Toto - Dying On My Feet Lyrics

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Toto Dying On My Feet Comments
  1. Elmer Esplana

    Horn section here arranged by Mr. Jimmy Pankow of Chicago...

  2. Jente Worrell

    2:43 man oh man.....damn!!!

  3. Kenneth Di Leo

    What a kickin' ass band ✌️

  4. Mark Gabriel

    Bobby had to be soooooo Autotuned!

    ATalkingBadger Concerts

    What are yooooooooou accomplishing with that comment?

    Don Ricchio

    I bet the guitars had to be tuned also. 🤪

    Vic Monaco

    sounds pretty good to this singer, and not all that high.


    Bobby has NEVER used autotune on professional purposes. He just don't need it 🤷‍♂️