Toxic Holocaust - I Serve... Lyrics

I Serve... No Lyrics. I Serve... If you know the lyrics you can send us.

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Toxic Holocaust I Serve... Comments
  1. Courtney Contreras

    I cant believe I missed the show in Pensacola.

  2. Spicy meatballs

    0:05 when you to stub your toe and put your foot back down on a lego

  3. Gabriel Palacios

    So sick!!

  4. jose onofrelabra

    them Hellhammer riffs \m/

    progressive gen x'er channel

    Definite Hellhammer influence there!

  5. AsTheSeasonsGray

    2:08 oh yes...

  6. Erc Misanthrope

    that opening screech was awesome. fucking epic beginning

  7. SolarBaits

    i can hear some hellhammer's apocalyptic raids worship here, awesome.


    The Intro is almost exactly the same as Massacra

  8. Kustapassaessa