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Toy Dolls Blue Suede Shoes Comments
  1. gregg horner

    My favorite Punk band. They have a sense of humor and they also happen to be great musicians!

  2. Brian Lowdown

    saw them in the 80,s i think at the olympic auditorium

  3. Hugo Bouveret

    Jai une plaque de boutons jaunes a linterieur de la cuisse et ma chaire a cette endroit est devenue molle chaude et extremement douloureuse et ca me gratte beaucoup mais quand je gratte ca enleve de la peau a vif et du pus coule ca pique et ca brule en meme temps ca frotte contre le pantalon jai envie de pleurer

  4. Ile Antoninye

    1:21 .....iiii............go!

  5. Ava llon

    Feed him, please...

  6. CaliToys

    More Vid Please🐵 🙊 🙉 🙊

  7. soberpunk

    Olga's so much fun to watch. Just a ball of fucking energy.

  8. Ismael A. Martínez Chávez


  9. TES Zeph

    Man, thanks so much - haven't heard it for thirty years or so, when I regularly listened to John Peel's Music on BFBS :D

  10. Docksud Avellaneda

    saludos desde Argentina amigos!!! up toy dolls

  11. CaliToys

    Like +1⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  12. Slarty Baadfast

    Tight as a Nuns chuff!

  13. Frank Olsson

    I discovered this band today in struggling with cancer, and what a band, I surley missed them when it happened... At the age of 65 and a fusion musician I think I´ll now will be a punker....

  14. Artur Tchú

    gostaria de saber que reggae e é esse que aparece no começo e no fim???

    Denilson Silva

    artur dawel de castro É o Mikey Dread, que gravou uma versão de Bankrobber com o The Clash.

  15. Gábor Pap

    ez kibaszott nagy!És zeneileg sem gagyi!

  16. Rick shipley

    I remember when this first aired. From a cable access show called Media Blitz that aired in the LA and Orange County area. Other than Rodney On The Roq the only other outlet for "outsider" music.

  17. hrothgar64

    This reminds me of something John Otway might do.


    hrothgar64 I Know

  18. chill music bro

    dude this is freaking music

    Sampson Rodregez

    o bet your sweet ass it is!

  19. Frederico Brauninger

    Whats mera!

  20. Frank.w. Buchanan

    666th like and we does

  21. Dr. Fabrício M. Nogueira


    alan walton-harrod

    Fabrício Nogueira awesome

  22. Norberto Bueno Junior

    So glad I've found this hahaha

  23. yog28

    My best years.... Pozdro

  24. Caitlin Dunn

    sunderlands finest

  25. Caitlin Dunn

    sunderlands finest

  26. Stephen Brennan

    I just discovered these guys two days ago and I have that butterfly feeling that I have to completely breakdown and totally rebuild my wee notions and grand theories of what music can be and what music can do.

    Billy Jango

    I used to listen to them when I was a kid but haven't done for years until recently. They really were magnificent. Thank god for youtube!!

    Programador Punk

    its like an electric shock, literally

    Sampson Rodregez

    Almost 20yrs these guys AAlways cheer me up

  27. MadManMacXTC

    so funny

  28. Indi Dot

    Always were the best!

  29. Julian Davies

    money, show.

    nomad ‌ ‍ ‎


    Marius Piedallu van Wyk

    They are more frenetic than I ever pictured them.

    Julian Davies

    Still loving this

  30. D V

    Man, this takes me back...

  31. Juan Ramone

    crazy chords

  32. tatan tatan

    the video starts like adult swim

  33. TheFabzefab

    Thanks Toy Dolls, you have punked the R'nRoll, crazy we are to listening this !:

  34. Wilbur Fernandes

    this is the best thing ever