Townsend, Devin - Traveller Lyrics

The life I have
Is the life I've always wanted
And there's no more feeling low
Early morning, and I'm on the go!
Here I'm finally on the road
On the road!

And I wanna put my faith in you, babe
But I have to face it in another way
Let go... free from all
Now I'm a traveler, traveler (travel around)

But don't worry baby I need someplace to call my home
Don't worry baby I need someone to call my own

And I wanna put my faith in you, babe
But I have to face it in another way
And I wanna put my faith in you, babe
Let go... free from all
Let go... I'll free fall
Now I'm a traveler, traveler (travel around)
Traveler, traveler (travel around)
Traveler, traveler (travel around)
Traveler, traveler (travel around)

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Townsend, Devin Traveller Comments
  1. Princess Olmeca


  2. der Weakzaeg

    there is a bit of ocean machines "sister" at the end

  3. Megafayce

    The intro riff is rock 'n' roll

  4. Tom Walsh

    Great Album! Love Shreddin' Devin!

  5. Ivan Petrow

    HELP! Who can understand the intro spoken words??? Right from the start to 13 sec.???


    "Something permanent..."
    The song is a struggle between the desire of adventure and the need to feeling like you belong somewhere with someone. Balance in life.

  6. Juhopk

    Remember listening to Devin when I quit school because of bullying. Other guys from my class finished the school and got a job. And what I do now? I'm an alcoholic with low self esteem, and can't do anything without the fear of being rejected.



    Hey friend. I was in a very similar situation not long ago. All I can tell you is that you have the strenght to get back on track. It's not going to be easy, but since you can see what is wrong, you can fix it.

    Wish you the best.


    Calm the fuck down dude. You will find a woman who will show you the problem was never you, but people around you. Then, while you are having multiple orgasms and being complimented by your female(s), you will remember that these fuckers bullies are having paid sex out of desperation with women who despise them. HA!

  7. meshugeah


    - The1trueharf -

    The way he screamed that is so epic

  8. lzepln

    This is my favorite Devin song to sing along with.

  9. Master Of Puppets

    sounds like  the singer is being sodomized without benefit of ky.   imbecile noise here

    Chris Cook

    You are an idiot.

    Louis Borg

    Why are you here? How did you even get here?


    @voxextremos22  eh... I don't really agree with you.  First of all, it's called "wall of sound" not "wall of nose".  It's more of a recording technique than a production technique... perhaps I'm splitting hairs a bit, but I do see a difference.  The fact is that, although Devin's music often sounds like a wall of sound, he does not utilize Phil Spector's wall of sound technique in his recordings at all...  Devin's wall of sound and Phil Spector's wall of sound are two completely different things.

    Furthermore, Phil Spector producing for Pink Floyd??  That's news to me.  What album?

    Master Of Puppets

    @Chris Cook voxextremos22 is an idiot , i agree

    D R

    You’ve got to be kidding

  10. jsb779


  11. Levikeinz

    This is one of my favorites, thanks for the upload!