Toy Dolls - Rupert The Bear Lyrics

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Toy Dolls Rupert The Bear Comments
  1. Mark Mitchell

    Nuts by nuts the mutts nuts lol


    Punk in the middle of the spine.

  3. Evan May

    @ 00:30 seconds is the sickest guitar riff with that pic! So epic!

  4. andy hustler

    bunch of total nutters but BRILLIANT 

  5. DeNijt

    Great song, just figured out how to play it! It's AWESOME!

  6. gruedesbois

    the best fucking band ever they played the most cool songs in that fucking world ^^ i love them


    love this one!

  8. ToyDollsLegendz

    hast dir mal wirklich arbeit angetan respekt! 5/5