Townsend, Devin - Storm Lyrics

If you wanted to
Say you wanted to
If you wanted to save the world
Where could you start? How could you start?
If you wanted to feel like I I feel, oh

You're running dry
I'm flying high
We're running on feel

You wanted to be
What you've never been before
We worked hard for a living
We worked hard for it all
You run and hide,
Don't run and hide
I'm starting to feel OK
But I'm wasted
And I'm failing
Oh, Tracy please
Can't you see?
It's just me
I wanted to feel
What I've never felt before
I was tired of the living
I was tired of it all
Time,'s only...time
If we wanted to
Say we wanted to
If we wanted to save our world
I'm waiting here, waiting
Waiting here baby, please
Stay with me
We wanted to be
What we've never been before
But are we tired of the living?
Are we tired of the war?

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Townsend, Devin Storm Comments
  1. Erin Brady

    This entire song is fucking beyond the beyond. Who's still listening in 2020? 🤘🏻 Almost 20 fucking years later.

  2. Nicolas Toledo Gost

    If u wanted to feeeel like I feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel

  3. Ronaldo Thomé Júnior

    Devin must come to Brazil in next Rock in Rio;)

  4. DAHPL

    I wanna a live of it ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. lιllιαи мσяgυє

    ѕєєи ∂єνιи тσωиѕєи∂ ℓινє ωιтн му єχ вf ℓαѕт уєαя. нє'ѕ тнє σиє ωнσ gσт мє ιитσ нιм. ℓιѕтєиιиg тσ тнιѕ ѕσиg иσω'α∂αуѕ мαкєѕ му нєαят нυят. αи∂ тнє ραят ωнєяє нє gσєѕ υρ ιи σ¢тανє αи∂ ѕιиgѕ συт "ѕтαу ωιтн мє" υѕυαℓℓу мαкєѕ мє ѕтαят вαωℓιиg му єуєѕ συт. ѕмн. тнιѕ туρє σf ραιи ιѕ gυт ωяєи¢нιиg. 💔

  6. DAHPL

    Never done in live :(

  7. cribpunch

    Why the fuck are people like "This sounds like Deftones" Sorry, he's been doing this a lot longer than they have. And pls point me to one deftones song that sounds remotely like this, because i need to hear it.

  8. The killing joke

    I am tired of the war. so very tired.

  9. Nylon Python

    It would be really neat to see a Stoner Doom cover of this song. This riff is Chonky.

  10. Jóh Kri Hal

    ,,If you wanted to..."

  11. Emmet Larrissy

    This song

  12. jose perez

    once again, the third stanza

  13. Big Boomer

    Sounds like Deftones

  14. JQ LLC

    Wall of sound, fury and emotion. Directed by Devin's big glorious mouth.

  15. Gabe McCall

    Back in high school this song is what started my journey into the mind of Devin Townsend. He's been my absolute favorite musician ever since. One of his great albums right here.

    Erin Brady

    Me too! 🤘🏻
    I feel for those who never discovered Dev.

  16. Pika InParis

    One thing I find interesting in that song is how he uses the real name of his lover/wife for this and I think I didn't see much ppl do that most use a nickname or smth

  17. Drei'chs

    I actually wanna die to this.

    tanner lane

    If this is the last thing that I heard before I go out, everything would be considered unregretful. I wanna go out right after "Stay with MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!"

  18. Adam Linardi

    In a perfect world this would have at least 10 million views, and Acc Evo as well as Terria and OM would be the best selling albums of all time.

    Until then Devin is our little secret ;)

    Erin Brady

    Yes!! 🖤🤘🏻

  19. Call Me AfterWords

    Bitches will never understand smh

  20. Gert Pacu

    Reminds me old school H.U.M...... If you have not heard them look them up.. HUM ‎– You'd Prefer An Astronaut from 1995.. Good stuff.


    Never thought of that but you might be onto somthing

  21. Matteus ͛

    This is one of the best songs i have ever heard

  22. Steve Dmo

    This vocal recording does not do justice to how good Devin really sounds live. I would say don't listen to this version of the song and look up Devin Townsend playing at the 2016 Nam showing because he sounds so good but hearing this it's like I don't think he really captured how he was feeling when he wrote this and then recorded it in the studio. But when I hear him play it at Nam it sounds like an entire different song even just him playing guitar and singing

  23. Blake Schulz

    If you wanted to,
    ...say you wanted to...
    If you wanted to save the world
    Where could you start? How could you start?
    If you wanted to feel like I feel I feel
    You're running dry...
    ...I'm flying high
    We're running on feel
    You wanted to be, what you've never been before
    We worked hard for a living
    We worked hard for it all
    You run and hide,
    ...don't run and hide
    I'm starting to feel OK
    But I'm wasted
    And I'm failing
    Oh Tracy please
    Can't you see?
    It's just me
    I wanted to feel
    What I've never felt before
    I was tired of the living
    I was tired of it all
    Time, time's only...time.
    If we wanted to,
    ...say we wanted to...
    If we wanted to save our world
    I'm waiting here, waiting
    Waiting here baby please...
    We wanted to be
    What we've never been before
    But are we tired of the living?
    ...Are we tired of the war?

  24. Nicole Ibrajev

    Fuck, this song makes me cry every time.

  25. Jared Werner

    That guitar tone though...


    I can hear a lot of deftones influence in this

    Daniel Johnstone

    I REALLY AM BIGGIE SMALLS IN A TRAIN!! HELP!!! Extended chords over atmospheric synths with airy vocals will make anyone sound like deftones.

  27. Julien Valois Dobbie

    I was actually disappointed when this album came out. Too popy for my taste. But holy "?"&"/ those vocals get me every time. One of my most rewinded bits ever.


    Yeah, its more of a mainstream hard rock album with occasional heavy parts. Although not my favorite album by him, it has some memorable tracks like this one.

    Julien Valois Dobbie

    UFOria212 A bit of a shock after Infinity, but rediscovering the album years after is worthwhile.


    Julien Valois Dobbie definitely! The only problem I have with Devin Townsend is that his music is just so damn good that I end up not listening to anyone else, so I have to take a break every once in a while to remember that there's other music out there. But like an addict, I always come back! 😂

  28. Captain Pie Fox

    Proud to say I can hit that 'stay with meeeeeEEEEYEAAAAAAAH' note. Just not loudly

  29. Metzgorrre

    and now we add just little teaspoon of deftones

  30. OlNineToes


  31. Lerich Duh

    Devin the best

  32. Jóh Kri Hal

    F**k Yeah! or something. this is so cool!

  33. Jesse HS

    Like. Excellent production quality too. Want to see him live now.

  34. Wookie schnitzel

    Unintentional tears in my French toast

    Anth B

    Wookie schnitzel now that's a song name and a half..

  35. Velcharoon

    My love for this man's music grow for each year. This is as good today as it was when i first heard it 2008 =D Pure magic that hits the heart and soul!

  36. deadeyes

    this is if deftones and periphery had a baby?


    those big melodic chords and the melodic voice and those high registry notes certainly periphery elements. devin is definitely a periphery influence wether it was consciously or subconsciously . i know that mark holcomb has mentioned him once or twice. theres also a touch of maybe bands like dream theater and or other progressive rock band from the 90s / 80s


    that guy who names himself a singer is the only reason i cant listen to periphery. I agree with deftones but periphery are one of a hundred, even though the instrumentalisation is great.


    I don't hear either really but then again I can't think of anyone that sounds like DT. Maybe some similar songwriting techniques on paper, but executed completely differently (and no one has ever written anything like Terria)

    Daniel Johnstone

    Deadeyes X probably has something to do with those extended chords that Stephen uses heavily in deftones music.. When you mix that with ambient Synths, it's pretty hard not to sound like deftones. I don't really hear periphery in this at all


    Deadeyes X Only periphery didnt exist when this came out

  37. VejyMonsta

    This reminds me of Stormbending... hmmmm >_> storm and stormbending.

    Geddy Lee's Owl Nose

    VejyMonsta right ;)

    Daniel Johnstone

    The name is the only thing similar about these two tracks lol

  38. Johnny Rambo

    DT's vocals have always floored me but digging deeper into his huge discography it's apparent that he's an incredible bandleader and songwriter.


    Johnny Rambo absolutely mate and if you fancy digging a little deeper, have a listen to his previous band "strapping young lad" and also his parts in the Steve vai album sex and religion

  39. ecaepevolhturt

    It's like death/prog metal meets Dawson's Creek.


    OMG I fell off my chair laughing XD

    Amanda Laggan


  40. Ivan Petrow

    HELP! Who can understand the background words from 3-15 to 3-25? It sounds like: "....shot it down.... hey, hey, hey,,," Who can understand that? People from Candada, US, UK - come on!

  41. Dusk225

    First song I ever heard by him. Fell in love with his music pretty much instantly. Can't believe I didn't know about him earlier.

    Tanisha M

    Ha! Same! :-D

    Amanda Laggan

    Same here. Heard his name. Didn't pay attention. Listened to one song one random day and never been the same since.

    Robert Johnson

    I was flicking through youtube and I saw this video of a baldheaded guy playing guitar and screaming in a mic at NAMM...He had me hooked,it was Devin doing this song,and I was hooked

  42. Buku Carateen - is back

    Devin I am so proud of you as a fan. I fell in love with your talent when I heard "love" but dude this is a whole other level of talent that was buried in you. I am so proud you got off the drugs my friend and I wish you the very best because this is what your talent really is. You were hamstrung by the drugs. Praise the peace in you my brother!!!! Keep rocking on!!!


    this song was released long before he was sober. Ki and everything afterward is post sobriety. IMO he is a better performer now but he wrote better stuff before. probably has little to do with drugs anyway, he has grown alot as a musician.

  43. Tarkenton

    Christ that STAY WITH ME note is hard to hit, but man is it glorious.


    Which is completely insane would be such a waste of such outstanding vocal talent

    randall floyd

    he's full of it.....he couldn't be onstage and keep his mouth shut.

    Amanda Laggan

    It fucking is. It slays me every time.

    Dylan Gilman

    Also said that a vocal coach told him if he continued to sing like he does he'd burn out in like two years. As he put it "that was fifteen years ago, so I guess he was wrong"

    Furiat Z Lasu

    And he said that Accelerated Evolution is bland. Godm damn you Devin you must have been joking

  44. Beckoning Oblivion

    First time taking the time to listen to Devin Townsend and I'm slapping myself so hard at the moment. This man is complete genius.

    chris roberts

    Cesar Issac Mercado masterclass in music. True genius.

    Manesk Fernal

    chris roberts is that the guy who stands on a guitar?


    I'd stand on that.

    Jason Troglin

    Beckoning Oblivion his music speaks out on so many levels it's a journey told by sounds and compareing your own soul to music on a deep personal level

    Luke Kacirek

    Dude me too, exactly how i feel

  45. Robbie h

    never felt the same after this album.

    Noah Olsen

    Robbie h i feel you bro

  46. Ricardo Carmine

    Final minute of this song is Heaven



  47. TrashMojo

    but only if you really wanted to

  48. Fabio1349


    Camarade Fido

    +Fabio1349 I think she should stay with him x)


    Think she did :) Song successful!

  49. David Busby

    Just listened to this live in Glasgow. Stunning.

    David Busby

    yaas! Support was great too, Shining might be my new favourite thing.

    Andy Robison

    +David Busby His voice was fucked, that song in particular, but I still cried like a motherfucker.

    Internet Connection

    +David Busby Greetings from america! can i come over to your house and pay rent? america blows now


    +Andy Robison listening to this track over and over and over again....pretty emotional song indeed....I'd cry if I saw this perform live too....

    Amanda Laggan

    Lucky you.

  50. ironfist133

    Such a great song but for me the last eight seconds stand out the most.

  51. Theodore Nugent

    that scream at 3:46. goddamn.

  52. Thor Design

    Awesome love this Devin have best voice ever :-p


    Your English sucks.

  53. Astral Tides

    I come to this place when spring tugs my collar...

  54. Iain Bell

    Ramming the fuck outta 0 every 4m 38s, because I feel compelled.

  55. Styhn

    There will be a time when people can post comments like this and NOT be reported as spam. It will be a glorious time.


    Anyone know what the sample @3.16 is? Or what it's from?

  57. Brenda Lavoieri

    My boyfriend told me that Devin is a "bad, very bad singer". He apologized, but god dammit...

    Robert Breeden

    you need a new boyfriend

  58. ganondorfchampin

    I'm not talking about making art, of course it doesn't matter. What I'm saying is it's somewhat comical to think that I guy who looks so crazy has such a beautiful voice.

  59. ganondorfchampin

    That's not screeching, it's screaming. You may say it sounds like a character from Mordor, but in all actuality it sounds completely human. Its sounds nothing like more "demonic" metal screaming.

  60. ganondorfchampin

    That doesn't sound anything like "impersonating a character from Mordor", it just sounds like catharsis.

  61. ganondorfchampin

    It's sort of comical if you contrast Devin's physical appearance with his voice. Sorry.

  62. erinannbrady

    Such a wonderful song.

  63. Niamorg1007

    I'd say Terria, Infinity, Ocean Machine and Accelerated Evolution are his most typical, classic records! If you want to be more specific, look for Strapping Young Lad albums or Deconstruction, if you're into extreme metal, or Ki if you want some groovy, jazzy stuff. You've got a huge amount of beautiful music to discover my friend, enjoy the ride!

  64. bloodsling

    /watch?v=6cajxhO00lg great Devy album from 1997

  65. Wrist Covers

    Hmmm quite a hard question to be honest. I just recommend listening to all his music. Definately including Strapping Young Lad's albums if you're into extreme metal.

  66. Jonathan O'Mahony

    your "friend" is a disgrace to people!

  67. Connor Mortifier

    Both Buckethead and Devy can make chaotic to heartfelt music in a heartbeat and both are fantastic musicians. There ya go.

  68. Connor Mortifier

    What does this "friend" prefer for musical tastes?

  69. Kryllic R.

    yea, this girl I thought I liked said Devin wasn't really emotion with his songs...

  70. tyr

    me too!

  71. tyr


  72. Tony Pittman

    Give addresses, I am open to murder in this case.

  73. IfAGoatCouldShit

    From a technical point, maybe. From a songwriters point of view, not even close. Buckethead has talent but his song structure is chaotic, all over the place.

  74. mokaey

    in a sense perhaps, but in general most things buckethead knows.
    devy knows.
    its not a competition but in general devin townsend is technically better.
    devin townsend is better at wording is music.
    making it all fit to a song.
    that also includes the guitar skill.
    which obviously buckethead lacks.
    not saying buckethead isnt good but he isnt that great.

  75. Lasse Løfqvist

    I don't want to be an ass or anything, but from a technical point of view Buckethead has moar skillz than the Dev

  76. Brian Hogan

    god fuckin damn, devins vocals at the end are driven by an emotion thats not even human.......

  77. Chris Dickson

    Guess who did all the vocal work for Steve Vai's Sex and Religion ?
    Devin Townsend.

  78. Dan 'beebop' Jenkins

    I posted this song on my FB page about 2 weeks ago, and a "friend" of mine commented : " Who is this guy, how can you call him a god?, this is a disgrace to music....".... I still haven't managed to calm myself down.


    6 years later... have you managed to calm yourself?


    @Demanufacture A better response would've been that he 'unfriended' that person.

    Erin Brady

    That's when you give that "friend" a time and place and throw down. 🤣

  79. The Sun Burns Bright

    The ending vocals blow my mind!

  80. Malone Freeman

    May all the gods bless this genius and his great music!

  81. Lara Lovrič


  82. mokaey

    dont worry your not missing out...
    buckethead is a good player but a useless composer...
    but DT is better at both playing the guitar and composing...
    btw. decomposing composers :D

  83. Evan Beard

    maybe you just heard the worng songs. yea some of his songs are a little too out there or dumb overall but hes got a lot of really good music out there

  84. Nicole Kapsaskis

    Thanks MR. Townsend :) i feel like that and everytime save my life 3 3 3

  85. Evan Beard

    how many songs have you heard by him?

  86. Evan Beard

    hey man buckethead is an amazing musician. a little on the weird side, but hes amazing regardless

  87. Kerfuffleinahussle

    I'm reeaally not a "metalhead" either; Devin's solo stuff, although it may be perhaps my favourite music of all time, is about as heavy as I go. And I wasn't all that comfortable with "screamy" vocals at first either, but the more I listened the more I came to realize how important it is to songs like this. He isn't trying to impersonate "naughty-sounding people" me the harsh vocals sound desperate, pleading, a last resort type thing...."Tracy, please...Stay with me!"

  88. deathbymonkey6

    I appreciate where you are coming from. Screaming is not for everyone. I myself love listening to it and I enjoy doing it even more. There is power in a good, violent scream. Raw, unhindered emotion that is finally allowed to rip free after, as you say, sublime, powerful restraint. And as far as screaming goes, Devin is the master. Listen to other screamers then come back to Devin. You may have an entirely different perspective. Devin has something for everyone, methinks. Versatile bugger, eh?

  89. 77Fortran

    Not sure that is fair. I think some of Buckethead's work, particularly his earlier stuff, comes from somewhere similar to DT's.

  90. PlankWall

    One the best song of the world and one of THE MOST DIFFICULT SONG to sing of the world !

  91. Johnny Rockit

    Buckethead n DT should make some music together . How epic would that b???

  92. the0rthopaedicsurgeon

    that part is probably the most emotional and heartfelt singing i've ever heard by any vocalist. if it's a caricature, find me one more vocalist who can sing with that kind of feeling and control while screaming.

  93. WINH4X

    This is.. so adorable..

  94. Matthew Mezzatesta

    3:23 - 4:16 IMO is his greatest vocal performance. Absolutely incredible.

  95. Ricardo Petinga

    Still, and apparently I can't stress this enough, it's not the complexity of emotions that matters. They want to survive, to live, and their lives are their own, as are ours. Do we need to exploit and kill them? No. It's that simple. Intelligence and emotional complexity are not measures of worth, or you'd have to apply that to humans as well and I don't need to explain to you how unjust that would be. So why do I have to explain it when it comes to non-human animals? There it is, speciesism.

  96. Ricardo Petinga

    Of course there are levels of intelligence and degrees of sentience. I've been saying it varies too, but that even the less intelligent or less sentient (as long as they're still sentient), still deserve compassion. Reptiles are capable of feeling beyond basic emotions, I didn't say which. Did I? But they want to live? The answer is a clear "yes". Domestic chickens are capable of many complex emotions. All you have to do to eat your own words is read some ethological studies about them.

  97. Kerfuffleinahussle

    Wrong again. Intelligence and emotion are often misidentified and misinterpreted in animals. For a start, reptiles cannot feel grief or affection or anything of the sort, which I know from years of keeping various reptiles and amphibians. Avian intelligence varies; at the top, parrots, crows and such are comparatively very intelligent; other birds, such as the domestic chicken, generally are rather incapable of complex emotions, at least in the human sense of the term; same applies for mammals.

  98. Ricardo Petinga

    Grief and affection are actually amongst the common emotions that most animals to share. Ethology 101, dude. And by the way, it's not the capacity for complex emotions that matters when it comes to respecting life. Basic sentience is enough. Many humans can't feel complex emotions either due to whatever deficiency, but their lives still matter. They're not objects and neither are other animals. Most humans, however, seem to lack the complex emotion of empathy in their treatment of other animals.