Townsend, Devin - Praise The Lowered Lyrics

Close your eyes, get ready
One won't stop the flow
Console your child get him ready
One more don't let go

It's you

Calm your eyes get 'em ready
One won't stop the flow
(Soul coming around in morning sun)
C'mon c'mon soul of mine you're ready
One more don't let go
(Soul coming around the mourn tonight)
Tonight, it's soda water
Soda water, soda water boys

Soda water so

Ah, soul of mine
Ah, sober
Ah sold the mind
Ah I'm so sober
I know the way
Ah stoned
Ah, so it ends
Ah oh stone sober

Ah, gimme that wine!
Gimme that acid!
And I wanna lose everything that's policing us, and then everything must begin!
And I wanna do heroin!
And I wanna do crack cocaine!
And I wanna lose everything but release why don't you just

Smoke that fucking weed boy, drink the wine

Weed boy, drink the wine
Weed boy, drink the wine
Bring the pain!
(All of it's all we are that's all we are)
Bring the pain!
Weed boy, drink the wine
Weed boy, drink the wine
Bring the pain!
Weed boy, drink the wine
Weed boy, drink the wine

Face yourself!
Send me to hell!

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Townsend, Devin Praise The Lowered Comments
  1. BFKC

    Just an intro. Pointless to talk about it. (Maybe it's an outro, but something like that.)

  2. shpalla

    Opening "Escallation" in the dictionary , shows link to this song.

  3. 2damnoldforUtube

    This would be amazing live in a concert venue

  4. Steve Nejezchleba

    Love the twisted ending...….noticed the drums picking up an new it was coming....Genius

  5. Joel Cullers

    This song has been a favorite for so long

  6. Spencer C.

    2:38 biggest musical orgasm ever

  7. Steve Nejezchleba

    May be the greatest song ever written …….wish I had some Acid to confirm

  8. steven NEJEZCHLEBA

    Amazing tune.....amazing mind

  9. spore bubu

    More trip-hop esque songs like this?


    Group Four by Massive Attack.

  10. DC 33879

    The musical embodiment of your substance abusing tendencies beckoning you to indulge just one last time....

  11. crybabycult 666

    Id love to fuck to this

  12. Gabe McCall

    The temptation in us all

  13. littledotinthespace

    Sexiest build up in Metal history!

  14. Amanda Laggan

    Bipolar goodness.

    steven NEJEZCHLEBA

    No shit eh?


    It was made by Devy.

  15. Janko

    Man, this whole album gives me a headache. But it's worth it. I like how Dev makes fun of typical prog-snob attitude while also gets out the message of the album. Epic.

  16. Vi King

    I wanna loose everything thats policing us and then we can begin. I know that feel Dev.

  17. Alyssa Rasmussen

    vvvv no

  18. binno markie


    Æ Kiwi Dan

    Boy, weed boy... drink the wine

  19. Didier FAUDEMER

    jouissif !!!!! quelle descente aux enfers

  20. CoffeeGrind


  21. lemonlimelukey

    soooooo divinnneeeeee

  22. Eratosthenes

    Why do the first 40 seconds remind me of Ratchet and Clank..?


    lol I was playing the new ratchet and clank and the art style totally matches the one used on the dark matters album.

    Brendan McDonald

    Because it's a very steampunk-esque sound.


    Just shut up already with your Ratchet and Clank. Such a bad game, doesn't speak well of one's character to know it.

  23. Chad Watson

    Genius... Enough Said.

  24. Tim Blaisdell

    I can't get enough enough of the weird abstract beat. Devin always puts like 154 layers into everything he does. There's just so much going on all the time. Love it. 

  25. Niamorg1007

    This is one vicious build-up...


    A switch is no build-up.

  26. Mr Maws

    Fuckin' A this song fucking jams.

  27. johmedis


  28. Mike Barden

    From chill to kill in under 4 minutes. Nicely done, Dev!

  29. Carlos Silva

    One fu**** that doesn´t drink!!!

  30. CarinaCalisto

    My son falls asleep listening to this album :)

  31. AsTheSeasonsGray

    The only songs that rival this one in buildup are Floods, Hessian Peel, and Stand.

    The One True D

    Praise the Lowered + Stand = Oh shit boi


    +AsTheSeasonsGray The Moor, perhaps? And The Big Machine by Pain of Salvation


    Foam Born (a): The Backtrack.


    Tool - Eulogy.......


    Group Four by Massive Attack is another one.

  32. Beau McDermid

    Don't have to tell me twice...

  33. dumaskhan

    this song is pure sex!

  34. ryudo113

    Smoke that fucking weed, boy..

  35. Kamila Fernanda


  36. Abraham Rosales

    I find this song very sexy

  37. Chris Johnson

    GIMMMEEE THAT WINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But seriously pass the red, i'm getting thirsty.

  38. karthany

    You should see how many times I've pressed play on this album.

  39. Ruairidh041

    839 views? Criminal.

    Raphael Vize

    49,000 now ;)



  40. Marcelo Manriquez

    mi cancion favorita del disco :) la letra es super cuatica o:

  41. slackerjames

    bollock crinklingly good