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Toy Dolls Livin La Vida Loca Comments
  1. Георгий Тоже

    Это, всё, как бы, подёб**а? -Или, ремикс? Но,по любому, классно.

  2. Snarly Whiplash

    Kazoo a very difficult instrument to play
    Every time it makes a sound you start laughing

  3. Snarly Whiplash

    The official video awesome
    Kazoo is awesome

  4. Mafia Moscoloni

    Claramente que vívimos una vida loca..: Estás todo el tiempo armando situaciones biológicas como nacer crecer reproducirse o escribir un libro plantar un árbol tener un hijo..solo para olvidar que alguien te spoglio el final de la peli..y lo hizo perversa mente..sin detalles ..puede ser x un piano en tu cabeza un simple infarto una tos ferina o la picadura/mordedura de algún compañero bio dèste planeta..oooo etctsver mil maneras de morir****. *

  5. Tania Mara Campos Reis

    Mandem o Neymar tomar no cu não assinei procuração para perna de pau algum. Odeio futebol.

  6. Tania Mara Campos Reis

    O que foi oh da rocha via apps?????

  7. TheBnslayer

    Heal yeah!!!!!

  8. Saul Uribe

    This is almost like Wierd Al infact i wish he would parody this one too.


    Awesome 😎

  10. Qap Brindes Promocionais Personalizados

    muito showwww

  11. CaliToys

    Funny Video👼🏻👼🏻👼🏻

  12. Felipe T.S

    2018 ? ♡

  13. Mark Mitchell

    Love the base riff

  14. Gael Barrere


  15. ravell

    i Ricky Martin  pozamiatany     hehheh   punk's not dead !!


    好きだわー。Kids in America も好き

  17. CaliToys


  18. Daniel Sagretti

    Dá hora essa versão

  19. tsunderella

    That guitar solo at the end is perfect. Toy Dolls are amazing and severly underrated.

    Mark Mitchell

    Mr. Somebody your very right there but I don't think they would change anything they had a loyal following

  20. Saul Uribe

    This version is funny. Ricky eat yout heart out.

  21. Marco Antonio Reis Junior

    três. um solteirão dois casados e uma prostituta em Goiânia!

  22. Crud Bonemeal

    my own ass?

  23. Robert Arispe

    me voy a ir a masturbar usando mi propio trasero

  24. GavinTheAmazing

    "What's all the ruckus up in here, what the hell you doin' with your dick in your hand, I gotta call the fuckin' cops this is crazy I can't fuckin' live like this"

  25. oz punk

    my fave toy dolls

    El_chico_punk_ contracultural

    ellos son de las mejores bandas de punk.

  26. Сергей Новиков

    Eric Cartmans voice.

  27. Radiator From Hell

    los putos amos!!

  28. Robert Arispe

    am going to masterbate using my own ass R.I.P Ryan Dunn

    J S

    What is the relationship between ryan dunn and this song?


    Watch the movie "Haggard"

  29. Fer Alfonso

    Livin' la Vida Loca

    The Toy Dolls

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    She's in to Superstition, black cats & voodoo dolls
    I feel a premonition, that girl's gonna make make me fall
    She's in to new sensations, new kicks in candle light
    She's got a new addiction, for everyday and night

    She'll make you take your clothes off and go
    Dancin'in the rain
    She'll make you live her crazy life,
    She'll take away your pain
    A bullet through your brain.

    Upside inside out, Livin la vida loca
    She'll push and pull down, Livin la vida loca
    Her lips are are devil red, Skins the colour o'mocca
    She will wear you out Livin la vida loca
    Livin la vida loca, livin la vida ..loca.

    Wake up in New York City, inn a funky cheap motel
    Took my heart, took my money
    She must o'slipped me a sleeping pill

    She never drinks the water, makes you order french
    Once you've had a taste of her, you 'll never be the
    She'll make you go insane

    Upside inside out, Livin la vida loca
    She'll push and pull down, Livin la vida loca
    Her lips are are devil red, Skins the colour o'mocca
    She will wear you out Livin la vida loca
    Livin la vida loca, livin la vida ..loca.

    She'll make you take your clothes off...

    Written by Desmond Child, Robi Rosa • Copyright © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc, Spirit Music Group, BMG Rights Management US, LLC

  30. black raven

    toy dolls forever

  31. A de amor


  32. John david Sopp

    listening to toy doll their mad

  33. Leszek Rodzoch


  34. Fabian Feigeles

    Esta banda es mortal

  35. Random TV

    That was bloody brilliant! I loved it! 😆

  36. jose juan martinez perez

    jodidamente buenos como siempre...

  37. 宮島朋香

    Where are they from?

    Trash Rat

    From the UK

    steven allen

    Sunderland actually

  38. skankhunt

    This is subpar gazoo playing. I'm gazoo champion up the dirty black ass.

  39. Anthony Tinaj


  40. Pemarvi

    ROCKY Martin is on fire.

  41. JO Ana

    qué ganas de golpear a mis vecinxs! hahahadgasfkgkjashsjdkfhdsj a bailaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!

  42. Paulo Furtado

    Rick martin, Vida loka!

  43. PoleGamers ThatSimpleKid

    You could always use like, your own ass, maybe try that or something

  44. Gymnastique Une passion

    J'adore !!!!!!!!

  45. Shi

    Awesome as fuck

  46. The Elusive Mr. Denby

    kazoos are underrated as legitimate instruments

    Tschieses Kreist

    best instrumet ever, cause everybody can play it.....

  47. Alfonso Molina

    Living la vida loca vamossssss 😎

  48. Sharon Brooks

    amazin punk band .brilliant n deffo best ive saw yet x x

  49. Sigurd N. Sørland

    Toyota Dolls is a punk and a rock band

  50. ivich ivanovich

    yeeeah, my daughter's favourite jumping-over-the coach song (and mine)

  51. Js Mrcln Brr Nvr

    the best group of the world

  52. Retardirana Kornjaca


  53. Karol L

  54. ReportGaming

    Toy Dolls! best punk band ever!


    +Pray4Game aaaaaaMeeeeeeeeN

  55. New York

    much better than the original one!

    Mark Mitchell

    New York Def right there

  56. Adam Evans

    Lol love punk

  57. Robert Arispe

    R.I.P Ryan Dunn


    What is connection with song?

    A Lehman

    DiScoStuR9 Harvard movie

  58. Jhonny Beat Gun

    smash mad

  59. will bradbury

    Punk gods

    Chris Dillon


  60. haj1909

    Dreadful.  And they wonder why they've been pigeonholed as a punk novelty act.... :-/

    The Question

    Oh please, track is fresh as hell, like you could do anything as epic.


    Haha!  You got me there.

  61. Steve David

    GREAT!! :)

  62. Álvaro Pérez-Reyes

    Gogo to Aupa Lumbreiras!!!!

    Gibraltar español jajajajajaja

  63. Michael Potok

    Maybe you could use, like, your own ass.

  64. Nathan Koteras

    I can only picture Ryan Dunn jerking himself off when I hear this........

    Richard Scott

    Lmao!!!! Juice just came out of my nose I laughed so hard!!

    Nathan Koteras

    @rick samu ......using his own ass too.......

    Gypsy Jez

    +Nathan Koteras beating the meat in the mirror. vito walks in hes but naked on the floor lol


    I gotta call the fuckin cops this is crazy I can't fuckin live like this.

  65. Karine DEPOUTOT

    même sur ricky (la) martin vous déchirez : french people wait for you "chez Paulette" come back!!!!

  66. Russell Cox

    Miles better than Ricky Martin
    He's just a greasy cunt
    He did a cover version
    Don't know how he's got the front

  67. Martin Jr


  68. TheBrigadeloco

    Their mission is to entertain the crowd and they are doing a god damn good job!and they rock so fcking hard

  69. kojokkok

    Freezer is singin'

  70. Błąd nazwy użytkownika

    i am gay lool i love this vocal :D

  71. Karolina Kuliesiute

    One name: Ryan Dunn:))

  72. John Bong Joey

    If anyone hasn't already: Check out Toy Dolls version of The Final Countdown as well

  73. silencerfan

    When I listen to this song on my mp3 player while I'm walking on the street I just want to start jumping haha

  74. Danventurefilms

    I discovered The Toy Dolls by seeing Dunn jack off to his ass in Haggard. Good times.

  75. Szabi96

    Toy Dolls rules !!!!

  76. Vincent de Jong

    math declares: 17 of a million

  77. clair durham

    crazy mother funkers! off to marks and spencers))))))))))))))

  78. JMKK -

    I always thought that no one can use kazoos when it comes to punk rock, until I heard this....I LIKE! :D

  79. marcel dione

    absolut toy,,,masaker

  80. Vít Lopour

    More better then original!!!

    Snarly Whiplash

    Mo Betta

  81. MX Landanox

    la vida loca!!!!!!!

  82. Noob Player

    livin la vida loca

  83. Fritz Zimmerman


  84. Dr. Fabrício M. Nogueira



  85. Adriano Piada Paixão

    This version is than better like the original!!!

  86. antonio carlos schettini junior foguete

    NAO consigo parar de ouvir sou compulsivo por punk brm feito e bem trabalhado, nem uma orquestra reproduzem o som que esses tres caras fazem

  87. Anastasia Jarnum

    This song is one of the best!!


    muito legal

  89. thedoctormachine1

    i love the toy dolls, but this one REALLY sucks!!!

  90. vafer420

    vida loca quiere decir q usa heroina

  91. Ivan Campos

    Livin la vida loca

  92. wesley david mariano David

    livin la vida loca

  93. Eldritch Faerie

    Everyone is A Secret Fan of Ricky Martin!

  94. Vincent de Jong

    i'll be seeing them in a month,...
    OI OI