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Toulouse No Running From Me Comments
  1. Yusuf Gönenli

    çok hoş gerçekten bi türk olarak vallahine çok hyoştur

  2. Yusuf Gönenli

    ı love you

  3. Michelle Garcia

    Felices christmas

  4. Sarah Joan

    The link to the book from fithy shades of grey:

  5. Denise Cataudella

    It’s “You’re sure you don’t want me back?”


    Loved you comment

  6. Khanh Vy

    red room here we come!!!!!!!!!!! it’s a sexy song

  7. rndmbrowser

    Tracy Chapman - Give Me One Reason

  8. Pham Thuy Anh

    the pool table scene is so.....enlightened

  9. Raven Phonixe

    "No you're not puttin' those in my butt!"
    Y'all, I died 50 times! #50Shades 😊🖤😊

  10. Kinga Rz


  11. keyler Narváez

    M gusta

  12. Arthur Greve

    Fishing nice

  13. Patt Arizia

    luv this song

  14. Alisha khan

    "How's it feel?
    but good" 😰

    Kinga Rz

    Why this emoji?

  15. Brandi Naron

    Told you!!! B.u

  16. Claudia Ohee

    Red room here we come 😍❤

  17. Welid Zlapovich

    the new Joe Coker ?!!

  18. Brandi Naron

    Not going to. No spills I know what you do. Not my frist at all........ I know how this works just as soon as you think they want to get closer to me. When u jump in and scare them off. Which is fine with me. Love you

  19. Kylie Rimmer

    No, your not putting those in my butt!

  20. Kimberly Mae Velasquez

    Red room here we come😂😂😂

  21. Lori Wise

    You sure you dont want me back ???? There aint no running from me..x

  22. Parita Shirodkar

    Well I'm alive
    Your blood is pumping through these veins
    I'll catch you by surprise
    I'm coming back to take the rein
    Now you're free and well
    Just giving a while
    Time will tell
    You're under my spell, oh
    There ain't no running from me, no, no, no
    There ain't no running from me, yeah
    Oh no
    I'm not a saint
    Nor am I one for smooth edges
    When I'm around
    Calamity comes out to play
    Haven't you heard the news
    That I get to chose
    How it plays out
    No matter how you scream and shout
    There ain't no running from me, no, no, no, no
    There ain't no running from me, yeah
    No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
    There ain't no running from me
    Oh no
    You're sure you don't want the back, mmh
    You're sure you don't want the back
    I am here to stay
    There ain't no running from me, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
    There ain't no running from me, no, no, no, no, no, no
    No where to run not where to hide, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
    No no, oh no

  23. greysesseds colombia


  24. Eunice Audian

    ciao bella

  25. Eunice Audian

    this is actually my favorite sound track from the fifty shades darker

  26. TheSelec71

    ti sto parlando

  27. lovely L

    The sexiest song ive ever heard

  28. Georgia Bowring1

    Red room here we come.....

  29. rebe di benedetto

    me encanta

  30. otabeaftiful ota

    No no ,oh no 🎶🎶🎶🎧❤

  31. Catelen diedericks

    ❤without sinners there won't be any saints

  32. tomy limon moreno

    amo a christian grey

  33. D K A D

    Love song 💘

  34. lay lay bernardes

    Essa música é top demais, nossa de queixo...

  35. lay lay bernardes

    Minha música favorita

  36. Slavko Cosic

    This Rocks<3...

  37. Diana Sombra

    Hooo a cena dessa música é massa!

  38. Supattra Chaipanha


  39. Andreza Silva


  40. Cheery Blossom Mikami

    🇯🇵 love this song

  41. Kuba Svensk

    i will play it on drums someday


    OH my god amazing music and lyrics love it😍😍🔥🔥

  43. Alise Smith

    Omg! Its so sexy when this song played in the movie

  44. zaid aljanabi

    Love this song she’s fantastic
    Me from in Iraq 🇮🇶

  45. Lori Wise

    ur sure u dont want me back ???

  46. Aaliyah Dayne


  47. Helima George

    Their ent no running from me girl no way

    Jorge C. M.

    Helima George learn grammar

  48. Valéria Cristina

    Cena das bolas de prata.maravilhosa.

    Emilly Souza

    Valéria Cristina da mesa de sinuca tbm :)

  49. FallenDays2526

    ❤️ I'm not a saint

  50. 大野はるみ

    何故か ここちいい曲です💓

  51. Delia Tanase


  52. Lina Clara

    melhor música do filme sem dúvida

  53. Cierra Melanson-Orick

    this is a good song to make love too lol and those balls are magical hahahahaha they are awesome to use lol

    Patricia Mcgill

    Silver balls... enough said ♡

  54. Juuh Souza

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤ apaixonada nessa música meu Deus

  55. Mish A


  56. Kahekili Maui

    Totally ripped from Carlos Santana's SMOOTH! Sure hope he had permission to do this!!!

  57. Alison Wentworth

    Well I'm alive, your blood is pumping through this veins.....
    Forever yours even after death did we part...
    I miss you and I still live you.

  58. Alison Wentworth

    Cliff life you caught death I'm still yours....forever...there no running from me!!!
    I still love you and I dedicate this song to you
    R.I.P. honey. Your widowed wife..... Alison.


    Alison Wentworth 😭😭😢 im so sorry

  59. Angela

    Love love this song.

  60. Presley L

    JAMIE!!! This song is made for him!!!!

    Kahekili Maui

    That song was made for and BY Carlos Santana!!! YEARS AGO!!

    Presley L

    WHOA!!! Get a grip already, friend. FIRST of all, none of the songs that santana did has any connection to this song by Toulouse, so not quite sure why you felt the need to go all CAPS on my comment. Personally, I happen to like this song better than any of santana's songs.

  61. Legoman605

    Don't worry! They're for your ears :))))

    Anna Maietta

    Lovely tune

    • ellie •

    LegoNinjago that scene is funny asf 😂

    Raven Phonixe

    @• ellie • Yes!!! I died!!! 😊🖤😊

  62. Pau Carter

    í Love it


    this song when the scene playing are cool..... silver ball !!

  64. alliverdinha1

    Maravilhosa! Realmente um ponto alto do filme ...bolas de prata!

    Vitoria Schmelzert

    alliverdinha1 HHAHAA PODE CRER BABY

  65. Sandra Karanfilovic

    Love this song 😻