Townsend, Devin - Suicide Lyrics

Three hour suicide
To get me out of here
Ih-ah, in three years, "Decide" is all I'll ever hear

Death of God
Death of feeling anything at all

All my life this is understood
Wasting my time like you knew that I would... knew that I would
So I hide my internal suicide
All my pride just to keep it inside
Keep it inside boy


All my life this is understood
Wasting my time like you knew that I would… knew that I would
So I hide my internal suicide
All my pride just to keep it inside... keep it inside
Ten thousand lies
Ten thousand lies

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Townsend, Devin Suicide Comments
  1. Karuna

    fuck me I'm me

  2. Demanufactur3r

    My exact thoughts right now.

  3. Steve Nejezchleba

    Heavy Devy…..master of metal and layering...….genius

  4. Jack Brown

    One of the greatest songs of all time

  5. Damo Revo

    wow . Devy is on another level altogether.

  6. A B

    Freaking ridiculous how amazing this is, it's rare something nowadays has this effect on me but I'll be damned if this didn't blow me away.

  7. Olivier Goulet

    un des meilleur artist que je connaisse.......

  8. Gabe McCall

    One of the best right here!

  9. Luis Angel Crespi Oliveras

    Bang your heads and rock y metal
    never dies epic song

  10. SLYZ M

    So much energy on this song. Things to pull out. Life sometimes its a bitch. But in the end, its all in our head.

  11. Jacktrack7

    I sure hope Devin never decide to take his own life or searching for this song will be very awkward.

  12. Anthony Graham

    This is the definition of butt rock

  13. deadcruiser

    i wanted to hit 'like' but its at '666' atm so i left it :p

    Almost Pluto

    Come back and like it :P

  14. Zimbabwe Champion

    Man the start of this song sounds like Polemos by Mick gordan

  15. Леонид Бородкин

    5:09 daaaamn

  16. worldcitizengrendel

    Devin dominates the world. Impressive musician, most empathic and enjoyable by far.

  17. David Brunner


  18. William Montes

    This solo has a soul

  19. Xavier Nicholas

    sounds like by your command from the ZTO album

  20. Sadie

    Aaah they played this live in when I saw them last month in Bristol!
    And it looks like they never play this song live.
    Feel very lucky.
    Epic track <3 <3

  21. Blind Pariah

    This started out to be a brilliant spiritually transforming commentary but as it progressed a I completely lost interest in the futility of its creation.

  22. Jean-Louis Gigante

    Amazing song ......great Dev

  23. Christine Trefalt



    Christine Trefalt I just found out about, new coming fan

  24. Marina Marina

    this song is so amazing <3 i can basically listen to it all day

  25. Ladislav Rusnák

    01:15 ♥

  26. Yorokobi Yos

    Mindblowing music. I love how that loud riff enters after peaceful part.

  27. Dusk225

    Love the solo in this, and those growls in the chorus remind me of Celldweller for some reason. This album is slowly becoming one of my favorites.

    Blutige Tränen

    It is such a wildly underappreciated album so I am super glad to see the increasing amounts of respect it's getting.

  28. ganondorfchampin

    The riff is a good riff to hum when mad at your work.


    did that today xD

  29. glui2001

    the peak of album then it goes happy and zen the rest of the album

  30. Camarade Fido

    It's over nine thousand lies!!!!

  31. Der Antikrist Seelen Mord


  32. Juliette Zephyr

    Love the orchestral bit at the end - anyone know if it was sampled?

  33. MetalMegan

    Great album \m/

  34. Carlos Quevedo

    This album, this fucking album, is one of my favorite things, if i was god this sure must be one of the things that justify the existence of humanity.

  35. Sacredgeometry

    this came out in 2003? Yet the distortion and such sounds like something right out of 2010 or later. I don't really understand it! Axe FXes didn't exist back then...?


    +Lucas Jenkins it´s because he is a genius

    Fruitless Worship

    mesa/boogie my friend


    this album is GODLY

    Gabe McCall

    Always with Devin! Always great production! Infinity from 98 is Also another that I am truly amazed by.

    Taylor Hindley

    I hate to sound like a dick, but axe fx's emulate real amps (very well) in a digital format. This is just a very good high gain amp (Mesa boogie of some sorts if I remember correctly) which have been around forever.

  36. TheMetalhead678

    Oh man, now that's the shit. Gotta' love that intro.

    Luis Angel Crespi Oliveras

    Me too bro is sick

  37. William Fulcher

    holy shit. ive found the holy grail of youtube. no negative comments on the feed. devin, you have blessed youtube

  38. jFrenetic

    Why does Devin pronounce the word 'suicide' as [suisid] instead of [suisaid] in chorus? Is it how it is pronounced in Canada? Although, he does pronounce it as [suisaid] in the first verse.

    Cole Hallman

    Yes that is how it is said in Canada, and honestly I didn't know it was said any other way

  39. Return to Life

    Best song on the album, imo.
    Scratch that, Devin's best song, ever.

    Camarade Fido

    +Alkalilee Deadhead on this album is pretty cool too


    Pretty far from being the best imo

  40. vitormalta

    Pede u'a mão de amigo — dão-lhe palmas: 
    Pede um beijo de amor — e as outras almas
    Fogem pasmas de si. 
    E o mísero de glória em glória corre... 
    Mas quando a terra diz: — "Ele não morre"
    Responde o desgraçado: — "Eu não vivi!... "

    F. Pedro

    vitormalta que analogia foda!

  41. Magrathea666

    Auuughh this is so fucking fucking fucking good. 

  42. SeagoingPancake

    Not sure if i like this or Deadhead better... both are so freaking good


    +SeagoingPancake That's really a dilemma isnt it? haha. i still prefer this song over deadhead just because the incredible guitar solo, considering that devin doesnt really do them that often


    Deadhead has long been my favorite Devin Townsend song. The subject matter strikes very close to my heart and the passion that pours out him is incredibly moving.


    Deadhead is so good (in part), it's what those who don't even like Devin Townsend would want it to sound like.

  43. TheJask101

    Mr Townsend is one of the most underrated musicians around right NOW!!!

    Camarade Fido

    +TheJask101 "underrated"?? A lot of critics and people are seeing him as one of the best artist of all Metal, and even the ones that doesn't like his work are usually really respectful!

    Fruitless Worship

    underseen? yes. underrated? i think he gets his due praise ;)


    I think he's OVERrated nowadays. My favorite artist ever, but I haven't whole heartedly liked a single album hes put out after the first Ziltoid album.

    Steve Nejezchleba

    Got to agree, the early stuff is the best but that's the same for most [email protected]


    @lasoogneypubes agree, didnt like the last couple at all

  44. Astral Tides

    Certainly one of my top musically composed tracks of all time. Through and through, brimming with robust essence. Staggered as usual.

  45. CrotchBlaster

    This song is what so many so called "emo screamo" band are trying to make. They all failed and sound pathetic. Devin knows how to combine emotions with powerful metal. So true "emo" should rather sound like this. 

    Your Mother

    All music has emotion in it.

    Lou Jr Is Autistic

    Emo and screamo, God I hate those 2 words, those are metal elitist words


    @Lou Jr Is Autistic except for the fact that they are real genres tho:


    @SpidersGeorg wow you're completely wrong. Emo came from Post-hardcore, which in itself came from hardcore punk. I'd argue BVB is closer to emo than you think, as 1: Metalcore also sprung out of post-hardcore and hardcore punk, and 2: both are fucking awful

    Noah Olsen

    @Your Mother not all

  46. Adam D.G

    I still cant get over the fact that his music and a lot of metal in general does not get the attention it deserves. It really deeply saddens me.

    Yorokobi Yos

    It's because people are too preoccupied with listening too shitty pop, lacklustre "creative" indie, dubstep and golden oldies to open themselves to other styles of music.

  47. Renaissance Man

    99.9% of the sheep currently wandering this Earth don't even know that music this life affirming exists - they simply wouldn't be able to comprehend Devin's genius, even if they were aware of him.

  48. Anila Ashraf

    Fucking love devin townsend.

  49. Adam D.G

    wtf only 10k views ? People these days...

  50. DarthMohammed

    If anyone uses the word "epic" in a way that doesn't relate to this song, they don't know what the fuck they're talking about.

  51. Kryllic R.

    Random Analysis is my fav off this album, but it's pretty close to Storm and this song

  52. Parasite theband

    fucking epic track! I do not use the word loosely as it is now. Truly a fucking anthem! Amazing track, by an amazing band!

  53. iseeu1980

    "All my life this is understood." A someone unwilling to face his or hers problems?

  54. Drew Norris

    this is the music I've been waiting for

  55. metalheadforlife25

    Words can't describe how good this song is.

  56. Majestical Testicle

    Amazing until the very end! Wow!

  57. heber avellaneda


  58. TheOriginalFoobit

    one of the best off of a great album! Also on there is my personal fav from devy, Deadhead. plus a couple other good ones, notably storm and depth charge imo. Amazing artist!

  59. Jen Ray

    love it

  60. maxmars10

    Love it... So much...

  61. Pablo Perez

    Fuckin' good song!!!