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  1. mycrunkisfree

    I said I’d never be the same:
    possibly for the impact, but possibly for certain.
    I also said that I would never know another you,
    but fate is making me a liar.
    I place blame on the Golden State;
    my heart lies in Los Angeles.
    Maybe it just needs the attention.

  2. Ryan Coody

    The drums are soooooo good in this!

  3. Koolspeed2

    I queefed

  4. FunkingFrank Barrera


  5. oldmanfivetimes

    @lday357 deff not.

  6. poseidonaskwhy

    @lday357 La Dispute and Touche Amore are 2 different bands dick head

  7. Michał Zajch

    @grungearedead Die, you Pokemon!