Toy Dolls - Absurd-Ditties (End Bit) Lyrics

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Toy Dolls Absurd-Ditties (End Bit) Comments
  1. Cristian Melo

    Punks. Johni vive!

  2. Smai Lee

    Name one punkrock guitarist who reaches Olga's level... This guy's just legendary

  3. George Tsvetkov

    Best Toy Dolls album EVER!!!


    You're probably right! ^^

  4. Ivan Sancho Iglesias

    Best toy dolls album ever.

  5. robert krajewski

    i found it useless...when driving car...140 km in city centre....

  6. Jeremy G

    Playlist for smartphones:

    1. "Intro/Absurd-Ditties" 0:00
    2. "I'm a Telly Addict" 0:45
    3. "Terry Talking" 3:34
    4. "Ernie Had a Hernia" 6:09
    5. "Toccata in Dm" 9:27
    6. "My Wife's a Psycopath!" 12:05
    7. "Sod the Neighbours" 14:56
    8. "Melancholy Margaret" 17:24
    9. "Drooling Banjos" 19:50
    10. "Alecs Gone" 23:44
    11. "When You're Jimmy Savile" 26:44
    12. "Caught up the Reeperbahn!" 29:52
    13. "Dez the Demon Decorator" 33:11
    14. "Absurd-Ditties (End Bit)" 36:09

    Anne Flesher

    Jeremy G thanks!!! :))

  7. Pablo Sebastián

    Toy dolĺllllls

  8. Alexandre Mestiço Muniz

    Banda engraçada, divertida e diferente do cenário HARDCORE PUNK ...SOM INCRÍVEL !

  9. Cristian Germano

    Qué bueno banda muy bueno yo gusta mucho v

  10. Marcelo Soares

    amo esse disco de paixão!!!

  11. Paphos Life

    Why isn't this album on spotify?


    Because it is here! ^^

  12. Ingrid Silva

    O bom do toy dolls é que eles são divertidos e a música deles tem melodia gosto muito de todos os álbuns melancholy Margareth é umas das minhas canções favoritas um abraço a todos

  13. Ingrid Silva

    The toy dolls uma das melhores bandas punk inglesa muito boa mesmo até meus filhos curtem muito divertido

  14. xiko80

    The memories!

  15. TheDiego2112

    awesome guitar skills

  16. sebastian rodriguez

    Along with DK and few others, they are one of the most talented musicians of the genre. Olga is a great guitar player, and the bass lines are amazing

  17. ctzaaa

    best punk album ever

  18. Zilda Peixoto

    198888888 5 (MIL NOVECENTOS E OITENTA E CINCO (#aecionever (@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@)

  19. Zilda Peixoto

    Segunda-feira 24/09/2018 o voto na Record 65 anos Paulo Skaff???...não conhece Michael Jackson, Ramones, Madonna...não conhece o Brasil 1964-19h5. Pobre Tancredo Neves...José Sarney...Michel Temer (ou sua obra Elementos de Direito Constitucional, indispensável a QUALQUER Profissional de Direito...Advogado, por Excelencia. Nosso Código Comercial data ano 1.508... (Paulo Skaff e Geraldo Alckmin afirmam que o primeiro rei do Brasil (NAO Portugues) foi Fernando Henrique Cardoso...XI....falei.)

  20. Guilherme Ricci

    Puta sonzera da porra!!!!

  21. kiss Gábor- puni

    Nagyszerű muzsika nagyszerű emberektől csak nagyszerű embereknek.....punks not dead

  22. jose antonio ceballos


  23. CaliToys

    More Vid Please🐵 🙊 🙉 🙊

  24. David Yasyit

    Toy Dolls... simplemente GENIALES... para mi el mejor grupo ¡los mejores!

  25. Jiřík

    Což dobré album pro mě je to retro.good album.

  26. Brett Barreras

    Wow never heard this album of theirs! So amazing how you can just listen to any song you want nowAdays. Would of killed to have this when I was a kid. So happy my mom is such a badass and exposed me to great shit like the toy dolls. Quite possibly the most underrated punk band of all time

  27. CaliToys

    Perfect, really perfect like +1🖐🖐🖐

  28. Mercure casse des cailloux

    Sod the bloody neighbours :)

  29. Jorge Vinagre

    grandes, 3 componentes esenciales como no los hay igual, menuda musica que hacen.... PUNK NOT DEAD!!!

  30. Wi Mi

    Danke Danke Danke, macht bitte weiter die Musikwelt bunt.

  31. Just a Boy

    So nice to hear this 23 years later


    Can't believe it's been 24 years since this album came out. This is still like the "new" album to me. Crap, we're getting older. Oh well =)

  32. Anti Hero

    My ex wife was a psychopath and ty because of this song i find a way to miss her lol. Tx a fuckin lot Olga

  33. toydolls59

    un putain d album, longue vie au groupe un FAN DE FRANCE

    FFF Nancy

    C'est clair, leur meilleur album !! Depuis leur découverte en 96 je ne m'en lasse pas, au contraire !
    Longue vie aux Toys 😎 !!

  34. Bethy Santos


  35. Ralph Gibbs

    Lol. .,,they still rock

  36. LUCHO Potast

    larga vida a olgaaa

  37. Jo Hi

    ist und bkiebt ne geile scheibe rock roll

  38. NetCrafter

    Toy Dolls are one of the best bands of this world xD. I mean they can play their instruments very good, and Olga has a special voice xD


    @NetCrafter I saw them 3 times and they are probably my alltime favourite punk-rock band. Olga is incredibly talented quitar magician! :-)  


    +SalDOWN Jup, just asked Olga a question on their question. Where will you see them?


    +NetCrafter *website


    @NetCrafter Akropolis in Praque, Czech republic. 


    +SalDOWN Awesome!

  39. LUCHO Potast

    olga the best punk floresta argentina loves your songs aguante toy dolls 35 años aguantando !!!

  40. Pealz Heer

    Ditties not absurd enough 9.9/10.


    +Pealz Heer Oh yes. When Terry is talking, Alecs gone with melancholy Margaret.

  41. Dan Dascalu

    The guitar solo from "When You're Jimmy Saville" Is one of the greatest ever. This one remains my favorite Toy Dolls' album. Greetings from Romania.

    Brett Barreras

    Dan Dascalu I happened to be listening to this as I read your comment. Songs straight out of a technical metal band solo. Toy dolls are so incredibly talented at their instruments. Listen to the bass in the song after jimmy savale. So damn good!

  42. Anti Hero

    +SalDown Alec's gone is an hymn this song is so good yea, there's no borring song from them actually :) One of the few bands i didnt see and it pisses me off


    +Anti Hero I saw The Toy Dolls 3 times I love them! if you have a chance to see them, go for it! Thanks a lot for the watching/listening BTW :-)

    Anti Hero

    Lucky you keep on posting :)


    @Anti Hero Oh yes! Covered in The Toy Dolls (2002) is up now! :-) Stay tunned.

  43. Local Gambler

    I love this album!

  44. Mariano .j Jacob

    limitado my ingish jaja

  45. Mariano .j Jacob

    desde la punta del globo Argentina les quiero decir que me mata esta banda .aguante el punk rock


    +Mariano .j Jacob English, please! Toy dolls FTW BTW! :-)


    @SalDOWN english ? if he write in spanish what you prob ? get a life Argentina best crowd ever


    The Diego > are you fucking serious? You're replying on more than three year old comment. If mariano wrote this comment nowadays, I would reply in spanish. Get a life though! ^^

  46. Anti Hero

    I'm a Telly Addict is one of their best song ever, fuck i love this band . 40yrs of underrated


    +Anti Hero I love Alecs gone! :-)


    +Anti Hero there is no punk band that can stand next to toy dolls.

    Bald Freak Repping Buffalo

    +Anti Hero One of the best hardcore punk songs satirizing the television-addicted world, right up there with Black Flag's "TV Party" and Choking Victim's "500 Channels."

  47. Megatudo 2096

    Dude, could you upload the album "Covered in Toy Dolls" please? Thanks!


    +Nuruddin Montesanto I'll try to get it in a few days, stay tunned! :-)


    +Nuruddin Montesanto It is uploaded with timestamps now! Sorry it took me so long, but I had a copyright sanction (so I couldn't upload videos longer than 15 mins), but it expired yesterday. I hope you enjoy it! :-)

    Megatudo 2096



    @Nuruddin Montesanto You're welcome! 

  48. toran21 meugnier

    dur dur de grandir... le temps passe si vite.

  49. New York

    best album ever!

  50. Ron Kroon

    Also live on stage they`re playing fast and tight !!!  Outstanding fun-punk-band that played for over more than 30 years !!!

  51. Somogyi .Attila

    There is no just similar bands around like this!perfect!!!!the best!!!Thanks for upload


    They are the only one original! Thank you very much for the listening! Cheers!

  52. superman

    this is the album i like most of all of them than i´ve heard; i like it because all it has more bass sound, guitars, voices, all have more bass sound and that´s because i like it more.

    And because is good!

    diesel engine = cancer

  53. Gil Calvo Lucio

    ¡¡jjee...jjeee!!, estado  eskutxando estos ruidos rapidillos , ke me  entusiasman!!

  54. Ruben Felix

    The incredible Toy Dolls!! Just love it!!!


    Thank you very much for listening!

  55. peter price

    why the hell did I not find this group 30 odd years ago,funny and very talented 

  56. CHANG Tang

    so goooooood memories and good fresh music in this brutal world we're living in. thx a lot. and yeah this guitarist is very skilled


    Thank you for the listening! Olga is a genious guitar player. Toy Dolls FTW! :-)


    (\ Btw :-)

    CHANG Tang

    yeah, i was thinking it was something like f*** the world for FTW ;)
    happy new year to all!


    @CHANG Tang
    Thank you very much, happy NY also!

  57. Daniel Cifuentes

    Una de las bandas que se impuso en su estilo musical,y que aprendi mucha digitación en la guitarra,muy bueno!!!!!!!!

  58. Aaron F

    i found this album 5 days ago and ive come back for it like 5 or 6 times. its very unique, normally punk rock guitarists arent very talented but you can tell this guitar player is unreal and highly skilled. he fits into this punk mold perfectly but he also has that classic rock solo style that sounds so mean. not to mention this singer - like wow that voice is so unique, im very impressed and happy i found this thanks for the upload. 

    Aaron F

    i also just found out the guitarist is the singer aswell, that is one bad dude, so talented


    The Toy Dolls are very unique! one of the best punk-rock bands in the world! Thank you for the comment!

  59. Arthourr Pendragon

    The one and only heir of Chuck Berry...Believe me people...
    The rock'n'roll lives on.

  60. Nilsl Hertel

    Sehr Geiles Music!!

  61. gruedesbois

    Perfect album, i love it, with Kcee and Marty
    Yeah !!

  62. MrMacBig273

    lost my original album while moving to a new home. THx for the upload mate :)


    No problem! Thank you for the listening!

  63. Well these guys are definitely talented and can play their instruments very well, and that singers voice. No other vocalist I know sings mad unique as this. a this band is very underated, and Im sure many would agree.


    toy dolls rule and Olga is one way cool dude i asked him via e-mail if i can use their music for my you tube vids he said as long as i am not making any money from them i have full permission 

    @phantomscaler Thats pretty cool man! 


    The Toy Dolls music has been known to stop wars, in addition to cure several disease including depression and even death (Keith Richards actually died several time, but nobody knew...)

    Andre 1976

    Toy Dolls.. the best band ever! 🖤

  64. SalDOWN

    No prob! Tnx for the listening! Toy Dolls FTW! :-)

  65. tito r

    Thx Sal, Olga n Toy Dolls till dropdeadbutsmiley:)

  66. SalDOWN

    tnx for watching/listening!

  67. vartolomei55

    superb !!

  68. SalDOWN

    No problem...tnx for watching/listening! The Toy Dolls forever!

  69. MrThePrivateer

    thanks ....thanks a lot :)