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Touche Amore Hipsterectomy Comments
  1. Lauren Ford

    I love this band and La Dispute. In no fucking way am I a hipster. Go swallow your "facts of life" backwash

  2. Nick R

    is that you or alice glass?

  3. Zack Edwards


  4. loanSharks

    They have a lot of soft grunge fans.

  5. llJORDANll

    Hipsters are cool

  6. Claudia Ramirez

    I really love their self titled album, but I'm really confused about the Karen O comment because I'm a huge fan of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs AND Touche Amore. Soooooooo.

  7. Dominic Sweeney

    I didn't realize PSY liked Touche Amore

  8. loxodontafetation

    @falleinloveshoes7 you sir..
    speak truth

  9. katdevendra

    the dude on the very left is hot

  10. kellen sparrow

    @Squeglee They're Hipsters

  11. kellen sparrow

    @btlynch85 All I see Is flannel and plugs. Dude has sunglasses at a Hardcore show. give me a break. This picture screams hipster. Hipsters are known fans of both this band and La Dispute. Its just a fact of life.

  12. brittanivb

    fuck yes.

  13. foohk yah

    This is how post-hardcore should be like,not like some scene bitches like Alesena and Attack Attack.

  14. Eyeonmarocco

    @hotttarheeldude What's up with the people on the picture?

  15. HardcoreForTheLosers




  16. btlynch85

    @hotttarheeldude I'm not sure you know what a hipster is...

  17. kellen sparrow

    most of their fans are hipsters. look at the damn picture for goodness sake.

    Malachi Shine

    that's pretty much how most people who make emo/skramz or listen to it dress tbh