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Toxic Holocaust Time's Edge Comments
  1. Andres Mateo Zapata Jaramillo

    One of the few songs that I really enjoy from the album! "When they will strike, nobody knows!!"

  2. Robby T

    Wow! This is straight out of 1983..I fucking love it!! 🤘

  3. NP138

    You hear a scream from the shadows
    When you're running the night
    Just like a false invitation
    You succumb to it's might
    Terror increasing
    You feel it grow near
    There's only one way to beat it
    There's only one way to get out of here

    You are the one chosen in this facade
    You are the pawn destined to play their game
    armed to the teeth, fire at will
    Suited for battle, we're ready to kill
    (Heart rate picks up, danger it grows,
    When they will strike, nobody knows)

    Walking the fine line, of your despair
    Walking a thin line pushing out to the edge

    The edge of time

    You were put here to save them
    They made you fully aware
    Of the implications
    Just another cross to bare
    It's not what you wanted
    But it's what you need
    Destined to fight them
    It's time to make all of them bleed

  4. Alexis Anderson

    love this song & the old skool sound. parts of it kinda remind me of Possessed

  5. Corbett Baker

    Just saw them. I wish he sounded like An Overdose Of Death vocally

  6. some retard

    2:13 Major Venom influences detected. Nice.

  7. Pavle Sic

    0 dislikes nice

    Penguin Noodles

    Pavle Sic shh

  8. Marc-Antoine Ravé

    Dope song

  9. sven skeare

    How the fuck can the drums from Hell Awaits, half of a guitar from Scream Bloody Gore and the vocals of a Venom impressionist blend together so well?

  10. Chad Kelsey


  11. Joseph Evigas

    Not one TH album has disappointed me,plus he's solo on this album fuck it's good

  12. ALIAS

    Quality stuff.

  13. Putrid Abomination


  14. Corum Rhalina

    Very righteous tunes. All who disagree are just wrong.

    sam shea

    It would be wrong if you had a mullet still.....lolol

    sam shea


  15. sam shea

    Jesus .....what are we just DISCOVERING 80's metal?

  16. Max Turner

    Am I the only one who thinks the cover reminds them of "Starship Troopers"?

    Dead & Alive

    It looks like something from a Contra game for me

    Putrid Abomination

    Definitely Contra