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Toto Good For You Comments
  1. Gordon Ford

    I have been jamming to this since I was little. Wow I will be 35 in a month.

  2. Dianne Melim Glasmacher

    i read timothy b schmidt and fee waybill on backing vocals. sweet

  3. Jiggs

    We thugs my nigga, ride to the death cuz i love my niggas

  4. Patrik Gustavsson

    Good back then, and good in the year 2019.

  5. laki2nice

    Where is my cassette, damn!

  6. AceAlive2

    i remember listening to this as a small child. 3-4 years old, barely knew how to operate a stereo and headphones and i'd just be rocking out on cassette.

  7. Ivan May

    Probably the most OBSCURE Toto song ever recorded...

  8. Miron Miron

    If you're dreamin'
    Sun don't you rise
    I've never been lost
    So deep into eyes

    I won't give out
    Until you give in
    But I know you must realize

    I could be good for you
    You could be good for me, too, yeah
    I could be good for you
    You could be good for me, too

    Everyone knows
    But they don't know why
    How much will a smile
    You satisfy

    Stars gonna shine
    The way that you feel
    So there is no reason to wonder why

    I could be good for you
    You could be good for me, too, yeah
    I could be good for you
    You could be good for me, too

    I could be good for you
    You could be good for me, too, yeah
    I could be good for you
    You could be good for me, too

    I could be good for you
    You could be good for me, too, yeah
    I could be good for you
    You could be good for me, too

  9. Gabriel Ratliff

    I've heard that on 102.7 KIIS Los Angeles.

  10. d D

    SP the Ghost - DJ Clue

  11. Nadia Dekkari


  12. Zen Davis

    Styles P and the Lox... we thugz brought me here.

  13. TheYamaduta

    Badass tune ...

  14. cosmicdrifter287

    one of the best feelgood songs ever written.

  15. Nadia Dekkari


  16. Fernando Pinto

    Worst song in the album

    J Rush

    Fernando Pinto nah...afraid of love was the worst.

    Fernando Pinto

    Afraid of love is greaaaat! come on my man!

  17. Holly Irving

    One of Toto's best songs. Should have been a hit.


    Forgot about for some time, but it Should have been a hit.

  18. Nicho DiDo

    My personal favorite Toto song. Steve Porcaro nailed every piano line he had to play. The engineering and synths from David Paich, the great bass and Steve Lukather's guitar. Bobby Kimball's vocals put it all together. Great song, it's a shame it wasn't a bigger hit, or even the biggest hit.

    Chris Chan

    this isnt kimball

    Nicho DiDo

    Was it Lukather? I'm pretty sure it's Kimball.

    Matthew Ross

    Actually, according to the liner notes, it’s Lukather playing piano on this track (in addition to guitar)!!

    But as for the vocals, yeah, pretty sure it is Kimball; maybe Lukather's doing some harmonies.

    Amanda Dean

    It's Luke on piano (and guitar obviously) . Kimball on lead vocals.

    The Tiny Dancer In Your Hand


  19. Grover Grandle

    Definitely not in Kansas anymore-Toto

    Donald Chadd

    Grover Grandle 😆

  20. Gordon Ford

    Always loved this song.

    Donald Chadd

    Gordon Ford here here

  21. snaggle puss

    takes me back when I was 12 in 1983.everysong on TOTO IV is great. great memories the 80s bring

  22. stvynix

    Love Toto!! I used " I won't hold you back" as my wedding song walking up to get married to my love. Excellent song! They all are! :-)


    Interesting choice for a wedding song! I always found that song to be very depressing (but still a beautiful song).

    Pina Caruso

    Very, very, very amazing!!!!!!

  23. Mistrz Patelachy

    steve lukather is playing a piano on this record :D

  24. Gordon Ford

    Knock you on your ass kind of rock song.

  25. edoardo zampetti

    BOBBY....the voice....

  26. MrMirolazar

    Bobby, damn for me. I believe nother`s one like this demon. Bravo

  27. dreapard extroes


  28. Matthias Urmetzer

    reminds me of a lot of good times..

  29. Black Zack Morris

    Thumbs up if you listen to The Lox and Toto!!!!


    Hell yea baby. Sprinkle in some Pearl Jam, Aphex Twin and Led Zeppelin and come out with me.

    Black Zack Morris

    +Deadline Music classic stuff man

  30. 레토스칼

    toto was one of greatest rock band in 1980`s.................goden age of pop

    Zathrus Pridham

    70s 90 s and 00s as well

  31. SIGMAMAN69

    Few rock bands had a lead singer who could really sing and Toto had a damn good one in Bobby Kimball.


    bbobby was great. 60 years old on live in paris 2007, he made an amazing performance

  32. Pepp5150


  33. bucky468

    The U.S. B-side to the band's only #1 hit, "Africa". And AOR stations played "Good For You" more (than "Africa"), too, though it wasn't enough to make its mark on the mainstream rock tracks chart. Should have, itself, been released as a separate single. "Good For You" and "Lovers In The Night" are the best deep cuts on "Toto IV". Sadly today neither get any airplay.

    Bryan Reynolds

    “It’s a Feeling” is the best best deep cut


    @Bryan Reynolds yessir

  34. Sammy Mem'Star

    Oney brought me here. I don't like this aong. :)

    Mathias Hake-Steffensen

    What? Did you just say you didn't like this masterpiece of a song?


    Sage-Hat *SONG!

  35. R L

    Too bad for people that haven't discovered this stuff. Sooo fine.    ] -)


    Yep!!! Compared to this crap now days, with auto-correct voicing, it still sounds like SH*T!!! I just don't get it.

    Harmannus Louwes

    I grew up with this music.

    Donald Chadd

    R L yes they r really missing out😑

  36. BIackMoonCGI

    Takes me right back to when I was about 17.  Fantastic stuff!

    Don Quixote

    @BIackMoonCGI The best album of those wonderful years! Every song worth a listen!

  37. Steve Horswill

    Wish they would tour again

    Nick Davis

    They are!

  38. Marvin Davis

    Beans and rice good for you.

  39. MrDuckyd2009

    best song on  awesome album

    Harmannus Louwes

    This is a late answer, but I bought this LP back in the day and never noticed this song. You are right // best song !!

  40. nmannering0132

    What a song!!!!

  41. Melanie Hamilton

    I love this song!  Nice use of brass.

  42. JamesMFerris

    TOTO IV-ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  43. Levi Minnell

    Sp brought me here

  44. Pork Chop Flavored Cupcake

    One of the catchiest hook line chorus's I have heard from the era of 80's music, and I'm just now discovering it!? I thought I knew my 80's music. Evidently not. I suppose it's better to know something good for me now than never at all.

  45. Disco

    Every year I go to Spain, and in my journey's I'll hear this song. Always.

  46. Christopher Turkel

    Nah, Thriller is one of the greatest pop labums ever. However, Toto IV is a great, slick early 80's pop album.


    Christopher Turkel *albums

    English Countryside

    Christopher Turkel ^ It was the members of Toto that played the instruments on the Thriller album. When you listen to Thriller, you're listening to Toto.

    Ken Perk

    I like Thriller but beat it and Billie Jean sound so dated. Toto 4 doesn't.

  47. charles brown

    In my opinion, Toto IV is arguably, the best Album of the decade. Yes, better than Thriller or Bad.

  48. Laurent Pottiers

    Toto for ever !!!!

  49. CCthebat

    I love Toto and Toto IV! Thanks for uploading this song! :)

  50. 140hazz

    looking forward to toto in skanderborg

  51. Francesco Sorrentino

    Toto're good for us.

  52. MrTonedeff

    well the middle solo is that length because it fits the song .the end solo was a one take deal on the day ,the song was supposed to fade on the chorus,but the tempo changed as the band grooved and luke just pulled it out of the air.his solo on dirty laundry by don henley (the end solo) was a similar deal and the solo on running with the night by lionel richie is another outro solo that was a one off he is that special!

  53. MrTonedeff

    yes long time fan! the solo was definitely cut too soon i said it in 82' when it was new and i say it now! guitar hero is out of my league i,m afraid (too old) ! i just enjoy hearing the professionals play it,s more satisfying!!

  54. MrTonedeff

    great tune by bobby and luke! heavy drums from jeff ,mike porcaro on cello! backing vocals by bobby and eagle timothyB schmitt ! also luke plays piano.the outro solo is pure class but fades too early.great tune great album!!