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Toto Let It Go Comments
  1. David Nissim

    Greg Phillinganes was Michael Jackson’s musical director, and he played with Toto on Thriller and Bad.

  2. Darrell Castleberry

    always hard to pick a fav song from a Toto album, but with this one, "Let It Go" is my winner. Lots of life lessons in this tune. Greg's freshman presentation is stellar. He is an amazing musician all the way 'round! Love the keyboard stand he designed just for this tour. Really cool!

  3. Carus Alambra

    As those guys rightly replied here: Mix and shake it: Jake to the bone and Rockmaker and there you have it: Leg it go!....But where's Jeff?....Did He listened and approved to this from the other side? I wonder.....

    Ermz :-)

    Jente Worrell

    Let it go....he is dead for 17 years already

  4. Pablo De la Torre

    there´s a "Rockmaker" deja vu...

  5. Michael David

    Influenced by Jake To The Bone.

  6. wendell owings

    ...if only !!!!

  7. haryo kukuh

    Great song

    Yannick Talbi

    With Paich and Philiganes if you remove a Stone you,ll find a hit

  8. artmusic62 Ger

    Dit zit zo goed elkaar, top!!!

    Jente Worrel

    artmusic62 Ger Zekers....dit doen maar weinig bands ze na. of the most versatile and musical bands ever, on all levels!

  9. MeloLand

    Wonderful song...

  10. epicvsfvror

    Masterpiece..... Phillinganes is a great singer and an incredible musician.

    Mark Fornek

    Do you know his performances with George Benson from the 70's? Weekend in L.A. Genius!

  11. Armiger x

    Yanko xupala xDdd

  12. Armiger x

    Sound's great

  13. I Nerd Scavatori

    Io Vi porto una delle più recenti canzoni dei TOTO, gruppo rock anni '80 che continua oggi a fare concerti, sentite il basso...