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Toulouse I Will Follow You Comments
  1. jeff scott

    the perfect song for a dog's love for their "human" and visa versa... as heard in the sport video "Arthur" to be released in the future as a major motion picture

  2. Andrea xoxo


  3. Anne Sunil Stephen

    Found it because I was searching for Toulouse by Romero

    Glad I got this

    Also the first time I'm hearing this song (much better version) was more than 10years ago in Sister Act.

  4. Kurt Gonzalez

    ESPN story on the dog King Arthur brought me here. After I wiped the tears away.


    That was a beautifully done story right?? And when they played this song toward the end, showing Mikael and Arthur hiking along the edge of the mountain... not gonna lie... I burst into tears.

  5. HDpiano

    Pure beauty. <3

  6. Kiera Anderson

    Mommy loves you Carter. Love you to my soul. I will always be your mother in this life and the next. Thank you God for my son. He saved my life

  7. Raul A. Villavicencio

    This song is about Jesus Christ, Religious, originally sang by Catholic nuns. Apple just took it for its TV commercial

  8. Dude Awesomness

    U can say y’all u want about apple but this song is a bop

  9. The New Seorarek

    Where are the few people who didnt come from a shitty apple commercial

  10. Xuly Aniah

    All the comments are about the iPhone 7 commercial and i have the iPhone XR so i think I’m late to the game but it’s nice to see everyone on the same page lol
    i found this song cuz my contemporary teacher choreographed a combo to it and i fell in love with it.

  11. melvin jones

    A beautiful song, especially between 1:38-1:53 when the light drums were added to the track.

  12. sickboy 4life

    I posted a comment 2 yrs ago about my x gf and even though my x girlfriend and I broke up , I still miss her, I dont want her back but those memories. If u get what I mean

  13. gruyer olivier

    Listen to the original : chariot petula clarck or choir choir voces para la paz ...

    this rendition is very bad

  14. irisz mae

    after many years.. 💔 indeed it hurts indeed.

  15. AnJ

    A different version a different mood :((((

  16. Venus the Pitsky

    We just put my dog to sleep about 20 minutes ago. This song always reminded me of her and her unconditional love. I hope even in the after life she will continue to follow me wherever I may go. Thank you Rosie. Best dog ever from January 16th 2004-January 14th 2019. You just almost made it to 13. I’m proud of you. I couldn’t have grown up with a better dog by my side. I love you always.

  17. Tracy Repple

    Ricky Nelson’s original

  18. thuong vu

    I will follow you

    Follow you wherever you may go
    There isn't an ocean too deep
    A mountain so high it can keep
    Keep me away
    Away from my love

    I love you
    I love you
    I love you

    Where you go, I follow
    I follow
    I follow

    You'll always be my true love
    My true love
    My true love

    I will follow you

    Every since you touched my hand, I knew
    Near you, I always must be
    Nothing can keep you from me
    You are my destiny

    I love you
    I love you
    I love you

    I love you
    I love you
    I love you

    Where you go, I follow
    I follow
    I follow

    You'll always be my true love
    My true love
    My true love

    I will follow you

    Follow you wherever you may go
    There isn't an ocean too deep
    A mountain so high it can keep
    Keep me away
    Away from my love

  19. Apapacho de Colibrí

    Tu voz es una joya

  20. Carol Christian

    A beautiful remake of the original

  21. Rachael De La Vega

    This was the song that My love & i heard together on the car radio on our way to the hospice, we held each other tight and cried and told each other , I LOVE YOU ! as tears rolled down our face , My darling boy died in my arms 4 weeks later of pancriatic cancer he was 45

  22. Abbie’s Life

    This song I am dancing to in my ballet show 2nite

  23. Carlos Miranda

    How to get license of this wonderful song?, I would love to use this song for a wedding video!

  24. Adolfo Barnhizer

    I miss my girlfriend, we was with each other everyday for two years, I always had the same feeling for her, that spark, but for her it gradually died out

  25. Cassie Rachel Mac

    This will def be the song I walk down the aisle to

  26. Zachariah J.M Melcher

    Faithy 💘💓

  27. T'was an old username and I'll change it soon.

    Fuck iPhone.

  28. Lög

    I didn’t even find this from an iPhone commercial, I found it from the mask “touslouse” video lol

  29. ahsen

    thank you kim taehyung

  30. Eliterra

    It's also used in the story about Arthur the dog and his journey from the Adventure Racing event in Ecuador to his new home in Sweden. See here

  31. thomasennaa

    Toulouse should create a music video for this song, it so beautiful and emotional 🌸😢

  32. Urszula Skupiewska

    Every since you touched my hand, I knew....... <3

  33. SingingDancingUnicorn 2011

    this makes me cry

  34. H Trus

    This reminds me of my Corgi who just passed away. He followed me every where. He was the most wonderful dog. He's still following me.Just can't see him

  35. Christopher Ray

    Seriously cannot fathom who would put a thumbs down on this.

  36. Harry Pair of Cheeks

    My grandma and mom always sang this to me when I was a baby

  37. Amberhoneytea

    like if youre not here from the apple commercial lmao

  38. shinnyroad

    Do someone know where we can find other tunes from Toulouse ? Thanks ! ; )

  39. Julie Laplace

    The voice of this singer makes me think of the singer of "because you are who you are" which has actually also been used by Apple

    Well no you got two useless informations, do whatever you want with it.

  40. Valentina Love

    I love this song so so so so much 💜

  41. Kathleen Kresch

    RIP baby

  42. Matyáš K

    Prefect 😕

  43. Kathleen Kresch

    RIP paul giletta. I love u

    Kathleen Kresch

    You are my destiny

  44. Malachi Jones

    Original song Ricky Nelson - I will follow you 1963

  45. Alica Holley

    Love this!!!

  46. Maelys jesus

    Thank you taehyung😢😯💜

  47. Tyler Billings

    thats accutaly me singing in there so thanks for the subs :( ive been waiting for this moment thank you god :)

  48. Jazmine Thomas


  49. Jonathan Perkins

    Mama!! Miss U My Love LIVE FOREVER!! Pearl Perkins

  50. Jonathan Perkins


  51. pandypop1

    I didn't find this because of any commercial, I was just flicking through youtube vids...

  52. Mohamed A. SAID

    Sister act :-)

  53. Diane Bruns

    This is a beautiful version😍👏👏👏 but it's still hard not to remember the original. By Peggy March. And then say again in Sister Act. This is always been a great song. But this version would be beautiful in a wedding

  54. Princess BubbleFizz

    My boo sent me this to cheer me up ❤❤❤😘

  55. weepingserpentsong singswithjoy

    This reminds me of every dead pet I ever owned and it hurts so much.

  56. Kimchi Is Good

    Thank you Taehyung.

  57. Milky

    Is anyone but me here because of something other than the fucking balloon commercial?

  58. April Graham

    My wedding song <3

  59. Stabil

    Arthur sent me here

  60. Catalina

    from the moment you ran into the maze i knew i would follow you anywhere.

  61. lottie b


  62. Go away

    Ricky nelsons legacy will live forever

  63. Brayden Rowley

    Anyone know the guitar cords to this ?

  64. edsmysnowflake x

    g a l l a v i c h !!!

  65. Sidney Montenegro

    Me han dedicado esta canción me hizo llorar, like si te gusta.

  66. Ale Progamer

    I hope you will all have a fantastic 2018

  67. abwun

    Emotion stirring

  68. 1rewd1

    Actually, I came here from the ESPN short documentary about Arthur the dog.

  69. Donell Strickland

    Who else still listen to it in 2017 ?

  70. Miriam Vega Martinez

    me pareció muy bonito

  71. henry barnes

    Who came here because of there good taste in music

  72. Sarah M.

    Apple brought me here but this guy made me stay 💜 what beautiful music 🎶

  73. Mel

    Imagine an edit of Isak and Even with this song or Jonas and Eva :((

  74. muercio

    ART the dog brought me here. Now thats a story to remember

  75. Mermaid Kassandra

    Taylor brought me here

  76. Madiha Bano

    Taylor Swift brought me here

  77. Dokken !

    Still an amazing song to this day

  78. Nguyến Thảo

    who else came here because it's in Taylor's spotify playlist lol

  79. StevenSfishing

    i love this girl and don't know if she likes me back but this song just summed everything up

  80. Ramon Payero

    Toulouse, I Thank you for this!!!!!!

  81. phil shirazi

    Found you !!!

  82. Trapsaregay___

    Everyone else: apple brought me here

    Me: I'm here from reading an angsty Jeffmads fanfic

  83. Janette Rodriguez

    I sang the original back when I was in choir, and truly love how it can be about god or someone you love.

  84. Brian Anderson

    I Love our One True Spirit.

  85. olive flowers

    Thank you iPhone Balloons commercial ⭐️🎈

  86. Dragon Rider TV

    Every time I hear this song, I wanna cry.
    Every time I stop listening, I wanna cry.
    Every time you hear or stop listening, you wanna cry.
    Like if you agree!


    Dragon Rider TV weird

  87. j p

    I dunno how I got here...but I'm so happy to be here.

  88. Kenzie G

    the SC Featured short 'Arthur' brought me here xD

  89. Adrian Alvarez

    This song always brings me to tears because it reminds me so much of my little bunny that passed away RIP -Boots June 23, 2017 💔😪

  90. Kenie Tyree

    opened for banks last night! such an immense talent.

  91. will wolf

    Heard this song on the ESPN featured for King Arthur the dog. Amazing story. Definitely watch it if you haven't.

  92. will wolf

    Will definitely dance with my future Wife to this amazing song.

  93. Kyle Rogan

    Arthur the dog brought me here


    Kyle Rogan YES... omg... that story. this song... ❤😭

  94. 임개념