explain themself and u just come on and no one get hurt.....or you better put back on your skirt

  8. Travis Parsley

    This song is me like for real

  9. Phillip Worthey

    This Chris Ulter retarded ass best know who ur fucking w bitch. I don’t play games, my family, Notch ur punk ass. And spell my name right u retarded fuck. I don’t take kindly too threats. U want some let’s bare buckle down mother fucker. U jealous people make me smile too. U have great day go make sex toys and pipe bombs doing dope fag

  10. Pamela Knowles

    Good song/ well said Trace🎶💕

  11. Dr. Thunder

    today someone threatened to shoot up my school, wish i could legally get away with carrying. im ready to put up a fight anyways

  12. Daniel Shelley

    I'd love to fight this corny mfer

    SouthernGhost 1865

    how tall are you he could hurt you

    Daniel Shelley

    @SouthernGhost 1865 height doesn't have a lot to do with it, bud. I'm sure he has the capability, but he wouldn't. I'm 5'11" and trained in mma/bjj out of Gracie Tampa West. It's not difficult to differentiate the talkers from the fighters when you have experience. This guy is a talker. I'm sure he might be able to hold his own against some backward country boy at his localbar, but I'm an entirely different animal.

  13. Dalton Riley

    Hell yeah

  14. Dalton Riley

    Because I will not be pretty

  15. Dalton Riley

    Yo ass will be put in a wheelchair and sipping meals through a straw for life

  16. Annastasia Rachal

    When boys think there gonna get touchy on me hell no bad side comes out and when I’m done they don’t look me in the eyes they look down and walk there own way

  17. QM Redneck Strength

    Love trace Adkins

  18. Mack Maddison

    One day he is going to say the wrong thing and I'm going to hit him just one time and i bet he will never talk to me again like that pl just one time

  19. Geri Henson

    Everybody line up. It is apparent, hugs are needed. Hug it out, Let's go, one tough guy at a time. Lol !! Jamie

  20. drugdog Anthony

    Almost had to fight a fat ass for making fun of the way I talk

    Black shark swimmer

    Anthony Hernandez how do u talk?

    drugdog Anthony

    Jerry Cannon with a southern draw why

  21. Dr. Thunder

    It aint all bout the south, we are up north too!

  22. April Love

    try being me

  23. Ragin Raven

    I a Georgia city boy but great song:)

    General Leopold Horchigli

    Georgia is where I want to go one day,

    I need to leave this nightmare of a State called New York, it's too damn blue up here, my Soul is Southern even though I was raised in this Carpetbagger hell

  24. William Poff

    My new theme song!! Thank ya Trace, my southern brother!!!!

  25. LockJaw Remedy

    Walking on the fightin side of me

  26. Mulberry Browz

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  27. madbear3512

    This song for all the traders who take down coincidence civil war mouutians

  28. Ken Bray

    I'm a Yank wil the heart orf a Confederate !!! Put that flag back up !!!!!

    Ken Bray

    You're the regard !!!

    stevie Mobley

    Kentucky Louisville mom dad trace Adkins Stevie.mobley love you😎🎼😊☝️💙🧡❤️😃💔👋💓💘☝️👍🏻😜❣️😃💔👋💛😘🙂💕💖💗🤠🖤💞💜💚💝

    Captain Mudsocks

    Only the British say "Yank." As far as I know, all Americans - including proud north eastern Yankees - are offended at least a little by "yank."

    General Leopold Horchigli

    same here, I ain't no boot licking liberal, I'm a common sense Conservative, itchin to fight em democrats if it comes to it,

    JROTC color guard

    U know that the confederacy stands for slavery and if I saw that flag fly over my school I would take it down and burn it fucking traitors

  29. Dedee Robinson

    God country n family n our gun nobody going to fuck with any of these things the way I was raised unless you want a real ass kicking

  30. Dedee Robinson

    I fly the confederate flag on my land and my skin and nobody will mess with either one long as I'm breathing

    terra unplugged

    Ok big deal, you have the Flag of Surrender tattoo on your skin.

  31. Dedee Robinson

    most people in the south you got problem with this song give a try brother

  32. Dedee Robinson

    I was born raised in the south n fly one on my front porch come try tear down we will see which one still there when they haul your ass off in a fucking ambulance

  33. BILLIE Dawn Parker

    amazing man

  34. Spartan Warrior

    any other bama (Alabama) rebels here?

    SouthernGhost 1865


  35. fallen angel

    I like how some chis dude says he is a trucker​! he isn't because a truck driver/semi driver​ does not have​ this much time my grandpa can't​ even text me back on is fucking birthday because he is busy as hell!!!! so he isn't a semi or truck driver at all !

  36. Casey McBride

    ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! shit you all sound so in+31i9ent
    bad ass song+idiots = retarded comments

  37. Umarak OrmaGöaden

    self explanable

  38. connor burgdalh

    he use to be a bouncer at bar believe it or not

  39. Sparky's Queen

    Today's society sucks, there are sooo many people that go running their mouth... but as soon as you step up and kick their ass your the one in cuffs.

    Jerry Storrs

    Chris Ulmer shut your ugly mouth before you and my 30-06 have a conversation

    fallen angel

    Jerry Storrs I would pay to see that man this Chris guy doesn't have the balls to lol but hey we can always hope right

    john jones

    Will you tards stop commenting already I got enough problems without being reminded we've failed as a species

    fallen angel

    john jones nah we are all havin our fun just run off is you don't like it ok

    Sparky's Queen

    @john jones There is no way even an imbread can be as stupid as Chris... They have to be joking? At least I hope...

  40. High Marshal Stormy

    this song is the song of my life

    Ryan Goshen

    you are about 12 minutes old. You aint got a clue

    High Marshal Stormy

    Ryan Goshen the pic I have on my profile is about 12 years old.

    O'Shea Gresham

    Same alot of people try to piss me off just my reaction that can a put in the hospital or b kill em is so funny to them but they're too damn stupid to realize that

  41. Joshua Cureton

    kentukey boy this is my song

    Tyler Durand

    Colton holt I find this funny he's prolly just a city boy trying to sound like some good ol' boys like us

    Skippy Kane

    First off, you should both learn how to utilize the English language. Second off, it's a shame that fellow Americans are trying to fight each other. It's pathetic and you both should feel ashamed. We are Americans, we stand together as one. No matter what state you live in, we are Americans. We respect one another.

    Skippy Kane

    Apparently you read nothing I said. Still wanting to fight with your fellow Americans I see.

    Skippy Kane

    You're Sad, you're a pathetic excuse for an American.

  42. Amber Bates

    Love this song and trace the only thing missing in it thou is "talk about my kids" part

  43. Kaitlyn Marshall

    I was forced to listen to this.👎👎👎👎

  44. James FIELDS

    FTW con artist wrote the constitution

  45. MacKenzie Howard

    my daddy.


    How about no

    Rainy Wolf


  46. Doug Patriot

    MY favourite part of the song comes in at 3:19, "The First Amendment? Son, the First Amendment protects you from the Government, not from me, you can say whatever you want to out there, you come within reach of me, I'll exercise my right to give you a good 'ol country ass whuppin, tha's what I'll do, by God"


    😂😂😂 ahaha yall r too funny. This is great

    Chris Cosby

    With a name like Mackenzie I'd have to side with rebel on this one. A rebel don't name his kids yuppie names.

    Olivia Tooley

    This is the line that made me come looking for the video.

    Tommi Lingle

    Doug Patriot "Amen my brother..."

  47. Joseph fike

    Well they took down the Confederate flag in south Carolina so it starts the day that I'm getting ready for another civil war can't wait to get them damn Yankee sumbitches

    terra unplugged

    Joseph fike and you will be put down like a dog once again and hopefully with no reparations.. wave the flag your used to.. the white flag of surrender... That one is free for all you country bumpkins who talk loud but are saying nothing.

    David Carlile

    Joseph fike I'm concidered a "Yankee" but sympathise for the Confederacy. Some of us Yankees would gladly stand and fight with any Johnny Reb any day as long as it's for the right reason

    Logan Metz

    Some of us northerners are crazier than some of you southern folks don't have to be from the south to be country! We should worry about our rights being taken away before we are back at being at each other's throats! Here in Illinois Chicago liberals ruined our once great state! Liberals are doing the same to the south!

    Dara Morikawa

    Just remember that Cali sent guns to the South......

    Richie Bergman

    Watch for the tough Tony.

  48. Aidan Budge

    I love how this is the thumbnail for DangerousMan.... 

    Bad Trips

    Never heard of it


    It's on the Dangerous Man album. Track number 9. :)

  49. Debra Hudson

    I love listen to your music

    Bad Trips

    Sorry about Rick's language Debra.

    Bad Trips

    Read my profile name and you will realize that I don't need your permission.


    +Rick Moore you sir have a serious problem. Did your parents not love you?

  50. Jay Kerns

    If you seek peace; prepare for war. -Ghandi.

    Deacon Parsons

    It is much older than that. From Wikipedia, "Si vis pacem, para bellum (Classical Latin: [siː wiːs ˈpaːkẽː ˈpara ˈbɛllũː]) is a Latin adage translated as "If you want peace, prepare for war". It is adapted from a statement found in Book 3 of Latin author Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus's tract De Re Militari (4th or 5th century AD), although the idea which it conveys also appears in earlier works such as Plato's Nomoi (Laws) and the Chinese Shi Ji. The phrase is used above all to affirm that one of the most effective means to ensure peace for a people is always to be armed and ready to defend oneself."

    Guy Smiley

    All day everyday....

  51. TheTNRedneck

    When I was younger my sure did exercise their right to give me a good country ass-whoopin. Any other southern raised people know what I'm talking bout.

    Cummins Real power

    Chris Ulmer Keep runmim that mouth and you'll find out about me the hard way. Where you located PUNK?????

    Cummins Real power

    STFU you troll.

    Cummins Real power

    I'll pass for sale of having to knock out the only tooth you have left. You truly are a badass on the computer. I prefer not having to hurt you, but if you keep this nonsense up, I'LL BE IN MISSISSIPPI SUNDAY NIGHT. I GENERALLY FUEL AT THE LOVE'S IN TOOMSUBA. WHITE 579 PETE.

    Aron Simpson

    Who is chris Ulmer

    Bernadine Benoschek

    Had my ass whooped a time or two..whooped some as well..learned respect

  52. TheTNRedneck

    +EvanSmith my bad. First amendment.

  53. TheTNRedneck

    +EvanSmith Peace? Not gonna happen. The Second amendment protects you from the government. Not me. :)


    The second amendment protects you from the government taking your guns. Not the third person

  54. Emily Angle

    Good song and very true. If you say anything about someone or something i love, you had better watch your back.

    Stachia Thurmond

    Just love my country.

  55. Evan Smith

    It a good song. Also please quit fighting
    Make peace.

    Riley Little

    When you want peace you have war

    sara thomson

    @Riley Little preach!


    +Liam Smith u wot m8?

    Travis Parsley

    Shut up

    Captain Mudsocks

    How do you make peace without war? Are you just gonna cow down and let those inclined do whatever? Let 'em kill and enslave while you sit around and say "peace, not war"? No. You've gotta fight. Liberty is an animated contest, not an afternoon jog on 5th Avenue.

  56. markstarr66

    May God continue to Bless America!

    and all those who have the courage to serve...

  57. Golfran Rivera

    My friend, I'm sorry but you need to be careful when you're representing the Corps and you talk this way. You only reinforce the negative stereotypes about yourselves. I myself am a soldier and I thank you for your service in Iraq man. But come on man, we're supposed to be the ones who show the most respect to our citizens.

  58. shaolin dynasty

    lol totally's like the country kids, metal heads and punks have experienced real battles.

  59. niv0070

    Awesome song... peace out from Israel!

  60. USAmericanGamer

    Really, your fucked up in the head. Show some god damn respect.

  61. USAmericanGamer

    Tank you for your service i have a friend you is in training for marine recon and he was talking about how hard it is, so thank you.

  62. USAmericanGamer

    I like you, you make good sense.

  63. USAmericanGamer

    no he is saying like the Atheists who are only Atheists to be assholes or other super religious people who hate other religions and insult his, its not against every non-christian just people who make fun of his god, and he may not be a christian, but it is highly likely.

  64. USAmericanGamer

    I beat plenty of white folk too, you shouldn't just go assuming other people dont talk. I only shared one story so watch your damn mouth.

  65. johncartersands

    @Christian Cowie man I've been in more fights than you can count cause I stand up for what I believe in. Instead of comin on here and tryin to correct everyone, get a reality check and let people live the way they want to.

  66. Christian Cowie

    Tell us more about all the fights you've been in.....

  67. Christian Cowie

    You're * and than* If you're gonna talk shit get an education first. You make me upset to be a proud American... And seeing as the south has a bunch of dumb fucks the North would probably win against us. People like you make me upset to be a fuckin southern man... Its a god damn shame.

  68. Christian Cowie

    Half ya'll on here are ignorant as hell. I think ya'll misunderstand what Trace Adkins portrays. He says it himself in whoop a mans ass "I'll take the high road if I can out of a bind" "Sometimes you gotta turn the other cheek" "I let it slide when that liquored up guy ask me Boy what chu lookin at" He is promoting avoiding a fight more than he is getting involved in one. He promotes very seldom reasons to get engaged in physical contact and ya'll seem to not get that....

  69. Christian Cowie

    Thank you partner! In the words of Trace Adkins "I'll take the high road if I can out of a bind" Nobody thinks like that anymore.

  70. Christian Cowie

    No offence but someone with real combat experience shouldn't be bickering over youtube. You make our country look sad with arguing like this. Marine combat okay were you part of the Marine grappling team or kickboxing or any actual Combative team? Basic combat training ain't nothing and killing people with a gun doesn't mean shit hand to hand. I love my guns, I love my country and I love my armed forces. Please don't give bad rep to those who have served our country by arguing on youtube.

  71. Anthony Jimison

    just tell him "if you gotta problem with me lets go out and slug it out otherwise keep your mouth shut or else ill shut it for ya."

  72. Anthony Jimison

    GO BRO!!!!

  73. Anthony Jimison

    this my theme son.

  74. johncartersands

    @John Doe. It doesn't matter about whether or not you get in trouble. Knock the shit outta that kid. Chris Kyle once said "no matter what your mama once told you, violence does solve problems"

  75. Kristian Pitttman

    OORAH Brother!

  76. dedalliance1

    No you shouldn't, All you should do is say cool have fun with that, Play mental games with him because the person that throws the first punch always gets in trouble.

  77. Mika Nevalainen


  78. Jstak

    hell yea

  79. Joe Altier

    thank you for your service

  80. thefixinman777

    This is me too a T in my highschool senior I just returned from army bct and some kid tried to start with me every day until he called my unit a bunch of shit bags and baby killers and momma rapers I looked at him laughed I kicked the shit out of like a bitch lol

  81. claytful

    boy ill beat ur ass up and down a holler

  82. USAmericanGamer

    Your probably not much older then him, if we did have another cicil war it would come down to southeners using their guns and northeners trying to hide behind their tampons.

  83. USAmericanGamer

    damn right i beat the shit out of a peice of shit jig for makin fun of my flag while tryin to hold up his pants.

  84. Leanna Parris

    My children, my family, or my abilty to do whats best for my children and your asking to get the shit beat outta ya.

  85. brody attebury

    ya may be young but i bet u the gov would not be in so much debt if we didnt have retards runnin our country so ya im 13 but i know things

  86. mdupeYorkPa

    Glad you're excited about it. Do your best, the child deserves that. Take care of yourself.

  87. alfedo sucksatgames

    you lookin for a fight because I will rip your eye out then have you eat it with your own blood

  88. mdupeYorkPa

    How you doing cowboy?? Didn't see anything from you in awhile. SemperFi

  89. Shawn Garcia

    @reddog418 hardass wannabe when i said no such thing. so pls stfu n go harass someone else who lies bc yer barking up the wrong tree

  90. Shawn Garcia

    @reddog418 i never got in any firefights that got me medsepped from the corps. dipshit i rate 100 % for the problems i have now. dont try to tell me im something im not and dont tell me im a harfa

  91. reddog418

    Takes less than you'd think.

  92. Ryan Wilson

    and wanting to start another civil war? u really need to dig ur young head out of ur small ass cause clearly no blood is going to ur brain while its up thr... ha another civil war.. u r so retarded

  93. Ryan Wilson

    those arent hipsters... hipsters whr skinny jeans and scafs,, those are wanna b gangsters..

  94. Ryan Wilson

    actually its the hardest language to learn... :P

  95. SuperFailTuber

    Wife, Ranch, Texas :D

  96. sam clemmons

    try to speak English some time, its not that hard

  97. treecuttinggod no

    i know what mean,i had to step outside a time or two when the bolt slammed closed on my semi auto 16 they gut the fuck out of dodge

  98. deepwoodskentuckian

    sometimes you just have to knock the shit outta someone cause they just dont get how great we have it

  99. TJ Braden

    My whole life I've felt like there's something missing in the big city I live in. Rap music and gang bangers being prevalent here, I always felt a strong connection to the country, the values, the people... I wish I had discovered it sooner.