Townsend, Devin - Radial Highway Lyrics

Driving all night my hands wet on the wheel
There's a voice in my head that drives my heel
My baby she calls and says she needs me here
And it's a half past four and I'm shifting gear
All night

Sweet little devil got a hold on me
All night long won't let me be
Oh her love is black and cruel
The ghosts in my head don't need you fool

Honor me baby
Honor me all night long
Honor me baby
Honor me with a song
Honor me baby
Honor me all night long
Honor me baby
Honor me with a song

'Cause I'm on, I'm on
I'm on the radial highway
I'm on, I'm on
I'm on the radial highway

Save me baby

Sweet little Satan sets me free
All over my body won't let me be
Oh his love is black and cruel
The ghosts in my head just played you fool

Honor me baby
Honor me all night long
Honor me baby
Honor me with a song
Honor me baby
Honor me all night long
Honor me baby
Honor me with a song

'Cause I'm on, I'm on
I'm on the radial highway
I'm on, I'm on
I'm on the radial highway
I'm on, I'm on
I'm on the radial highway
I'm on, I'm on
I'm on the radial highway

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Townsend, Devin Radial Highway Comments
  1. misterjohn john

    One of my favourite human beings, and such an excellent live act.
    I would love to see him perform everything he's been involved with, it would take a long time....maybe in monthly live installments in my dreams
    ;~) England

  2. WindWhisperer

    simply amazing, especially the mix of many genres into one song.

  3. Nick D

    So is this something to do with White Lion - Radar Love?


    partial cover

  4. Cynntu


  5. CyanideSovereign

    if casualties sounds like this i want it.

  6. Kerfuffleinahussle

    Devin said it on his Twitter account

  7. PiratemanMichael

    where was this announced?

  8. zombie3785

    Ooo, a year old conversation, I want to jump in!

    Any artist that has 20+ albums is going to have a style that sounds familiar to fans.


    ooo six year old conversation I want to jump in

  9. clochunator

    Has he already published this album?

  10. kalidesu

    I love the Bill Henson/Cindy Sherman like cover picture

  11. guy

    I think he said something about including the ghost 2 songs on the record he's currently working on, "Casualties of Cool", which has been shortened to just "Casualties".

  12. AntiThe1stGuy

    Yeh man, that's exactly what I was thinking when I first heard it. When 1:38 hits it totally has the Mr. Bungle - The Holy Filament sound going on. It definitely has a Bad Devil and Trainfire vibe going on as well.

  13. Kerfuffleinahussle

    It's been confirmed that Ghost 2 will finally be released, as the bonus disc for Casualties! :D

  14. UchihaGin

    i'm gettin mr.bungle vibes from this song

  15. Zombolic Music Productions

    Ohh, thanks buddy! :)

  16. Zombolic Music Productions

    Do u think that there is any chance it will be released ever? Or is that Cancelled a definite thing? Cuz he will release more albums, would be a shame to not put this on them.

  17. Mike Abernethy

    Has it actually been cancelled? Damn. In a Metal Storm interview from a few days ago he said he was going to make a weird, haunted country-ish album, so I wonder if some of the stuff he planned to go on Ghost 2 will end up on that.

  18. flicky

    It was made for Ghost 2 which has since been cancelled.

  19. Lord Crull

    Where is the album artwork from?

  20. Misostrate

    4:20 in this clip /watch?v=flGug8SRLWk

  21. NiteKrawler33

    I agree and we will be even greater once we have the By a thread dvd box set

  22. NiteKrawler33

    One of my fav songs from the DTP stuff...Ghost 2 will be great indeed...Anything dev does is great.

  23. ThePriestLightning

    Herken ik daar Radar Love van Golden Earring at 2.20
    Wel Gaaf gedaan Overigens !! :-)

  24. GreenGuitarNerd

    It's sounds like alot of other pieces, that's why it's an extra rather than on the main album. I still like it.

  25. Matt Mcloughlin

    @jamesblackpresents Sounds like Bad Devil to me, maybe you got those 2 confused? or i'm just not hearing Vampira :')

  26. Sodhats

    @Misostrate Finding new ways of using an idea is just as interesting as coming up with a new one - sometimes more so. Using riffs in different contexts like this could be compared to thematic development.

  27. JordanECMusic

    @Misostrate i don't think hes recycling. hes purposely reusing material to increase the want to listen to the other albums and songs hes referencing. and it works. incredibly works well. its a mind game i believe because he makes it completely obvious when he does it to the people who have already listened to his previous albums.

  28. Michael Goodrich

    Contain Us is the greatest thing thats ever happened to me.

  29. comptondriver

    im fucking buying this album

  30. NiteKrawler33

    I love this track...ever since I seen the acoustic live video of him playing it...I knew this would be one of my fav tracks from the DTP albums...

  31. Onni Korhonen

    @Misostrate Yup. I like how he could do something like that for a little detail :) That's why Devin is the greatest

  32. Stevie Wolfe

    This fuckin' groooooves :)

  33. Misostrate

    @lasoogneypubes atleast he is reusing his own material, unlike some other "musicians".

  34. Misostrate

    Is this the part they recorded in that tunnel I saw in that one clip on poopynugeteer channel?

  35. krisdaschwab912

    Dat radar love

  36. Seligsuper

    @jamesblackpresents Holy crap, I never noticed that.

  37. jamesblackpresents

    @3.15 . . nice vampira self reference.. trademark dev :)

  38. Raul Rafael

    i wanna give my thumphs up to everybody... what a great musician :) devin townsend...

  39. David Cerat

    @RyNDonLE I do agree as the the album is unreleased, but then again something Devin did say was that there will be Ghost 2 coming as a normal album.

    Might as well be both: Unreleased until the box set but then also released as a usual album on the same date (just like Decon-ghost set)

  40. RyNDonLE

    @davidCcode They just announced a Devin Townsend Project box set that will have all 4 of the DTP albums with 4 unreleased disk included, I think this is probably one of the unreleased disk.

  41. Aethormu

    @RyNDonLE Ah lols, I meant to say 2011 :3

  42. Itzael Cornejo

    @davidCcode Metal Storm also said that it would be released on September 2011. Not a reliable source at all.

  43. David Cerat

    @RyNDonLE I think the only source that is telling December 2012 is Metal Storm and I usually find the reference reliable when I can find the Devin comments that confirms it as true. This time, Devin never mentionned any due date, so it could be December 2011 as well as may 2012 or December 2012...

    Nothing is sure until Devin is sure.

  44. RyNDonLE

    @gueug95 They already have half the songs on youtube and it's not coming out for over a year? dafuk.

  45. Aethormu

    @RyNDonLE December 2012

  46. RyNDonLE

    When is this album coming out?

  47. PiratemanMichael

    I actually prefer in In jam studio version of this song

  48. PiratemanMichael

    I had this exact conversation with someone else, saying this song was like Trainfire meets Bad Devil

  49. Scoops

    @inxyTrolls Am not.

  50. lasoogneypubes

    @johnpetrucci87 Well it's all opinion anyway, but mine is that YES you can definitely use a riff in other songs and find that that riff works in a lot of places.. but to me if I've heard it before in another song it's just getting in the way of a good riff that could be in its place. Also it feels like really lazy songwriting to me. Opeth has done this with the songs Blackwater Park, The Grand Conjuration and Porcelain Heart. I hate it >:( but I respect your opinion.

  51. Merrick Young

    @lasoogneypubes I don't, creating motifs like that makes music exciting for me. Besides, it's not like he's reusing a phrase explicitly, it's usually dressed up in a different flavour of Devin. I actually prefer when bands are open to this as opposed to making a rule to never doing it. As a songwriter, I find that the phrases I write can be applied to many different aspects to a song. I guess people have their preferences but my preference is a composer who knows how to write well.

  52. Tarby's Basement

    Holy shit. it's Radar Love meets Trainfire

  53. Mike Fitzgerald

    If anyone knows the release date of this album, please let me know.

  54. sammmm87

    @lasoogneypubes & @billy1966peace ....I don't know why he does it and dont care, lyrics, licks whatever.. It always makes me smile when I hear it because its so familiar but still sounds like it was always meant to be there..I don't think there has to be a philosophy behind it...I guess he just liked that riff or those lyrics....

  55. lasoogneypubes

    @billy1966peace I don't know. Even if that is true I've really never felt any sort of 'connection'. Just more like, "Oh hey, he used that in such and such song" and that's about it. I don't know why he does it. I like it when he does it with lyrics but not really with riffs. Why play a riff you already did before? Don't bother trying to explain the philosophy behind it because I will not be convinced. Lol not to be a dick or anything just sayin' don't waste your time.

  56. lasoogneypubes

    @billy1966peace Oh. Yeah I know what you mean. Either they use lyrics from past songs or a variation of a riff from a past song. He did that with a song from Ziltoid and a song from Ocean Machine. I'm not that into it. I think it's fine when he does it with lyrics but I hate when musicians re-use their old riffs.

  57. lasoogneypubes

    @billy1966peace How do you know this??

  58. ChrisXDumbass

    This sounds like "Trainfire" and "Bad Devil" combined.
    So, "Trainfire" + "Bad Devil" = EPIC!

  59. sylunatic

    any news on when ghost 2 is released

  60. Alvaro Alexis Espinoza Gutiérrez

    Sounds like "Bad Devil"... anyway, sounds good

  61. Luis Chavez

    That cover is such a trip, fantastic song!

  62. bacampeglu

    Eric Sardinas?! XD

  63. Lorne Russell

    :34 Yehhhhhaaaaaaaayeehhhh

  64. Tooltje

    Hahahaha Golden Earring - Radar Love lyrics! Very nice!

  65. BounceBurnBuff

    1.49 sounds like The Simpsons intro :p

  66. LicoriceLain

    It is even better than I expected.