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Touche Amore Scene Is To Be Seen Comments
  1. Josh Starks

    The best album they ever put out.

  2. Saetia

    It's about scene kids overtaking the punk scene and going to shows just to say they did and for the image, not really enjoying the music, hence Scene Is To Be Seen. The line "So save your parents' money 'cause the parking lot is free" is saying "If you just want to be seen at a show to look cool, stay in the parking lot and let us actually enjoy the shows."

  3. lucki howard

    Touche Amore are Total dicks, No Wonder they'll never played at warped tour,
    They that Scenesters and Scene kids are all the Same! I'm a scenester who listen 90s emoviolence! >:(


    Did you even read the lyrics?


    +lucki howard you people need to be culled

    lucki howard

    I'm sayin that these guy are such purists..


    You're all fucking retarded "scene is to be seen" 
    It's about people who don't pay for shows and sit outside, you're so fucking stupid.


    Have you grown up in the two years since you posted this?

  4. Isaac Emmons

    same, i still relate it to the growing punk core scene, wh8evr

  5. Isaac Emmons

    If he could still write songs like this they would be a much, much, much better band...

  6. Isaac Emmons


  7. Shelby Mink

    Touche Amore is an amazing band . <3 Scene kids are lame . Yeah im hating .

  8. Vaughn Sutterman

    Uhm Touche Amore has evolved. They're STILL good. Do you want them to make the same album over and over again? This album was amazing but it doesn't go anywhere past that.

  9. Gabriel Faudoa

    No band is the same from when they started writing things happen in their life that change their views on things.

  10. 5555555555 5

    Having a hard time believing this song is about scene kids.. When i first heard it i immediately thought about the local scene and how you're always disrespected if after your band plays you just go outside for the rest or leave. So I related that with the whole, we hope you fucking die part. I could be wrong but who knows

  11. ianhappyface

    yeah dude i did the same thing. depends what you mean by real hardcore though. haha

  12. ianhappyface

    its about the scene kids who go to the shows to be noticed and not even listen or care about the bands.

  13. Seth Bauers

    And for the word "scene" in it... ok, I feel stupid now.

  14. Seth Bauers

    Is this really about scene kids? I just don't see how this about scene kids. Besides the "we hope you fucking die"

  15. anthony llamas

    @Dissidia14 because streching your ears past a 00g is so fucking hardcore ! new jack

  16. Dissidia14

    I went through a scene phase when I was about 13.
    Then I cut my hair, stretched my ears past 00g, ans started listening to REAL hardcore
    grow up kids

  17. Jack Anchor

    fuck scene kids...fucking pussys!

  18. damonskates

    @damonskates they're*

  19. damonskates

    @IndigoVagrant they're still good they just so goddamn post haha

  20. Indigo Vagrant

    @damonskates why arent they this good anymore?

  21. Alan Cunningham

    @damonskates I agree so much haha, I loved this EP but Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me did nothing for me :/

  22. damonskates

    why can't touché amore be this good anymore

  23. jared clemson

    You'll always be on the outside!

  24. Nick Alexander

    If you can hear us outside .....

  25. หนังใหม่ 2014 เต็มเรื่อง

    I hate scene kids and hipsters too, maybe they should right a song about them too

  26. Xtetraa

    @peoplefear31 i dont think anyone would want to know what a scene kid is. the rest of the world would call them something like bitches/pussys/girls etc, either way its totally right. but hey hot topic is having some gnarly sales on purple pants and zebras shirts cheer up!!!

  27. Alan Cunningham

    How am I ignorant? And yes I know what a scene kid is. They have brightly coloured stupid hair and listen to shitty music. And I don't remember commenting on this, so why have you come here to argue with me on my own video?
    Also, read the description, I said I had nothing against them, dipshit.

  28. Mike McCabe

    @AlanTheShinigami i garuntee you dont even know what a scene kid is.... ignorant

  29. jaredDMI

    @LawlzcatsLawlz Because you can't socialize inside with the speakers shaking. Also, you can see their clothes better under the street lights. XD

  30. Chase Neal

    "Save your parents money cause the parking lot is free"

    Why do scene kids always stay outside in the parking lot?

  31. Dog Shit Dave

    so good.

  32. POCKETS2thaMAX


  33. Aaron Jeffers

    If you can hear us outside, we hope you fucking die