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Toto Simple Life Comments
  1. Mark Snelleman

    Nice short ballad

    Timothy J. Roberts

    Wish it was a longer song... every time

  2. biesmusik

    this is good stuff

  3. Dandy Don 88

    Brilliant tune.  chords are so unique and beautiful.


    as per usual for Toto, Paich, Lukather

  4. Sumair Bawa

    Guess who's playing the piano? Luke himself. Brilliant.

    Michael David

    +Sumair Bawa yes not only can luke play the guitar he's also an excellent piano player not many people know he can play the piano

  5. Kris Lewis

    maybe trim the "dead air"???

  6. Lucas Moroni Dal Sasso

    Steve Lukather is the hero of my life! TOTO is the band of my life and this is the song of my life!!!! Wow, I love it all! ;)

    Jente Worrell

    Less is more. And toto knows that. Pure power just because it is a short song. But thát is what it makes it so powerfull. Over-due a song like this, is equall for toto to fuck up the message!

  7. Dwellceller

    Yep...great song, but would've loved another 2 mins of it..

    Elise M

    Always leaves me wanting more! Brilliant writing.

  8. kenyatte charley

    Way too short, repeat!!!

  9. Dave Moishe

    I agree. But i wouldn't have minded if this had been longer!

  10. Elise M

    ...because the song is about simplicity, I'm guessing. I love it too, but its tiny size is part of its allure!

  11. Tom Lund

    Way way too short!!

  12. Blorgus_

    I love this song. My girlfriend love it

  13. Benz K


  14. reademitchell

    they kept it simple.
    see what I did there?

  15. Toto567

    Really feels like such a missed opportunity. To write such a beautiful sounding song and only have it last 2 minutes for no reason whatsoever. Shame...

  16. Dave Moishe

    Genius. One of their best songs ever. Wonder why it was so short.

    Jente Worrel

    Dave Moishe Some times less is more...! Its to give maximum value and power tot the chorus and thats what ToTo musically is all about.

    Jente Worrel

    Dave Moishe It's called simple life because it matches with the whole build-up and....👇

    Sven Petersen

    That's probably why it's so great. What an amazing song...