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Tove Lo Shedontknowbutsheknows Comments
  1. Hector Trev

    This is my fucking anthem

  2. Roz Sailo

    I'm in love n totally crazy about it..all time favourite 💞

  3. Tove Lo


  4. Jennifer Miller

    Who would cheat on Tove lo????? NOT ME she's beautiful and by her lyrics shes sensitive and I mean why for what reason ????

  5. Daniel Almir

    I always sang "What a bless we've had a good time" instead of "Hooked up last week, had a good time"

  6. Izabella Bonifacio Santos

    who is this girl with short hair?

    Favaro Leone


  7. Vanessa Lopes


  8. Vanessa Lopes


  9. Vanessa Lopes


  10. Vanessa Lopes


  11. lio lef

    crazy beat

  12. Andson Rebello

    What is this video trying to tell? Is there a point?


    This video is just the cleaner snippets of a longer video for the song and album. I haven't seen it but I think it would end up that: The grocery store guy plays the part of the singer of the song (unknowingly hooks up with someone who isn't single.) Tove lo plays the subject of the song, the girl who "don't know (the exact details or proof) but she knows (she might be getting cheated on.)" Cheated on by the turd in the roller skates


    Now that I watched the full thing, I was wrong. The full short film is just about the two girls who are both single friends. It's their weekend out, set to Tove Lo songs. But shedon'tknowbutsheknow doesn't play fully, so this video is just a re-edit with the full song playing over it. Btw, the short film doesn't seem to have a deep meaning, it's just a setting for the songs I think.

  13. angrysonic10

    This Quality of production, and storytelling reminds me of "San Junipero" from the Black Mirror Series! Especially in the Dancing Club scene! It's so good! I love it!

  14. Amelia Johnson

    Well I’m gonna start roller skating

  15. Kirsty Starkie

    Cant believe ive loved this song for nearly a year and only just seen the vid. The whole album is fire i swear

  16. Eric Silva

    Tove Lo - Sherkeiktrfkdmemrnkrkekmrnmmmfkdiekrmmrfk

  17. Yitong Tao

    I play it on my lil VW everyday

  18. Devante Porter

    She’s so sexy ❤️💕

  19. Kenia hot


  20. xoMelissa44ox

    I absolutely LOVE Tove Lo, but I don't get this video at all. It's one of my fav songs off the album, but the video... I just don't get it. Hate on me all you want. I give zero fucks!!! ;)

  21. euphrentic

    This video doesn't match the music at all. This could have destroyed like the song already does. Smh


    Go watch the short film (blue lips)

  22. Deion Slim

    Favorite Part! 0:42

  23. joeybistoocool

    i feel freedom

  24. Nay

    Someone know why this was banned?

    Kyle Benoit

    Nay It’s an excerpt from a longer vid of tove’s where her tits were showing. Not Youtube appropriate, so...

  25. Annie

    Why so little views and comments on this one? What happened guys? Tove Lo is famous now

    Cam Wallace

    Because it doesn't official, it's a fan acc

  26. Kyla

    does anyone know what movie this is?

    Miguel Olmos

    Blue Lips (Short Film)

  27. anderson urbano

    Caralho que moreninha linda e gostosa,música fera

  28. Maria Eduarda Xavier Messias

    best music

  29. pornnatcha opthom

    I like every song you <3

  30. Judah Levine

    I love this song. Tove Lo writes in so many cool styles it blows my dome.

  31. 内田ロビン

    Omg my favorite song finally have MUSIC VIDEO!!

    Tove Lo

    im so exited

    Flavia Mansilla

    ILY drop new music i need u so bad

  32. Geethanjali VR

    Share this video like hell.....
    She deserves lot more....
    If yes like

  33. Anon 20495

    This song always gets me lit omg

  34. Belisse Onjou

    tell me why BLUE LIPS went under everyones noses the album fucking claps

  35. Melanie News

    62 views? bug or real? 😱💘

    Belisse Onjou

    the whole album looks like it went under the radar

    Rose Dutra

    This is not official

    Leon Kharkongor

    Not the official Tove Lo channel. I think the movie is banned on YouTube

  36. jvittor


    Daniel Almir

    Scrr 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Marcos Souza