Townshend, Pete - Fire Lyrics

Fire! I'll take you to burn
Fire! I'm gonna take you to learn
I'll see you burn

You fought hard and you saved and earned
Now all of it's going to burn
In your mind, your tiny mind
You know you've been completely blind
Don't you dream of what you left so far behind?

Fire! To destroy all we've done
Fire! To end all we've become
I'll see you burn

You were living your life just like a little girl
Spreading your wings in the middle of this little world
In your mind your tiny mind
You know you've fallen far behind
Now you're gonna burn

Fire! To destroy all you've done
Fire! To end all you've become

You're gonna burn...

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Townshend, Pete Fire Comments
  1. Mark Alan

    Townshend produced the original.....not a great version but the bass is pretty awesome.....the Ox

  2. Chad Kreiberg

    I can't get over how this album led to a stage production, which lead to interest, which lead to the late 90s film The Iron Giant

  3. Chad Kreiberg

    This sounds like an anime opening

  4. Lauren Finch

    This is so '80s. It sounds like it could've easily fit on the Top Gun soundtrack. I'm off to listen to Arthur Brown, LOL...

    Ecléctico Iconoclasta

    yeah. It has the typical very reverbed and loud snare drums in 80s music