Townsend, Devin - Dinosaurs Lyrics

And you know you're the only
And you're told that it's only
If you're only the lonely fool

While you know you're corroding
The intelligence
Says it's only the road but
You're arrogant
After all that you've been through
You're so damn cheeky

Oh my daddy, bend this moment
I'll be damned if you're gonna take it alone

I'll be damned

Yeah you're old and you know it
And you're told that you wrote it
To hell with this!
'Cause we know that you're only fuel
And this is so damn easy

Slow dog comin' to steal your bone and
You're on and on as you've always done
But oh my god you gotta give it some more, well
We're all evolved in dinosaurs

We all want it, hey, don't talk about it
We all want it, hey, we are, we are
We all want it, hey, don't talk about it
We all want it, hey, we are, we are

We're all dinosaurs
We're all dinosaurs

Ladies and gentlemen
Come to I
From the center of time
Humans rejoicing
Please, feel for me

We praise Satan!
He lives inside of our hearts!
We praise Satan!
He lives inside of our hearts!
We're all dinosaurs!
We're all dinosaurs!

We praise Satan!
He lives inside of our hearts!
We praise Satan!
He lives inside of our hearts!

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Townsend, Devin Dinosaurs Comments
  1. Laurus Nobilis

    Thansk for the song and lyrics! At 3:20 I constalntly hear "hive" not "I" but I might be wrong

  2. Laurus Nobilis

    This is perfect happy birthday song! :D

  3. Luis Amador

    I could listen this song in spotify

  4. Michael Buckley

    this was probably an idea left on the chopping block for a part of mighty masturbator that devin just fleshed out into a seperate demo

  5. Trigger Bunny

    Had no idea this existed. <3

  6. FreakingJames

    Could actually fit in either deconstruction or empath

  7. The Radium

    It's amazing how his demos are better than 99% of all the music out there.

  8. Xavier Nicholas

    It is interesting that it became The Mighty Masturbator

  9. Thomas Schumann

    This song literally makes me envision a dapper T-Rex in a waistcoat, monocle, and derby strutting down the street to the beat


    Sorry close as I could find....

  10. ZhasX3

    Why do I love his weird shit so much?

  11. AnewKINDofFEELIN

    This song convinces me that Dev should collaborate with Adrian Belew.


    + tony levin for the ultimate bald-prog experience (well tbh dtp is almost that already)

  12. ganondorfchampin

    This is a demo version of the Mighty Masturbater.


    Look up Traestorz

  13. Fat Albert Fan Club

    Thank you Zeurel! This is fucking awesome!

  14. Kyle J. West

    This reminds me of "Repo! The Genetic Opera" for some reason.... but in a good way.

  15. Julien Zealator

    Magnificent. Once you go brach, you don't go back. Unless you text with rex, then, second helpings are in due course. Great music.

  16. HoryBP

    I listen to this song almost daily for over 2 years. It has everything I expect from perfect song. Devin is great man, perfect musician. This song stands on the same place with the whole Deconstruction CD and Tool. Clear perfection.

    Bass Ruigrok

    Ever heard "I believe what you said! " remixed by Leaetherstrip , I know for sure you`ll love it!

  17. fossil Sol

    The Light Bringer of the Golden Apple<".">

  18. Abracax


  19. Pico Ferret

    I feel the same. As an an amateur musician/composer I find such inspiration in Devin's music, especially as it's so varied.

  20. Tony

    Devin should just make an album with demos and B-sides.


    Assordid Demos 1 & 2

  21. •Φ•

    Praise Thyself. It's what Your Satan would have wanted...

  22. Mollifier16616111


    N 1

    Mollifier16616111 lol not

    The Radium

    It's the lyrics

  23. MrBlargman13

    This song is fraking heavy! Love it!

  24. vitormalta

    ok i dig so much today I've found dinosaurs..

  25. lostsanityreturned

    translate the lyrics? they are in english they don't need translation

  26. TheLord Fenris

    If this guy inspires the hell out of me. Nothing he doe's is the same, and the sounds he creates are just masterful. Am glad to have had the honor in this life time to be able to hear what Devin comes up with. keep it freaky man!!!

  27. Fabio1349

    I can hear the smell of a little Deconstruction, if you know what I mean...

    Magdalena Jędzierowska

    Mighty Masturbator, the part of praising Satan, and stuff, yeah

  28. Ricardo Petinga

    I'd say it's as good as the best on Epicloud. Then again, it's hard to equal the likes of "Save Our Now", "Kingdom" and "Grace". Devin Townsend's music is consistently good, just in different ways and for different moods. Even the most awkward songs tend to grow on you if you give them the chance.

  29. vernitico

    Devin Townsend's musical IQ is way over 9000.

  30. Rodney Razorshorts

    Kinda Tom Waits-y. Nice.

  31. Tony Pittman

    Right on....will do
    If it helps you at all (I actually tried to type some tab in the box here but it said error.) The song (as I play it) is in Cm.

  32. Harry WaitforitJohnson

    If this happens send me the link! It's always cool to see more obscure songs from artists getting covered.

  33. Tony Pittman's actually pretty easy.

    I'll try to get a bro to do up some drums for me and see if I can get something done

  34. Harry WaitforitJohnson

    You can play this on guitar??

    Dude, that is sick! You should upload a lil' guitar cover 'cause I gotta see this! :)

  35. Zombolic Music Productions

    really? that's your opinion... epicloud is different that's all. its still just as much a masterpiece as all his albums

  36. bowlofmash

    this is just like nothing else on earth......epicloud is gonna be immense too

  37. S.B

    you're so damn cheeky

  38. bowlofmash

    i was saying this bout Juno, its one of my favourites that he has done

  39. Tony Pittman

    I'd like to thank you...From this recording I was able to pick out a bit of what was going on and I can now play this. Adding to my collection of badassery by Devin which I can emulate.

  40. Manny1222

    You are making me envious. D: I hate you. :( Balls!

  41. emkatmil17

    his music just keeps getting better

  42. impcnrd

    fuck dat shit

  43. tonimessia

    you're not alone!^^

  44. whopperharpooneer

    The funny thing about mr. Townsend is that his unreleased tracks are worth way more than almost any other artist's top hits

  45. Jason Dewey

    Awesome stuff....I love it...LOVE IT I TELL YA !!!!!!

  46. Manny1222

    I need to buy Contain us SO BAD! Like you don't even know. Like, This>Boobs, bad.

  47. Spencer Whiting

    This and Juno need to appear on Epicloud. Or somewhere in the form of a reasonably priced physical CD. Because I need. Need. PS Anneke makes every song she touches ten times better. In my opinion, THE sexiest voice ever recorded.

  48. Travis Nelson

    I love this! I can't believe I haven't heard this till now.

  49. Rory Burgess

    Fucking love this song

  50. federz666

    if devin townsend and puscifer became one ha

  51. Sodhats

    @JustinLewiston It'd fit Deconstruction really well. It's as dark and theatrical as something like Juular.

  52. kingfullmetal

    @JustinLewiston Yeah, I've been noticing that a lot lately, too. The thing is, though, that he changes it enough to make the meaning of the song/lyric different. Take, for example, Hyperdrive/hyperdrive!. hyperdrive! is much more upbeat and has a quicker tempo, making it more of a cheery song, as opposed to the more longing effect of Hyperdrive. Devin is just amazing, plain and simple.

  53. Justin Lewiston

    @kingfullmetal I'm pretty sure this was meant for Addicted! It has Anneke and is kinda dancy. It just a demo so its hard to tell though. He uses lyrics over again all the time lol. Like, stuff from YEARS ago is showing up on the DTP stuff. Like, stuff from his really early demos.

  54. T3rminX

    Regarding bugasmike and all like him: Just don't respond. As I said there's a difference between expressing your opinion and being an ass, and I won't tolerate the latter on my videos. Keep it civil.

  55. T3rminX

    @bugasmike Anneke? Autotune? kaybro
    No, I'm not going to fuck off of my own comment section, thanks. You're allowed to say you don't enjoy it, that's fine. But there's a difference between "I don't enjoy Anneke's vocals" and "anneke ruins another great townsend song i hope he stops using this bitch". One more comment like that and I will be removing your shit. Keep it civil or don't post at all.

  56. T3rminX

    @bugasmike You're one of those "MOAR SYL" kids I'm guessing
    If you don't enjoy the music, kindly fuck off.

  57. Patrick Rodgers

    @bugasmike Maybe that's why you got banned from the HDR forums?

  58. sylunatic

    some of the best lyrics dev has ever wrote.

  59. kingfullmetal

    @turfele It's pretty distinctly Deconstruction-esque, and some of the lyrics were taken for The Mighty Masturbator, so yeah, I'm sure he just scrapped the song because it wouldn't have gone well with the other songs. It sounds very much like the other songs, but has a much slower tempo then most of them, and the phrase he used in TMM was expanded upon, giving the song more meaning. Still a great song, though.

  60. Hakita

    @turfele It was only just released in the vinyl version of the new-ish Contain Us box-set, so yeah, I would consider it a part of the DTP.

  61. Thure Leiste

    It's DT Project, isn't it?

  62. lydianguy

    @isktrfu Don't sweat it. It's the statement of a naive kid trying to make their way in the world by making anonymous abitrary statements to garner a reaction. He'll live and learn.

  63. Carnegie

    I think it's "Oh my daddy built this moment"

    Seems to make a little more sense

  64. bovinemarauder

    @macadoolahicky No because that would be just dumb, he did state he doesn't care about downloading but also stated he is not going to upload it for download. He is aware there is no reason to get angry or annoyed when people download it for free as there is nothing you can do, uploading it himself is just bad business.

  65. bovinemarauder

    @Trin305 use Youtubedownloader man, it can download it and convert it into the file format you require, and you can set the quality! Peace

  66. Andy Robison

    @666danielclark666 Yah so daaamn cheeekyyy

  67. Andy Robison

    @666danielclark666 Yah so daaamn cheeekyyy

  68. Daniel Clark

    @engraveddrummer Yeah, you showed him! :L

  69. Andy Robison

    @bugasmike BOOBIES!

  70. macadoolahicky

    @ShortSonata94 he may say that, but in all honesty if he really really didn't give a shit about it, he would put it up for download himself.

  71. macadoolahicky

    @ShortSonata94 or buy the box set hoe

  72. Andy Robison

    @bugasmike Yes, I am retarded. I'm glad that the world shall now evolve from me. EVERYBODY GROW 3 LEGS!

  73. Andy Robison

    @bugasmike Bugasmike ruins another great townsend song, I hope you stop commenting bitch.

  74. cacox

    @bugasmike You're crazy.

  75. Justin Lewiston

    Dat Sax :D

  76. Justin Bolz

    Gah! I ordered this box-set two-months ago, and it still hasn't even shipped to my house yet! gah! This is some swanky stuff though. *snaps fingers*

  77. ReptillianHighPriest

    This shit gives me a boner!

  78. Cynn's old channel

    If this what could have been in the middle of "The Mighty Masturbator", I would have enjoyed it even more. I love the song already, but good lord, this would have been so much better.

  79. CyanideSovereign

    @isktrfu Thanks.

  80. CyanideSovereign

    Who is the female vocalist?

  81. Onni Korhonen

    @ShortSonata94 ww w. mrtzcmp3 . net /Devin_Townsend_Project_Dinosaurs_1s.html
    There you go, just remove the spacebars from the url. In the site press the download icon on the right.

  82. T3rminX

    @bahkjehu I did not.

  83. T3rminX

    @psyoptica Yeah I know. They got my Ziltoidian Rapture vid.

  84. T3rminX

    @ucanleaveurHATEon No
    And If I did they certainly wouldn't be in the description

  85. Seligsuper

    @TheCarrotsoffire nom

  86. T3rminX

    Quite welcome.

  87. Onslaught Six

    @T3rminX Thanks.

  88. gog3366

    Also, @T3rminX, i think Onslaughtttitude wanted a link to where their album is freely available (in high quality). From what I understand, it is not widely available for free.

  89. gog3366

    It's on the first page of htis for me. nnm DOT ru SLASH blogs SLASH damir2 SLASH devin-townsend-project-2011-contain-us-box-set-lossless-mp3

  90. T3rminX

    Can't post links on Youtube, apparently. Search "Devin Townsend A Ziltoidian Rapture mp3", should be on the first page. It's a Russian site, so you'll have to figure out how to sign up & navigate it yourself

  91. Onslaught Six

    Can you point me to the site? Or upload it to megaupload, sendspace, etc.?

  92. Pyrocy

    Thanks for upping this, awesome song. In similar vein to Bad Devil.