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Toxic Holocaust Wargasm Comments
  1. deathstar 77

    A fine demonstration of his recording capabilities!

  2. deathstar 77

    Vocal delivery really drives it home!

  3. deathstar 77

    Sounds like L7 with Joel Grind on vocals. Does it get better?!!!

  4. Jk Arts

    Reminds me of at dooms gate

  5. Andrew Balletto


  6. robletos666

    Bão demais galera! Do caralho!


    good cover

  8. Joe Basstard

    I fucking love this version. It's perfect.

  9. J.J. Decay

    great cover !

  10. Jose Enriqe Zarate Ceballos

    esta rola esta super perrona !m!

  11. Sera Maurice

    Damn love this song

  12. Matt .o.nutz3d nutz

    herr grind saugeil.weiter so beste thrashmetal band der welt.

  13. lalito perez

    the best

  14. Jhomare Varela Chavez

    Q abusivo!! de putamadre

  15. starfox

    better than the original which i liked back in the day

  16. Niara Alves

    OMG! *-*


    @Niara Alves hehe

  17. Tyler Carnegie

    Riot Grrrind.


    Except L7 weren't Riot Grrrls and this isn't grind.

    Tyler Carnegie

    @demo23nz Yes, they were, just more alt-rock based than the rest of the genre.
    And Joel Grind is the name of the guitarist/singer of Toxic Holocaust.
    Geez, do some research before you post next time, genius.


    +Tyler Carnegie Actually, no Riot Grrrl was a particular feminist movement that included a number of bands, including Bikini Kill, but L7 weren't actually part of it - just lumped in by lazy journalists.
    You've got me on the Grind thing though, I'll grant you that

    Tyler Carnegie

    @demo23nz L7 influenced it with their first few albums, shared its feminist ideals and contributed to it with their involvement with Rock For Choice and played a variant of hardcore punk (or at least punk rock) that is oft associated with the movement alongside other bands like the aforementioned Bikini Kill and Bratmobile with the faintest traces of grunge. The thing about a movement is that you're often going to be associated with it "by lazy journalists" if you actually *practice the ideals of that movement.*
    Ergo, they are associated with the Riot Grrl movement and are Riot Grrl by the purest definition.

  18. Misfitcore

    better than the original!

  19. Andy Toxic

    This song is a cover....L7 rulez! :)

  20. Manon Waninge


  21. androidvirus

    Really good album through and trough