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Toy Dolls When You're Jimmy Saville Comments
  1. Florian Roquin

    Jimmy savile 😈😈😈😂

  2. Þorleifur Ásgeirsson

    For James There's No Time Off, Jimmy's In Deep
    For James There Ain't No Sleep

    How true

  3. CaliToys

    Like +1⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  4. gaz riley

    These Pricks didn't have a clue about savile

  5. Mark Mitchell

    I wonder what the lyrics would say now umh I'm sure they wouldn't mince there words

  6. Cyborg Badger

    This song comes across as satire to me,wonder if the Dolls knew or suspected something wasn't entirely jolly hockey sticks as far as Jimbo was concerned.

    Ross Allan

    It’s certainly possible. Despite the subject, it’s still a rocking track!

  7. KingdomCome Videos

    I'm Peter File!! I'm Peter File!

  8. Shelley Thompson

    Ahead of their times when it comes to Jimmy Saville, just like Sunderland fans haha !!!

  9. William Bellende

    Well, this needs to be rewritten.

  10. Dj beat making neljo An shit

    lads make a remix of this shit and put the truth about him

  11. blueghostvalley

    Jimmy Pedoville

    Jeannette Harris

    Dexter Johnson ha ha ha


    No shit Sherlock.. :roll:

  12. ReRepsycling 2014

    Punks always know, if youre not a bit kinda punk at all, somethings bad with you, in the closet you are a perv

  13. Rottweiler88

    Sounds like parody after relevations came out...

  14. Sam Cunningham

    Toy dolls... yey
    jimmy... booo

  15. Anti Hero

    wow 450 complains against him, fuckin animal

  16. elijah pink

    I take it this was made before his death and revelations came out?..


    @elijah pink well, duh

    Roger da Silva João

    +elijah pink at least 2 decades before.

  17. James Allen

    this is slightly awkward...


    Yep, and particularly disturbing when saying; ' it´s never too much fun for Jamesssss'

    Stuart Jenkins

    James, you spelt awesome wrong.

  18. Julie Cook

    hope you had been listening to john rotton when u wrote this but as makems think we all working class knew, shame u dont have all the mp files!! what a cover up on its way as usual.

  19. AydarBMSTU

    This song has a new meaning now

  20. Alf Vegard Knutsen

    Toy Dolls Rocks, Jimmy Savile not so much

    Scot Scotland

    Toy Dolls Rock, Jimmy Savile rots.

  21. BrianBlessedsBumhole

    They don't think he's brill any more

  22. GriefTourist

    these unfunny cunts are nearly as shit as the macc lads


    the macc lads rule


    @Gurnerman do you mean the Macc lads or the Toy Dolls?


    @edmund184 well i don't think the Macc Lads have even played outside the UK so work it out

  23. Julie Cook

    Omg pmsl must be the only band in uk who wrote a song about saville, always knew they were ahead of there time n loved the
    Tunes x x

  24. Pine Mash

    They should re title it...when your a nonce.

  25. toydolls59

    français longue vie au groupe ,grand fan

  26. Linda Murray

    Linda Murray this video is good

  27. Robert Wallis

    ahhhh, context

  28. metafis

    not so sure this is a tribute, the lyrics seem sarcastic, not glowing praise....

  29. keyholeartists

    we are the toy dolls ... Jim fixed it for me ... my arse aint been the same since :-D

    Jeannette Harris

    keyholeartists laffin

  30. DrNo Nofunclub

    Can you show me On the TOY DOLL where he touched you ?

  31. Ben Mayo

    just shows how much trust he gained from many famous people till they regret it now :S

  32. anitalacuca

    OMG! Just read Jimmy Savile's news...and came right here to hear this song! Mthfckr

  33. BeepingMetal

    Should be 'Bleeding under-aged c**t', instead of 'bleedin great North run'

    And yeah, that was incredibly crude and offensive, and I apologise. But still factually correct.

  34. Frunkleton

    Trecks n savile

  35. Frunkleton

    Jimmys savill oi Noooooo !

  36. Idol2Idol

    Ach it's still a good song lol

  37. Dan Roche

    When you're Jimmy Savile, no one knows you're pedophilll

  38. keyholeartists

    Jim is Innocent, They tried to frame Elvis, Michael Jackson, Gary Glitter as well. We can see through their NWO lies.

    Trent Boots

    And the earth is probably flat too, lol, go fuck yourself, please.


    What does a stupid 1990s professional wresting gimmick featuring Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Hollywood Hogan have to do with that dead fucking pedophile?

    Amazing Huppifluppi

    @Jwend392 Shake up weeple!

  39. keyholeartists

    Jim fixed it for me :-)

  40. Andrew Hinds

    Bet they won't be thinking he's so brill now eh?

  41. James Witt

    Time for a re-write?

  42. Hadas Hall

    RIP Sir Jimmy , over what do mean he's a nonce?!

  43. Jordi busqué

    oh yeah!! K¨cee, the best Toy Dolls bass player ever!!

  44. witchhunter81

    @simonsaintgilles Knobhead

  45. Maddog McNair

    R I P Sir Jimmy, and i still love this song :-)

    Preloved Guitars NI

    Rest in Peace, are you demented? I hope he is burning in hell forever.

  46. Cydermaster

    So farewell then Sir Jim :-(

  47. MaFt Morley

    RIP Sir Savile

  48. keyholeartists

    Outstanding punk from the crew ... We are Toy Dolls : )

  49. Joulopuki Turunen

    Viva ,viva TTD

  50. JANER64

    Splodge are better