Toy Dolls - Modern School Of Motoring Lyrics

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Toy Dolls Modern School Of Motoring Comments
  1. Dr Godinho

    i fell in love with this band back in the 80s. still love the toy dolls.

  2. Somethingelse

    I gave this to Nikki the night before her test, good days back in 87

  3. Dr. Fabrício M. Nogueira

    better than 99.9999999999% of the letters we have there. Furthermore, the speed variation and introduction. Finally, classical. For me it is like AC / DC and Motorhead: everyone likes.

  4. Amit Naamani


  5. Rolla's Gamecade

    This should've been in Crazy Taxi.

  6. ShitAbysss

    I LOVE the chorus, i always sing it when i'm out for a blast on my motorbike. fuckin' great!

  7. jil93

    Ohh, yes.
    Without doubt the best toy dolls song.