Tosh, Peter - Legalize It Lyrics

Legalize it - don't criticize it
Legalize it and i will advertise it

Some call it tampee
Some call it the weed
Some call it Marijuana
Some of them call it Ganja

Legalize it - don't criticize it
Legalize it and i will advertise it

Singer smoke it
And players of instruments too
Legalize it, yeah, yeah
That's the best thing you can do
Doctors smoke it
Nurses smoke it
Judges smoke it
Even the lawyers too

Legalize it - don't criticize it
Legalize it and i will advertise it

It's good for the flu
It's good for asthma
Good for tuberculosis
Even umara composis

Legalize it - don't criticize it
Legalize it and i will advertise it

Bird eat it
And they love it
Fowls eat it
Goats love to play with it

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Tosh, Peter Legalize It Comments


  2. Moses YAY

    Smoking a blunt to this

  3. Jesper Lamprecht

    Warmongers hate it.

  4. Jesper Lamprecht

    Its a plant,existing in nature. Not a destilled alcohol. Causing peace.

  5. Jesper Lamprecht

    So true,scottie

  6. Maria Madalena Inocentes


  7. Max Grunau

    Please legalize it, if only for the ridiculous amounts of tax money

  8. regeboj

  9. Doc

    Chi qui per la sentenza della Cassazione del 2019? 😎


    io boss

  10. Richard Williams

    A road an man nuh bun yow Genna RIP CHUNE DEM STILL BAD A ROAD ZEMI YEA YOWWWW

  11. Richard Williams


  12. BSS TV

    Legalize it from Indiana. Every morning, every afternoon and every evening, LEGALIZE IT. ALL DAY LONG. Sacramentality

  13. Trevor Belmont

    9 days away Illinois prohibitionists in SHAMBLES

  14. Jack Sparrow

    Legalize it Turkey

  15. tyreese bartholomew

    Trinidad straight!!🔥🔥🤯

    Glendon Codling

    I can remember PETER TOSH end up in jail for herb in your country and mine country Jamaica 😎😎

  16. jean makasa

    Zambia has :D

    Glendon Codling

    Down a Africa play Legalize It and MAMA AFRICA every day 😎❤️

  17. jose marrero

    How can people put thumps down on this ? Must be meth heads

  18. Jesse Medina

    The more man smoke herb, the more Babylon fall....

  19. Jesse Medina

    BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!! House committee just voted to pass a bill to federally decriminalize marijuana in the U. S.!!!! Stay tuned for more on this shocking and momentous story from Capitol Hill regarding an issue that has been consistently debated for decades with many popular musicians taking up the cause to reform laws over those years; most notably Peter Tosh, Willie Nelson and hardline groups like Kottonmouth Kings and Dr. Dre. Back with you, after this.... :)

  20. MaryArts

    Legalize it to control it. Give it out in safe and clean portions. To people who are ill and whose bodies have developed enough so it wouldn't cause any lasting damage to the brain. More education on it.

  21. isaack40

    2019 uganda legalized it

    Glendon Codling

    DOWN AFRICA PETER TOSH LOVE You play Legalize every day 😎😎

  22. HalfOgre

    all these ppl saying there would be peace if weed was legal if you read the bible it says there will be 7 years of world peace before the anti christ comes and begins armagedon

  23. bardjouma ouattara

    Legalize it because it IS bery good for human being.judges smoke even lawyers.why you refuse to legalize it? people of Law smoke soyou got to legalize it.

  24. Leonardo Burgos

    Legalize it in Venezuela.

  25. Overby's Raiders

    Illinois legalizing recreational in 2020!

  26. ty milligan

    Love tosh respect and big ups timeless tune

  27. manuel hung

    1.1 k thumbs down, you'd think the drug squads would have better things to do.

  28. Robert Hansen

    Illinois January 1 2020.

  29. Mika Serbian

    Its legal brother now ita legal

  30. Kelebogile Mantshiyo

    Legalise it south Africa

  31. Nacho Muñoz

    Baby tu sabes que yo siempre ando con la cartera 💎💎

  32. Thiago Ferreira

    Legalize Brazil

  33. Ro 216

    Peter had some mighty words about Bob Marley, but peter tosh was a really genuine good soul of a person, he stuck by his faith and for what he believes in, he was a man of principles, they constantly beat him for speaking about legalizing marijuana he had over 60+ stitches in his head. Gruesome!, but he still is the coolest muthafucka ever.

  34. Jorgito Santamariasanjur


  35. Pieter Zandvliet

  36. Jiraffu

    legalaize it in Brazil please x()

  37. Wiliam Wagney

    Eu legalizo no Brasil

  38. Sam Van Meter

    Love this song.

  39. 敵敵

    legalize it in russia so our cold reality can became warmer

  40. King-E OG

    I swear the government wants people to fail, they gotta legalize weed, if it was legal everyone would be happy

    Glendon Codling


  41. tvtudo h

    vim aq pelo tomazine, mais alguem??

  42. Igor



    shut up


    @broodmuzic fuck off

  43. DiLer

    Legalize it Argentina

  44. Egemen Yalvaç

    Yasallaştır Türkiye 🇹🇷 ✌🏼
    Legalize it Turkey 🇹🇷 ✌🏼

    Glendon Codling

    Your country will Legalize It weed because it is a big money making machine.

  45. Amazon Bailey

    Legalize it in Texas, please!

    Glendon Codling

    I agree with you

  46. Vanillagorilla6969420 Jboogie

    This the music the government man hates

    Glendon Codling

    They hated the man that makes the music so they killed Him.

  47. Yonela Gilman

    It's legal now, only if he was still alive to witness this.


    Yonela Gilman yeah it’s crazy to think but you know what man in a lot of places it’s not legal yet at all this song is still extremely important

  48. Mo Sch war Z

    birds eat it, ants love it ... you got to legalize it!

  49. Sathington Waltz

    Legal here in the state of Oregon 💚


    Sathington Waltz 🙏🏻

  50. yellooh

    Finally being heard is priceless

  51. David Duck

    "Legalize it, YEAHAUH YEAHAUH, and I will advertise it!" I scream this while at work and got my co workers screaming "Yeahauh" when answering a question.

    Glendon Codling

    D.D Peter Tosh music in your world today

    Glendon Codling

    David Peter Tosh music in your world today

  52. Marcus 2Rell

    January 2020 I will be lighting up playing this for all the world to hear 🌎 👂🏾

    Glendon Codling

    Don't waited for too long.

  53. Joe Kurtz

    Daughter 's vacation and send her some proper island music- old school.

  54. Elisabete Ribeiro


  55. Mi Da

    Blared this shit when I lived in Vegas on the first day Nevada made it legal!

  56. Craboy

    Só eu que vim pela intro do tomazine?😂

  57. regeboj

  58. Datra Hardaway

    Peter Tosh Forever and Ever

  59. jorge Trujillo

    Porquería de música

  60. Evandro Vieira Valadao

    Torrando com tomazzini

  61. Oscar Eusebio Vera Vallejos

    Legaliza !!!!! Sud América

  62. Irfan Fathi

    Legalize it Malaysia

  63. Marcio Braga

    Legalize it in universe!

  64. Ꭾ ᴀ ɴ ᴀ ᴍ ᴇ ñ ᴏツᎮ ᴀ ɴ ᴀ ᴍ ᴇ ñ ᴏツ


  65. Kone gaoussou


  66. Dave Smith

    Saw him 1978 with stones great man !

  67. ALE. -Cr

    Legalize France...😢

  68. Wesley van der Walt

    legalise it ! One love, South Africa

  69. Jay Ali

    The F*&^%%$k Ing Word is GANGA People. FROM THE CONTINENT OF INDIA>

  70. Sauron

    Love and peace, enjoy your weed!!!

    Glendon Codling

    It weak me up in the morning at 5 A.m

  71. Franco Galhai

    In Africa everything from the ground is right...#legalize_it

    Glendon Codling

    I'm From Jamaica and Peter Tosh music defend the Land

  72. BSS TV

    Legalize it across the entire planet and it will please the Creator 💨💨💨💨💨💨

  73. WitchHazel3

    Me as a likkle pickinniney singin dis with meh parents but nah knowing wah demma chat bout lol.

  74. Da Funky Zookeeper

    Dont legalize it! Weed can kill you, my math teacher had a friend who dieded after smoking 2 weed.

    Glendon Codling

    Water can killed you.

    Sitra Achra

    Nobody EVER died from weed. Maybe that shit your friend smoked was spice, not weed. Biggest weed side effect, if u smoke too much, it can make you a bit lazy and slow. Other than that, nothing. Anyway, moderation is the right way.

  75. Triller Machine

    Legalize it in Kenya🔥

  76. Bite My Ear Off

    His bday is coming I think it’s the 19th

  77. Berent

    Legalize it in Turkey!!

    Glendon Codling

    It will Legalize in your country because it is a money making machine and every country want to cash on it

  78. Marco Salas

    Wtf is umara composis lol

  79. El Rey Music

    la cartera

  80. TopperPvP

    Like si viniste por " La Cartera" de Farruko y Bad Bunny

  81. gesman5000

    The ACT just legalised it! Australia is finally on the path to nationwide legalisation!

  82. Smokey McPot

    michigan legalized it im high af

  83. Mark Santus

    yes I still and will always sound great

  84. BeardBoo

    Is legalized for me in the whole world! I smoke everywhere I go hahahah

  85. Lance Hermoso


    Glendon Codling

    Your Leader will killed you for.

    Lance Hermoso

    @Glendon Codling he's dumb

  86. real cooking

    Seriously, I dont smoke weed ( anymore) but it should be legalized edit it should be completely uncategorized, free growing plant that has and will save many many lives!!!

  87. Behind The Line

    Cannabis is medicine, a hobby, a love and way of life.

  88. Berka

    🇸🇪 you

  89. Elie Chalouhi

    Sacré Peter à nous 2 on a probablement fumé un container 40 pied 🤣

  90. iksodix

    Legalize it in France
    Fxck Macron

  91. Christ Telcide

    2019 like

  92. Pape Wade

    Lagallize it Senegal

  93. Andre Blige


  94. Jacquelin Garcia

    Legalize it don’t criticize it legalize it yeah. My god this are good jams.

    Glendon Codling

    Yes Queen you are amazing right.this was made before you were born was released

  95. KO_KAJU

    marijuana is not a drug.

    Glendon Codling

    I agree with you.

  96. Joanne Smillie

    Legalize it everywhere 💚💯

  97. Rubensito Show


  98. The Tarantula Guru

    Legalize it New Zealand