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Toxic Holocaust Controlled By Fear Comments
  1. Penguin Noodles

    Sounds like he modified the riff from Out of the Fire. This is sick

  2. NP138

    Unplug from the perfect world
    And take a look to see what I see
    Wholesale destruction of your false reality

    We are all living a lie
    But the truth can't set you free
    You gotta open your eyes up now and face our reality

    Oppressed by leaders
    Oppressed by fear
    Led by religious dogma
    That controls by fear

    Without the weight of negative thought
    We can all stand up again
    Bind faith keeps us down,
    it keeps us weak, its insanity

    In the den of the waiting beast
    We march to rise again
    We are all connected as one, united reality

  3. Eddie Boyd

    Power Trip...

    Sille Srepa

    Its called reverb


    Toxic Holocaust