Townsend, Devin - Away Lyrics

(I'm an idiot)
(Well stop being an idiot then!)

Even though I've made a few new friends
It's hard to be back here in Sweden again
As above and so below my friend
It's hard to be back here in Sweden again

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Townsend, Devin Away Comments
  1. Jim


  2. Dj May

    Reminds me of buckethead

  3. Dick Schievink

    To me , one of the best songs ever made ! 😎

    dmoneygc 208

    Absolutely, man! Away never, ever seems to get the credit it deserves. Nothing like sparking a bowl up to this song, been doing so for over a decade.

    jjwp 1988

    @dmoneygc 208
    Needing drugs to enjoy music is for losers.

  4. Ivan Petrow

    HELP! Who can understand the background words in INTRO (from 0-20 to 0-30), in the middle part (from 3-20 to 3-40), and female OUTRO (from 7-00, maybe it’s a part/sample/quote of some other song?). It’s a great song and I wanna know everything about it!
    INTRO: I can hear some words like: “…scientist, scientist”. The voice is very similar to the spoken intro of Fear Factory’s “Final exit”.
    MIDDLE PART: Sounds like (I’m sure, I’m wrong, but maybe it’s like):
    (Uh… Uh-ouh, leave me out, uh…
    So come in on, come in)


    Outro is Someone To Watch Over Me by Ella Fitzgerald

    Ivan Petrow

    Awesome!!! Thank you!!!

    dmoneygc 208

    INTRO - "I couldn't help myself! The universe's English and science, and science...."

  5. BuntingBMX

    Every layer is Devin!

  6. crazy horse29

    In my top ten metal songs to trip out on headphones. Thanks Devin you and your bands skill almost make time stand still. EPIC.

    Adeeb Shakhawat

    crazy horse29 i would like to know other 9

  7. Vlad Daemon

    If only he arranged this splendid guitar solo in an entire song... Eh, what an erase!

  8. drocka36

    I wanna hit like but its at 666...

  9. Dylan Francesconi

    reminds me of steve vai's weeping china doll


    yeah you can definitely tell he took some inspiration from vai in his guitar playing

    Chris Petersen

    I believe weeping china doll was made after this song, so if anything steve vai was inspired by devin

    Dylan Francesconi

    Yeah, I just heard the former first is all. I love both artists :)

  10. Ivan Petrow

    HELP! Who knows outro's lyrics from 0-23 to 0-30? It says everywhere that it's like (I'm an adiot etc.), but I don't hear it... Maybe be it's something different, 'cause the booklet sometimes contain Devin's thoughts, but not really what he sung.

    dmoneygc 208

    It's 'I couldn't help myself...The universe's English, and science, and science....'

  11. Etienne

    I absolutely love this song. And I can play it in standard tuning. Does anyone know if this could be called ''Modal playing''? I'm still new to guitar and I'm trying to understand it more. If so, what mode is it? (I'm guessing Aolien?) What key is it? (I'm guessing C major?)

    Dylan Francesconi

    Aolian is a way to put it, it does have minor tonality (aolian is the natural minor scale) and it's also very pentatonic sounding just based off my ear training. There are definitely moments it has a splash of major tonality thrown in which is typically a dorian thing when in a minor key unless there was a key change into a major key which would mean it's Ionian

    Minton Branham

    Etienne yes this definitely modal playing. All western music is essentially modal playing, just to varying degrees.

  12. BytemeVV -

    Devy the Innovator of ALL that is Hevy... still love listening to this song at dusk or at sunrise

  13. BytemeVV -

    2:44 Sounds like NES Punchout Lil Mac fall effect

  14. WeWantYouToStay

    Devin needs to put an instrumental like this on the new album. It's one of his most unique and incredible pieces and that guitar tone is just sensational

  15. Robbie h

    The fact that im 30 been into metal, alternative and anything thats written with passion soul all my life, only just started breathing in this music. What have i missed out on!


    Robbie h Take it as a blessing. It's good to still be amazed at an older age

  16. Adam D.G

    The fact that this only has 100k views after 8 years on youtube is a disgrace.

    Adam D.G

    @miranda burton yes and the way he executes his experimental-type albums is amazing.

    The Preacher

    Although i agree good music likle Devin rarely have big impact on a general crowd

    Sadie Smith

    Innit! It's the first time I've had a favoutire band since I was about 14!
    I had Ziltoid and Addicted then, but am fortunate enough to have rediscovered his entire discography now.
    There is so much to listen to that at any given time there is a DT song that will fit my mood...

    Churchanddestroy churchanddestroy

    I've lost all faith in humanity!


    buy the album and feel even better

  17. Yung Kirk

    This falls in the genre of Post-Rock.


    I'd sort of agree, but I've never heard any post-rock similar to this, particularly the guitar tone. It's the most mesmerising, deep, lush guitar tone I have ever heard and it's closer to metal than rock but again no post-metal is like this either. If you know any post-rock that is anything like this or that takes you, for lack of a better word, away, in a similar way to this, then I would very much like to know :)


    5150 + ping pong delay, there ya go

  18. WeWantYouToStay

    This is one of devins hardest pieces to wrap your head around... but once you understand it, you go places when you listen to this

  19. Ghostnova100

    Is this God Speaking?

    DC 33879

    Ghostnova100 Pretty much.

  20. TheMetalhead678

    This gave my ears an orgasm.

  21. Ryan Spurlock

    A transition of peace

  22. SkyScenery

    Double eargasm... ;))

  23. Roberta Effe

    IMMENSO..... \m/ 

  24. Mike Maas

    Devin really is a special musician. I love the way his notes resonate. He doesn't need to play fancy and fast to be good. No widdly wanky stuff. Although he can do that stuff better than half the bands out there! May you live forever.

    jjwp 1988

    5:37 widdly, wanky stuff 😂

  25. Spikey Wikey

    where is 7:46 from? it sounds like some old jazz song

    ontheupside bradskinomaths

    My wife and I both reckon it sounds like Jeff Buckley. I'm dying to know what it is!


    The song is "Someone to Watch Over Me" by Ella Fitzgerald.

    Spikey Wikey

    @eonblue32 Thank you sir, indeed. Its her. But i guess, Devin reverbed her voice somehow on this track. It sounds more like contralto voice range.


    @Spikey Wikey He lowered the pitch (which can be done easily, and added reverb for the "echo" effect of being far away

    Lynx Lefay

    My god, thank you! That was bugging me big time. I love how Devin appreciates all kinds of music. Heard he's even an Enya fan!

  26. vitormalta

    ahahah vai rip off devin


    You sure that isn’t Vai since Devin did a cd with him in 93?

  27. William Augusto

    Steve Vai and Devin both inspire! They are true masters!

  28. dexyfex

    It's wah + dist + some reverb/delay

    härjaren Langstrumpf

    dexyfex Fantastic combo

  29. realkidrage

    im trying to figure out what guitar effect he is using sounds like some delay, reverb and a phaser ?

  30. NightmareGuitarist

    Steve Vai and Devin use to tour together back in the 90s

    I can see Vai still listening to Townsend's stuff and getting influenced


    Devin was in Vai in 19931 Sex and Religion cd

  31. Andy Brown

    Sounds like Weeping China Doll by Steve Vai haha

    Sadie Smith

    I believe Weeping China Doll sounds like this song?
    This came out yeeears before

    Daniel Johnstone

    Sadie Smith that's irrelevant to the point he was making. He didn't say he copied Steve vai


    Daniel Johnstone I actually think it’s Vai, since Devin was in Vai in 93.

    dmoneygc 208

    No, it is in fact Dev peforming this. I also find it funny how every Vai fanboy comes to this song leaving comments that strongly suggest that Dev ripped his song off, when it was out years and years before Vai's.

  32. Paul Ozz

    As far as I know this is the beginning of the end of your journey to find good music. He did write and record demos with ez drummer but this is a full studio production. Take 10 minutes of your time to research that this album is quite old actually.

  33. michael antle

    this song is truly amazing

  34. gojirametallica

    I hate just having the song without the CD it came from, i bought like 12 of his songs on iTunes and they're all incomplete, but if i bought it on CD i wouldn't have this problem

  35. gojirametallica

    I hate the annotations that remind me to buy his music because there is no store in Winnipeg to buy it

  36. RadamentsLair

    Zero dislikes. What a telltale sign :}

  37. Dagon Naxos

    3:00-3:45 makes my heart ache every time.... That's how you know it's great music!

  38. KlrRaptoR

    61000 views and 0 dislikes, woo hoo go Devin!

  39. Vigilante606

    Always love this song, never gets old. I always wondered the story of Dev's friend and what exactly happened in Sweden at the time. Oh well, the song gives it mystery and I'm not gonna mess with it. Love it sooooooooo much though and curiousity reigns supreme. 'Ack! Just listen to the song dude! XD'

  40. kingfullmetal

    @DrTranizRisingChaos If you follow him on Twitter or Facebook, he just recently stated that he was focusing on Z2 this year, hopefully having it out either late this year or sometime next year.

  41. Adel Ghanem

    The song is so relaxing
    i can listen to it for hours and days, even years and not get bored of the tune
    they really are something to have a song with no dislikes

  42. dreamtheater1957

    Devin... you are the coolest f'in nerd on this planet!!

  43. Ray Carolan


  44. CyanideSovereign

    @bringbackoldlab Cheers!

  45. CyanideSovereign

    @megaterra69 \m/

  46. Brian Bovidio

    @CyanideSovereign funkadelic - maggot brain

  47. KlrRaptoR

    Chuck Norris wants this song played at his funeral.

  48. CyanideSovereign

    @CyanideSovereign Hear*

  49. CyanideSovereign

    Attention unwashed masses.

    I'm bored and want to expand my Music library. Here is a template:

    Cloudkicker - watch?v=F8Rt7u7fnIk

    Decapitated - watch?v=3Bk6hoZRGLs

    Acid Bath - watch?v=ZuDMZAvf5gw

    If you have any seggestion ov good bands I'd love to here Them Cheers.

  50. Anything2bCool

    Love this song. Makes me imagine being in a warm wood mill or workshop with pine trees outside and dusky rays of sun shining in through grubby windows highlighting all the dust. Theres all this rusty broken-up radio equipment around the place. Its comfy. And theres this beautiful chick hanging out there with you too. Anyone else get anything similar when they hear this?

    dmoneygc 208

    This song evokes such a drastically vivid mental image of tranquility and oneness with every atom of the universe that surrounds, that it doesn't even need the two scant lines of lyric that accompany the song. (although I still like the little couplet), on another note, I wish Jim Morrison had lived long enough to do some spoken word poetry over a performance of this song. Other than that small curiosity, this song is perfect to me in every way as it stands.

  51. sean k

    Sounds to me like a tip of the hat from when Dev worked WITH STEVE VIA!!!!

  52. MrEshed123

    @HadBrunt99 3 months, so far so good!

  53. macadoolahicky

    @Jaymz515 lo;lololol =]

  54. James Corker

    @o0ZporK0o Of course, I meant to type 'honestly', but I think 'SYL' was prominent in my mind.


  55. MrsLoveNhate

    ...just been carried away... fuckin orgasmic! TY Devin <3

  56. OshiDood

    This reminds me of last summer, amazing song

  57. LicoriceLain

    Should be labeled as "relentlessly ethereal"

  58. Germano Mingolla

    Same as you my friend, I've spend more then 30 years of my life without knowing of Devin's exsistence, but I'm so glad I finally discovered him to make my life better.

  59. Germano Mingolla

    Devin is a musical dream come true.

  60. albatross1988

    Does anyone know where the female vocals right at the end of the song are sampled from?

  61. HadBrunt99

    No dislikes. Damn straight. (now that I said that, someone will though, just to be an ass)

  62. CareyPortnoyBeauford

    seriously i've been on a hardcore musical journey in the past two years looking for the best music of any genre. from extremely heavy metal to funk and jazz. but i came across devin by accident on youtube. i cant even begin to express how impressed i am with his music. i LOVE his sound. i have so much respect for him.

  63. teniootti

    @AvantGrapes Why don't you just call it music?

  64. DaveDragon1985

    @AvantGrapes Its called DEVY METAL!!

  65. skullz1312

    Whenever I listen to this song, it just takes me away to a different know what I mean? I just...forget whatever was on my mind and drown in the eargasmic atmosphere this song it's so relaxing.

  66. fjelding

    @Bobsikus If it is I shall be listening to Dynamics while I watch the world burn.

  67. metalmattm

    @metalmattm I use the tears for masturbation also.

  68. Davy en Ilse

    @ItsZebraMan same here!!!! ME like very very

  69. metalmattm

    I feel Devin does Vai better than Vai does. This song is so good it almost makes my weep.

    Daniel Johnstone

    metalmattm absolutely false

  70. CrapDice

    Ziltoid delivered my mail this morning

  71. Dorian Hayward

    I am fucking ADDICTED to Devin Townsend's music!
    There's not one single song i dislike from this musical genious!

  72. MikeAsHimself

    @Jonrock94 Seriously, buy the whole album. It's so fucking worth it OMG...

  73. oAPXo

    I wonder what he used for the last part, but Devin always knows how to make something into gold. :D

  74. Moises Moura

    Who would have thought that God was born in Canada? :)

  75. yeleikdaags

    No one else makes music that really takes me to another place like Devin's music does...

  76. Tony Gazza

    this riff is truly difficult to hear something like that around....pure expression at his best

  77. vonPickles

    So much feeling...said with so little words...

  78. theoneandonlylonely1

    It's a great song!!

  79. Adam Smith

    all my favorite Devin Townsend songs [including SYL] are on Accelerated Evolution and unfortunately my iPod fucked up the entire album so now i have to come on here to listen to my favorite songs =[ Away and Storm are my top two

  80. salmacis81

    Don't forget the song Storm. It's great too.

  81. E S

    ok ;)

  82. adrianvdb

    Devin said it himself on the forum. :)

  83. E S

    I demand a source for this "REVENGE OF ZILTIOD" Album before I get my hopes up, because if it isn't real, ill have to Hide my internal, SUICIDE!!!!! All my pride just to keep it inside!! Keep it inside BOY!!!!!!!!!! Also, the 4th album is called ghost, its mentioned on his website....

  84. EnragedSephiroth

    Epic song from an epic album from an epic musician, what do you expect? It's got win-win-fucking-win all over it.

  85. TriippyHiippy

    Ya i love this song so much well im a stoner write but m not like a fucking moron or stuiped im mellow and anyways i listen to this song when i riped and it amazing....not thats it differnt but just sound more clear i gess!xD

  86. Michael Macri

    hands down i think tis is one of the best song i ever heard

  87. Marius

    it's on youtube. just search for it

  88. adrianvdb

    There you go! I recomend to buy the album on Devins ebay website if you want it.

  89. Michael Combs

    The intro is perfect just the way he made it.

  90. adrianvdb

    oh okay. yeah i know. They did the sex and religion album together.

  91. salmacis81

    Of course he was influenced by Steve Vai more than Pink Floyd. We know each other Devin was his singer in early 90's. Anyway, I was Talking particulary about this song.

  92. adrianvdb

    i think its more influeced by Steve vai. But if you can hear some PF im sure there is ;)

  93. salmacis81

    If you close your eyes and begin to listening deeply, I can bet Devin has a Pink Floyd influence in this song. The atmospheres that he creates remember me things from that band.

  94. Brudoch

    I just came.

  95. countable

    Its because Devin discontinued all his albums so any that are produced new are done so under (really expensive) licence. My fiancee got me Terria for my 18th and she said she looked high and low for it but ended up asking a mate of hers to help her out.

  96. startfirst

    oh my god this song is so fucking you that gooood feeling inside, just like that feeling you get when you have the first cup of freshly ground coffee in the morning :)
    Devin Townsend is a fuckin god.
    love this so much.

  97. OcelotDAD

    absolutely agree.

  98. feedthemonkey83

    I love this riff ... its easy to play, but its hard to let it sound with that feeling ^^

  99. countable

    I think hevydevy is the only place you can actually get these albums new. You could probably buy them second hand from amazon or something but that cant compare to holding a fresh copy in your hands :)

  100. adrianvdb

    go to the hevydevy website.