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Toy Dolls Alec's Gone Comments
  1. tony naylor

    Olga is one of the top guitarists that there has ever been

  2. Animateurs Lucedn

    Quand je joue 1.d4, cette chanson est exactement ce qui se passe en moi !

  3. Immexbeatz

    Hmm sounds like Blink 182 were influenced by The Toy Dolls

    a jota ese

    I have 182 inches for your ass... Fucking stupid

  4. Paul Stewart

    RIP Roy Barraclough

  5. A Tree

    these guys were so ahead of their time. I hear pop punk

  6. pc111pc

    Only two idiot didn´t like this song

  7. Evan May

    Just saw these guys, finally, after 12 years of being a fan, in SF. Fuckin love The Toy Dolls!


    about 28 years for me, and I still have NEVER seen them! SO Jealous!

    El_chico_punk_ contracultural

    jajajaja iugla aca en mexico quisiera que vinieran =(

    Evan May

    Are you in the US? I asked Olga when they are coming back and they said they need to get Visas which was 5 years ago. Be on the look out!

  8. Ack Morgan

    Queremos a Toy Dolls en Chile!!!

  9. AsterixEraPunk

    Personalmente, un temazo de Toy Dolls!!!! :D

  10. Alec DeFoe

    Mine too, hence why I wanna use it for a funeral song! :P

  11. Alec Ziskind

    damn nigga idc how bad this song is ima learn it on guitar just cause my name is alec xD

  12. Tony H.

    I'm 19 and my uncle showed me this song when I was 5 or 6, I've loved the toy dolls ever since and it took me till just BARELY to find this exact song again, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Ops! We must be happy. Only one idiot didn´t like this song.

  14. 9jollyroger9

    @sebastiantopp it' s such a shame there aren' t many shows over there :( it' s the only reason i' m glad to live in italy ..they played here 3 times this year! I' m so lucky.. if I catch him around i' ll surely tell him :) cheerios!

  15. korralon

    Alec's gone!!!!!! great toy dolls.....

  16. karma wins

    putos amos