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Toto Waiting For Your Love Comments

    I dont want to see the girls.
    I want to see Jeff , Mike and Steve porcaro 😂

  2. 一秀柴原


  3. Don Keeton

    Sure miss the 80s this was one of the best !

  4. Tharan Manning

    The good ole days when we use to really party and have a good time without fighting or drive by shootings.

  5. My Favor Sound Diary


  6. 1980sLover


  7. Sho I

    1984...I saw TOTO at the small venue in Santa Cruz, CA as watching the movement of Jeff on the bass drum pedal at 3 feet away from me in the cloud of ganja.

  8. Redfunkyheart

    TOTO too damn FUNKY !

  9. Spiratus Treviso

    Spectacular singer!

  10. nils nilsson

    pissreklam pissreklam

  11. John Soerensen

    Waiting for Your Love was written for Michael Jackson´s Thriller album, but ended on TOTO album IV.

  12. John Gregory

    They killed it back in 83!

  13. Marz63 Massimo


  14. maccallumpr

    What's to say about this tune? It is fucking fabulous! Listening in December 2019. It's still one of their best. Speaks to my heart...does it yours?

  15. m4verick


  16. Gabriel Zuñiga

    What a band!

  17. Sinclair O'Brien

    Wow I have been sleeping on Toto..

  18. Natalie P

    great video

  19. Hey Duhrl

    One of their great underrated songs!

  20. Uncle Catfish Alias

    never saw this before, This is dope the groove got Crying!

  21. morganideleot

    Shade sheist sampled this beat. This is where I wanna be. Classic

  22. Aldin XIII

    The track sounds like it could been on the Thriller album

  23. John Ingle

    What happened to Bobby Kimball after this album?


    The band booted him out for ongoing bad behaviour

  24. Spiratus Treviso

    Bobby Kimball was a GREAT singer in his prime. Highly underrated.

  25. Nat Dunny

    OMG, this song has so much soul! My jam🕺🏾

  26. OlymPigs2010

    ...Great Vocal by Bobby Kimball !!!

  27. Chamoix Elf

    Bobby Kimball is superb here. What a voice. Fuk!!

  28. Chamoix Elf

    Delightful song. Top marks

  29. Eric Ponce

    This song was the final release of the TOTO IV album. And it should had charted much higher than it did.

  30. SantiMoreno

    The most underrated band in history

  31. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1983 {August 13th} a video of Toto's "Waiting For Your Love" was aired on the ABC-TV Saturday afternoon program, 'American Bandstand'...
    Two weeks earlier it had peaked at #73 {for 1 week} on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart, and it spent a total of six weeks on the Top 100...
    It reached #27 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary Tracks chart...
    Between 1978 and 1988 the Los Angeles-based sextet had fourteen records on the Hot Top 100 chart, four made the Top 10 with one* reaching #1, "Africa", for 1 week in 1983...
    Besides the above "Africa", their three other Top 10 records were "Hold The Line" {#5 in 1978}, "Rosanna" {#2 for 5 weeks in 1982}, and "I Won't Hold You Back" {#10 in 1983}...
    Sadly, three band members have passed away; Jeff Porcaro {1954 – 1992}, Dennis Frederiksen {1951 – 2014}, and Mike Porcaro {1955 – 2015}...
    May all three R.I.P.
    * The just missed having a second #1 record when their "Rosanna" peaked at #2 for 5 weeks in 1982, the first three weeks it was at #2, the #1 record for those 3 weeks was "Don't You Want Me" by the Human League, and for weeks four and five, "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor was in the top spot...

  32. D Aiken

    The keyboard bridge back-and-forth on this is outrageous! Two Yamaha DX7's, and killing it! I'm a little surprised that Dave and Steve didn't do something similar on "Alone".

  33. totalcontrast

    'Sparks' weird bro at 1:19

  34. Vixtage Cartel

    Shade Sheist- Where i wanna be

  35. 1980sLover

    The music video version sounds better than the original.

  36. Samuel Appiah

    TOTO IV ......... Legendary

  37. Yoe VR

    This is the only TOTO song i dont like. But im not putting a dislike cuz that would be a disrespectful thing to do to the BEST BAND IN HISTORY OF MUSIC!!!!!

  38. Marylaine MOUTTE LEGORGEU

    Amazing song! Thank you . LOVE FOREVER !

  39. Jaws

    Ugh i just loooove this 💜😭 this really moves you

  40. Harry Brucker

    Uncle Gary's wedding

  41. Terry A

    Great song, great album, Mike Porcaro might be in the vid but it is David Hungate that played bass on the track.

  42. Harry Brucker

    American band stand

  43. Harry Brucker

    Wads fm 105.3 Philadelphia PA R&B station

  44. Harry Brucker

    From a very popular white group

  45. Harry Brucker

    September of 👏1981

  46. Harry Brucker

    This song first came out during my aunt Rena’s wedding as well

  47. Harry Brucker

    This song makes me feel so very special for my very special lady who lives right up the street from me

  48. El Jeffe

    now that i've thought of it, Pedro Pascal would be a perfect Bobby Kimball if there will be a Toto biopic...

  49. helfite

    Draw the line, I'll step across, even further I give in, you got me...
    Just separated by ten thousand miles, you're not alone, girl you got me.
    Guess I needn't tell you that I'm not around, I'm inside, you got me.
    Love those ones....

  50. lhmmhl1

    This is where i wanna be... right here with my loved ones... smokin on some weed...

  51. 123xconnieb

    Now THIS is the Toto I remember.

  52. Debra Exum Strahlendorf

    Great song. Fun to dance to.

  53. Silvio Santos

    Toto ai sim é música de verdade não esses lixo de agora

  54. 1980sLover

    Toto, the most underrated 80s band of history.

    Shane Anthony

    Not among their peers though. They were in such high demand to play on albums by some of the biggest asrtists around.

  55. Orgullo de Runner

    Vaya temazo madre mía!!!!

  56. Connie Abel

    I just love the song "Waiting For Your Love" By Toto ❤️🤩 ❤️🤩 ❤️🤩 ❤️🤩 ❤️🤩 ❤️🤩 ❤️🤩 ❤️🤩 ❤️🤩 ❤️🤩 ❤️🤩 ❤️🤩 ❤️🤩 ❤️

  57. prattpt6

    The whole game is together.....the way it should be.....Remembering legends Jeff Porcaro and his brother Mike Porcaro..your always in our hearts

  58. FlamesAt1000ft

    Sure miss Mike & Jeff..😔

    But damn if this band isn’t one of the best in the world!
    Love this tune by them, all their albums!!

    And as time/fate would have it that I’d get to jam with members of Toto at a club in Japan (late 80s)..where we were THE House Band!...”The Fun Music Boys”✨🎶🎸👍🏾 Yawl remember Roppongi’s Club Deja Vous???...was the joint!!..😆🤣😄😉👍🏾

  59. Onion Hat

    These guys did everything from soft rock ballads to hit pop singles

  60. Alessio Roma

    Real Music 🌍❤🎶🎶

  61. Chris Neptune

    This song STILL excites me since the day I first heard it.

  62. Zsa Zsa Gaboré Sidibe

    1:18 ol’ girl is ticked off 🤨she brought a stick in the mud attorney to the club. He went home alone that night!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  63. Steven D Wilson

    Everything about this is fucking awesome....

  64. John Gregory

    These youngins today don't know.....

  65. Abdoul Kamara

    Shade Sheist,Nate Dogg,Kurupt.Where i wanna be. they brought me to this song

  66. Google Google

    Bobby Kimballs tight Butt nice Jacket and trousers too, sorry found No Love .....little man with beard and permanent waves😂

  67. Eduardo Cézar Coelho

    Inconditional love for Toto...

  68. maggy vargas

    I Love you Jeff Porcaro

    Shane Anthony

    Brilliant drummer indeed

  69. César Fuentes

    23 de enero del 2019 y estoy escuchando esta canción que me hace mover el cuerpo, la primera vez que vi este video fue a mediados del 2017, al escuchar el ritmo de esta canción me levanta los ánimos de bailar. /

    January 23, 2019 and I am listening to this song that makes me move my body, the first time I saw this video was in mid-2017, when listening to the rhythm of this song, it raises my spirits to dance.

  70. John Glenn

    Best part of the song: 0:59 😉

  71. MissPrissWorld

    Boppin so hard in 2019. They are so sweaty and I UNDERSTAND.

  72. Jeff Porcaro Groove

    directed by Jeff Porcaro...hip hop grand daddy song...sampled groove...jazz shuffle in a pop song...TOTO brilliance again.

  73. gentillyguy1

    At 0:56-1:00, who is that fine mama dancing?

  74. Porcaro4ever

    2:07 That floor tom!😍

  75. sandro barros

    rockneo progressivo

  76. William Stoll you went clubbing in the 80's you know this is EXACTLY how it looked and how it went down especially the "hip"dance moves.Can't say I miss them daze but fun(ny) it was fasho.

  77. beaky 317

    My favorite part is Luke’s “ Oh oh oh oh” ... awe so cute he is!

  78. Rod Guitarezz

    Anyone here in 2018 enjoying 0:57 to 0:59 ?

  79. XYZ 1973

    Everybody in the club is high as fuch

    Graham Farquharson

    How do you know that?

  80. David

    It amazes me how this band is just great and yet you don't hear but maybe two songs by them on the radio. Glad these videos are up!!

  81. Capcoor

    Just saw them in concert and got to meet Steve Porcaro and Steve Lukather. Coolness.

  82. Uncle Ben

    This shit right here still jamming. Jams so hard i hear it when its not playing.

    Wrubber Dhukkie

    LMAO im imagining Uncle Ben dancing in that club to this song 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  83. Cool Cat

    Toto - The Disco Years. Haha. Sounds damn good though.

  84. Smith Js

    RIP Jeff and Mike Porcaro. You are missed.

  85. Kevin Payton

    That is a club groove!

  86. Myles Matisse

    TOTO should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

    D Aiken

    Unfortunately, it was changed into the "music" hall of fame many many years ago. It's always going to be about politics and money. At the very least........the very least, Jeff should be in it, as he was probably the most sought after session drummer throughout the late 70s into the mid 80s....and (in my opinion) created the "L.A." sound.


    If this cut makes you feel that way - you might want to know that this is NOT Rock & Roll. This is called Rhythm & Blues - aka: *R&B!*

    You would normally have heard this coming straight out of MoTown back in the day.

    LOL, ;)

    Stan Anderson

    Myles Matisse The HOF is a joke. It doesn’t deserve Toto, nor does Toto want it.


    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a tourist trap. It doesn't have any merit.

    Carvel Thatcher

    In 2009 they were inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum, which they obviously deserved 20 or 30 years ago.

  87. Leyla Cerrutti

    😍🤗 " 👅 " (3:50 JP) 😙

  88. Candy L

    Wish I was at that party....

  89. John Smith

    Great song but they needed a shower like seriously...gross video lol

  90. Nikki Nikki11


  91. Marce Munoz

    Toto IV is a Masterpiece ;) Flawless

  92. best good

    YAMAHA DX7 sound

  93. Candy Love

    Good song!

  94. Derek Markus

    I don't think Toto ever did a song that fit Bobby Kimball's voice so perfectly. Unlike rock, R&B requires at least a little bit of soul. And lord knows, Bobby has TONS of it.


    Mama also was a great vocal track for Bobby!

  95. Maiara Santos

    Mike Porcaro , talentoso e muito lindo💙 amo você.!

  96. Klaus Karnath

    Best Song from Toto👌

  97. Firean Gabriel

    Toto IV