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Toxic Holocaust Chemical Warlords Comments
  1. Indigo Blue

    Love it! This album is 80s Metal in the modern day done right!! \m/

  2. Jesse Hartzog

    Sounds like a lost track from Branded and Exiled.

  3. Teo

    Remember this is just one man

  4. Vart T

    It's sound like a Doom's level or a shonen intro it depends how you see it hahahha

  5. Julián Ching

    Phantom Lord?

  6. sdad adasds

    Yas quuuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnn

  7. Macio 82 Lord of Dark

    Little old Running Wild :)

  8. john mcteggart

    singer sounds like post malone

  9. Bifide 974

    Clairement trop bien 😁

  10. alejandro montoya

    OMG is very very very early

  11. Ali Çatalyürek

    Doesn't he sound like Venom's singer?

    Tyler Dees

    Yeah your not wrong he does sound a little bit like Cronos.

  12. Brian Landis

    What old school sound I lov it I hate new school metal

  13. Guardolandia - David Guardo

    Impresionante. Hubo una época donde me compraba los discos de Metal solo si me gustaban las carátulas de sus discos. Me acuerdo la primera cinta de cassette "A Real Live One" de IRON MAIDEN. Con Toxic Holocaust haría lo mismo, aun sin haberlos escuchado, sabiendo que no iban a decepcionar jajaja. Súper caráctulas.

  14. Luan Henrique Gonçalves da Silva


  15. TheDar666

    venom lol

  16. Philip Johnsson

    Gay song

  17. Hellish Maniac

    just rabid!!!kick-ass album!

  18. Gaahl 666

    damn, why do i recognize that now??
    🤘 killer album

  19. João Macedo

    riff reminds me of exodus- metal command. Great revival stuff, dope

  20. Wubwoofwolfer

    😍😍😍 a new album

  21. i n k i n t h e w a t e r a strange way this is what Darkthrone have ended up sounding like.

    D W

    Not really

  22. Primitive In The Extreme


  23. Dylan Morissette

    Does anyone know where to get tabs for this

  24. Drake

    Can we get an acoustic cover?

  25. Angela Baker

    Can't wait to see y'all in November!!! This is by far the best thing I've heard all year. 🤘🐱🤘

  26. Captain Holocaust

    So fucking LIT! Can't wait for the release!!! Great work so far


    It's every day, bro.

  27. Isaac Montoya

    Sounds so old school you could've swore this was straight from the 80's

  28. Ruby Terpball

    Saw you with GWAR for the first time 2008ish and now I'm seeing you with GWAR again on Halloween this year! so dope

  29. Javiera Gonzalez

    vintage metal!!!

  30. 666 racing and gaming

    Fucking love this sound

  31. Adriana Palacios

    Awesome madafakars 🗣

  32. DeathMarchKiller

    Massive Diamond Head in this riff.

  33. Lucian V.

    Up The Metalpunks!! 🤘

  34. Jack Ryan

    Inepsy vibes.

  35. Nosaj Iksnek TooUglyForPorn

    Tonight at the Majestic in Detroit Rock City with Gwar, Sacred Reich and local boys Against the Grain. \\m// \\m//

  36. ThrasheR PunK

    Man this kix so much ASS !!!!!!!!!

  37. Fenrir

    *Joel fucking Grind people!!!*

  38. Golden grillson

    I fucken love this band !!!
    Joel is one talented individual

  39. Herr Vaughnster

    Epic !!!!

  40. TheNikmetallica

    Perfect song.

  41. SteelSkull34

    No way, new album! Such an old-school sound too.

  42. Txu 18

    I'm thrashman now

  43. XY X

    se oyen muy ochenteros ....

  44. Alfonso Domínguez

    Great killer track from Toxic Holocaust, i've been waiting this new album like a long ago.

    And it's finally here.

    I'm ready for listen to Primal Future: 2019


    \ m / (◣_◢) \ m /

  46. Matheus Isel

    A música é muito boa, mas falta um pouco de pegada
    Essas produções de hj em dia, deixam o baixo e a guitarra muito clean


    Hell yeah baby

  48. Sebastian 'Spyder' Silva


  49. J R

    Man this really kicks tools new songs ass

  50. Faster, Robot! Kill! Kill!

    Venom e Inepsy se huelen en el aire y la tapa a lo Sodom nos hace mirar el calendario

  51. J R

    FUCk YES!

  52. Alx Pantoja

    Obviously it not the case, but it's like a venom 80's song. Awesome!!!

  53. Josh Graham


  54. Bregon Bailey

    2019: What a great year for metal!

    the master of puppets 777

    2019 is the new 1989

    Bregon Bailey

    @the master of puppets 777 🤘💀🤘

  55. SzopRaccoon

    I looked at the calendar to make sure it's not the 80's 🤘

  56. Will Hush

    the mix kinda sucks here.

  57. ThePferdemensch

    invalid spotify link

  58. Hendry Mendoza


  59. Robert Baratheon

    Boring. Too long, uninspired, and repetitive.

  60. Diablo 666

    Reminds me I hava a bottle of Whisky

  61. Luke Patrick

    Fuckin brilliant! a breath of fresh air in the increasingly mainstream and repetitive metal world 🤘🏽

  62. Blaze77717

    *instant nut*

  63. 01 00101001

    I'm a little late but it's ok. The song is awesome. Can't wait for the new album

  64. Wildcat From Hell

    Sounds like the Venom's "Calm Before The Storm" production

  65. Satyr INK


  66. Will Graves

    Fudidaço, sempre com aquela pegada old, do crlh!

  67. juan manuel

    venom influences right at the gate, loving this

  68. Moises Rabelo

    Me recordo a metal comand de Éxodos.

  69. Alessandro Quell'Oller

    Joel is the man

  70. peel1

    i ported the video background fully animated for a background if anyone's interested.

  71. Ryan N

    Thanks YouTube recommendations!

  72. Tormentor Flores

    Is that you?, Persecutionmania?

  73. Andrew Peter

    Fuck yes

  74. Lucas Irustia

    Saludos de Argentina!! Toxic rules!

  75. Sound Leader

    Currently listening to: Toxic Holocaust - Chemical Warlords

  76. Danny Vazkez


  77. Don Este Hombre :v

    🤘😠👍 Good!.

  78. Joao Ferraz

    Thank you one man band <3 Fast and Loud like always

  79. Matt .o.nutz3d nutz

    Awesome one of the best songs from toxic😍

    eternal fire

    actually yes.

  80. None So Blind

    mmmm, venom-licious!

  81. Strale

    Hell yeaahhhh \m/

  82. allseeingowl 1220


  83. Josefa Mariñanco

    Esta muy bakan

  84. Herwan Dinata



    TOXIC HOLOCAUST puts on an awsome show! If you like to mosh you owe it to yourself to go see these guys.

  86. Riverstones 76


  87. Alfredo Rock-Flores

    Badass 😤😤😤🤘🤘🤘🤘

  88. Dominic Gutierrez

    Off topic but This really made me think...fallout would have a cool aesthetic if it was 80’s cyberpunk

  89. Rhett Corbett

    Fuk Yeah. Kick arse. 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘. Tour Australia.

  90. Skankhunt41

    Fuckin a

  91. Hemanta Mohora

    We in the 80's up in this mafk.

  92. Mark Boucher


  93. Manny Singh

    this is gunna go well with cyberpunk 2020

    Manny Singh

    @Lord Of Onions not sure what kind of music is gunna be in the game. i was expecting industrial and cyber goth


    @Manny Singh they got refused to write some tracks, not sure how much these tracks are supposed to be integrated in the game but hear have a listen

    Wuncler Laufenbum Cornelius Ulysses Albrecht LVX

    Funny enough, this is most likely what "chromerock" is supposed to sound like.

    Manny Singh

    @Wuncler Laufenbum Cornelius Ulysses Albrecht LVX what is chrome rock


    Lord Of Onions what’s cyberpunk

  94. edwin correa

    Are you not ashamed to do the same shit again and again?