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Toxic Holocaust Aftermath Comments
  1. -Fröstbyte-

    If only the tone was punchier. Everything else is excellent.

  2. NP138

    Extinction of mankind in this barren waste
    Debris still smoldering, the lands been erased
    Armies of soldiers that fought 'till their death

    Fooled into believing what their government said
    Packed up, shipped out, and led off to war
    Ordered to kill to settle a score
    Who's left to blame when everyone's dead?
    There's no wrong or right 'cause this is the end

    Nuclear, chemical, bio attack
    Weapons too powerful for humans to grasp
    Kill at whim, die in a flash
    Armies of millions, gone in a blast

    Life turns to hell, kiss it goodbye
    Life's not worth living, it's better to die
    Tanks on the battlefield frozen in place
    Destroy it all, don't leave a trace

  3. marco bernard

    Old school thrash at its best

  4. Possessed98

    Love this Record! Great track one of my favs. Does anybody have Problems with receiving the splatter Vinyl? I am still waiting

  5. Miguel I. A. Lagos E.

    That madafaking bass intro !!!!
    Thanks TH for such an amazing record <3

  6. UnholyGoat

    while listening through the album just got so soked with this song, now I listen to it 5th time on repeat

    Iced Earth18

    Glad you're enjoying it, waiting for my copy to show up in the mail today!