Tosh, Peter - Can't You See Lyrics

Told me you loved me
Right from the start
Don't play no tricks
Don't break my heart

Told me you loved me
And I said why
You think I'm gonna cry

Can't you see
What you're doing to me
I am bound
You've got to set me free

You jerk on my heart
Shatter my brain
If you have conscience
Ain't that a shame

Told me you loved me
To make my cry
And I said I don't know why


Then if you love me
Don't treat me so bad
I could give you something you never had

See you sitting up there
And you're looking so mad
Your imagination is making you sad


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Tosh, Peter Can't You See Comments
  1. djibin Lokoy Djo

    The great musician do here the mix of rock blues reggae inspiration..the king of reggae...PETER TOSH

  2. Balor Ndawonde

    We miss you peter


    The Best

  4. Jo-Ann Chandler

    This song it dedicated to my husband are breaking my heart

  5. Trichard Chikadaya

    I love this song why did he have to go

  6. Chris N.

    so much passion from peter , great

  7. Thomas Ramokgadi Makube

    What u do to me u can't see...

  8. Tanya Morris

    peter tosh no one can take your place with me

  9. Stephanie Castellón


  10. Fredrick Obondi Rohi

    Yeah mystic man,you will always be in our hearts and your place in history can never be taken,the battle is still on n Jah will see us through.Selah.