Townsend, Devin - Sunday Afternoon Lyrics

Dream on
(Dream on, dream on...)
Dream another way
'Cause I know
(I know, I know...)
When the wind blows your name
It's a shame
Things are strange but that's OK
On a rainy Sunday afternoon
In your place
In our place
In the swarm
So from the great plains
From the void

I will wait for you
I will wait for you
I will!
I will wait for you
I will wait alone

Ain't it strange?
People change but that's OK
It's another night here, and all I'm thinking about is you
In your place
In our place
In the swarm
So from the great plains
From the void
Yeah, from the deep field
From the void

I will wait for you
I will wait for you
I will!
I will wait for you
I will wait alone

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Townsend, Devin Sunday Afternoon Comments
  1. Liruwer

    Какого хрена это запрещено в моём регионе !?????!

  2. Orontes Mariani

    At the office on a Friday morning.

  3. Simon Cutmore

    I go back to this track again, this has to be his most underrated track in my opinion, and he's never performed it live it seems?

  4. JQ LLC

    I can't believe I wasted years listening to the Foo Fighters when Devin Townsend was putting out albums like this.

    dmoneygc 208

    Why not both?

    JQ LLC

    @dmoneygc 208 Radio in NY didn't play Devin's music

    JQ LLC

    Tell me about it. It's inconceivable being how catchy this brilliant album was.

    I had to find out about Hevydevy on Lost in Vegas during one of their reviews.

    Eddie Kingham

    welcome to the light

  5. Simon Cutmore

    HOLY SHIT, what a track! Just discovered it for the first time (I'm pretty new to Devin, if I'm honest). Just goes to show I need to listen back through his entire album discography, jesus christ, what an amazing tune!

  6. Matteo Turner

    I fucking love this song, I'm also in the great plains (South Dakota in my case) and it can feel very much like a void sometimes.

  7. Daniel Johnstone

    This sounds a lot like soundgarden

  8. Wayne Hanvey

    There isn't a Sunday that goes by that I don't play this track.

    Smol Sol

    Me too since a month now x)

  9. the large f

    2 absolute troglodytes that disliked this masterpiece

  10. WeWantYouToStay

    Despite this talking about a rainy Sunday afternoon, there really is nothing better than sitting out on a balmy summer's evening with a slight breeze and listening to this gorgeous song

  11. Junior Diaz

    its sunday, im here,,,

  12. Daniel Willday

    I'm OK 32 year old got family members to help now it dark time loss my x to cancer

  13. Daniel Willday

    my x die cancer form fucking smoking you die think girlfriend of you that day you pass a away but lovey song fuck time will love you baby

    Daniel Willday

    +Jóh Kri Hal ok

  14. cooliovasquez

    Wow, just discovered this song, I'm in love.

  15. Two Jacks

    Thought the album art was a fleshlight for a sec

    Amanda Laggan

    Lol, is that what fleshlights look like?

  16. ganondorfchampin

    Just realized I'm listening to this on a Sunday Afternoon...

    Corwin Russell

    +ganondorfchampin yes!

    Jibb's Compilations

    Was it raining?

  17. Marc

    Good song but I fucking hate his voice it's annoying as fuck.


    Ohhh nooo....

    Gemsy Davison

    hahahaha :D


    I don't have the energy to keep this going


    +Marc Power did you comment this on the wrong video?


    Probably all depends on how fucked up I was on that specific night.

  18. Alex Star

    Unbelievebly underrated song by Devy...

  19. Callum PROJECT

    How can anyone compare steve vie to devin townsend they are 2 compleat and utter diffrent people yes they have done a full album togeather but look that wasnt the best was it i love devin and have done for the past 10 years i just dint think it is right you should compare him to vie

  20. Dan Hudson

    anybody with taste

  21. Anila Ashraf

    who the fuck doesn't like vai?

  22. knfbnny

    Yeah, nobody really likes Vai

  23. Leandro Ferreiro


  24. James Corker

    Ziltoid prefers Mondays

  25. Ricardo Petinga

    I love how so many people praise Devin for his awesomess in pretty much everything he does, because it's great to feel that I'm not the only one who recognizes that he deserves it. If I could only listen to one artist for the rest of my life, Devin would be my choice, because I'd still have tons of variety to listen to, and it would all be awesome. Not to mention his music makes me feel better even when I'm down.

    Tim Cantrell

    Ricardo Petinga it’s great to know I’m not alone. Most underrated musician of this generation, hands down.

  26. LuxeXx

    The music goes with so many activities, perfectly.

  27. Aetheretic


  28. CyanideSovereign

    @ScottONanski What is this the fucking Matrix?

  29. CyanideSovereign

    @ScottONanski " You're a powerful and attractive human being. I love you. "

    That's a great way to through anyone of balance, the ultimate internet-argument winner. I'll be sure to plagiarise it, thank you stranger!

  30. Shaniq307

    0 dislikes
    yup, pigs definatly are not flying today.

  31. mockingbirdred

    Anyone who plays guitar to a reasonable degree can hear the Vai influence in Devin's playing. His use of modes and his phrasing is very, very similar. That being said, I prefer to listen to Devy that Vai...

  32. Justin Lewiston

    @ScottONanski He hated those years because it was soulless work, doing what others wanted of him. It was that anger that fueled early Strapping Young Lad, which is some pretty angry music. I hear no influence from Vai and don't believe its anything close to his best work.

    But to each his own I suppose.

  33. quazzie1

    @tjbay1376 Same here. This is the 3rd song I've ever heard by him... never heard of him before this morning... and I'm excited at the prospect of getting to know his cool ass tuneage.

  34. DJxOCEANx

    @Bovinemarauder screw off, son don't be hatin' on God

  35. Aleksi Pietikäinen

    He is such an amazing singer...

  36. bovinemarauder

    @hier0phant fool, wasting your time buddy! It ain't too late to just enjoy life! Instead of posting garbage on youtube. That is as low as you go!

  37. TheLord Fenris

    He could be one of those musicians that end up writing words that'll put the craziest of people *Like Me* at a calm place of mind.

  38. vonPickles

    The guitar solo at 3:59 just blows my mind...I listen to it over and over...

  39. 9Diamondsoul

    @do0rkn0b lol

  40. do0r

    @9Diamondsoul BIBLE VERSUS 6:66 OH THE IRONY.

  41. 9Diamondsoul

    @hier0phant Proverbs 14:15 The gullible believe anything they're told; the prudent sift and weigh every word.

  42. Dan D

    Geez, how many great songs does this guy have in him?

  43. Joe Curcuru

    John 3:36
    He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.

  44. devthous

    awesome song !!!!!! the best musician eveeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!!!!!! he is a fucking genius !!!!!!!!

  45. Nymik

    Yan you motherlicker. I can't wait for Decon!

  46. AcousticMinja

    One of my favorite songs by him. Extremely beautiful...and the guitar in this song is fucking AMAZINGLY emotional and great. I love it.

  47. salmacis81

    I don't know why but this song makes me think about my ex-girlfriend and what is worse, makes me miss her a lot.