Townes Van Zandt - Sixteen Summers, Fifteen Falls Lyrics

Let me tell you a story 'bout a girl I knew
Fairest skin with eyes of blue
I swear to the lord that I loved her true
It's a year now she's been gone

Well her spirit was as bright as the soft sunshine
Lips the color of strawberry wine
I wish to God she still was mine
But the chance won't come again

After first we lay in love's sweet bed
With one look at her eyes I might have read
All the pain that was flyin' through her head
Through my guilt I could not see

Oh, I turned to her when the mornin' came
Hungry thoughts racin' through my brain
But the knife in her heart screamed herself she'd slain
And a note whispered love too soon

Oh her old man screamed and her mother cried
All I could do was to wonder why
A girl in her youth was forced to die
Is lovin' such a crime?

She died (few in years) with breasts still small
Seeing sixteens summers and fifteen falls
Me and my blindness never realized all
The fear she kept inside

Let me tell you a story 'bout a girl I knew
Fairest skin with eyes of blue
I swear to the lord that I loved her true

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Townes Van Zandt Sixteen Summers, Fifteen Falls Comments
  1. TheColdrush22

    Weird fade-out.

  2. Brandon Floyd

    The Ennio Morricone vibe is strong with this one.

  3. Patricia Ribaric

    I wish I could hear this song with just him and his guitar the way he meant it to be. The leeches that sucked the life out of him perverted his music by drowning out his purity. Damn them!!!

    Aston Piras

    im searching for a version with just him and his guitar too!

    Diann Mabus

    @Aston Piras Please post it if you find it.

  4. David Cruz

    So good inspiration

  5. Megan Mcardle

    speaking to my soul

  6. sober leech

    What a gem...

  7. Alexandre Lauret

    WOW! Epic western film playing in my head!

  8. rochaleve

    Ever heard Victor Jara?

  9. Sebastian Weber

    True Poet

  10. Gamesgamer1337

    and bob would agree

  11. Tom Verköuter


  12. wheelmanstan

    I LOVE the whole "the good the bad the ugly" type sound. Man this is awesome. The man was and is the best of the best, period.

  13. Nigel Mccluskey

    @Bandit4Pabst I agree!

  14. Jonathan Michael

    Thank you for posting this, andrijadragon.

  15. Deimoshunter

    My dad had this album. Some great songs on it.

  16. Bandit4Pabst

    Great Song, Great Songwriter, "And i'll stand on Bob Dylans Coffee Table And Say That"

    Shawn Wilson

    Bandit4Pabst in my cowboy boots

  17. michalis2271

    andrijadragon thank you for this song. Townes Van Zandt was great. His music is just amazing and he sings like he pains. Thanks Townes wherever you are.
    Michalis from Greece

  18. MissNOLA55

    If it's not...Should have been in one of the westerns of the time

  19. TheEndKing

    Wow! Always good to hear some van Zandt that I haven't heard before...