Tory Lanez - Miss Me Lyrics

DJ Ill Will

Ok and startin' off the record I be fresher than you ever are
If I leave your girl tonight I bet she'll be forever scarred
Yeah my engine purrin' and her permit with an extra R
I walk in the room and got your woman on in extra awe
She ain't never felt this way before
I only go to eat out got a beach house by the shore
And we out with our feet out bumpin' me now that's for sure
And we out VIP now King of Diamonds got these whores
I'm a [?] and you haters knee high
How your money long if it ain't longer than my Levi's
Shawty let my man in baby we can call you Eli
If you niggas claiming that you hot I'm Costa Rica
Sayin' that I'm young and just amazing
And no I ain't the greatest
To say that I'm that greatest is a fucking understatement
I guess I'm fucking underrated but I'm never under payment
But some heffers love to claim that this the freshest they done seen me nigga
Yeah, aight nigga yeah
Hate a nigga shinin' with these diamonds in my ear (Bling)
Her ass way thicker than the tires in the rear (I know)
My flight arrive at 9 and I feel flyer than a Lear
I got my nigga [?], my nigga [?]
She asked me what I wanted
I say "give me the works"
She call my nigga Jay, she love that nigga Rimes
And we just love to see her 'cause we hit it every time
You mad because your baddest chick is probably just a 9
My money is so 3-6-0 it's never in a line
I get so much green I feel like I live in a vine
I eat the instrumental up like it was dinner time
You ain't talking to a nigga like me though
Grind like Nino
Women know a nigga hard to find like Nemo
Ask me why I do it, I do it for the T.O
Coming through and get your Jackson no Tito
Ladies put your flyest stuff it on me
All my niggas hit the floor poppin' bottles of Patrón
You know it's a celebration 'cause they keep the Henny on you know we gon' get it on
And we gon' throw some cash up in the air
We just celebrate the fact we here
'Cause it could've been worse, so cop that Mr. Peterson on January 1st

And I'ma do it to 'em like that every time baby
You know me

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Tory Lanez Miss Me Comments
  1. Hillary lagat

    Am still trying to understand why Major Lazer doesn't sing yet there are his songs... anyone with idea

  2. Wolfanatic Gaming

    AND HELL NO I CANT BELIVE PEOPLE DISLIKED THIS.........if they wanted porn in it

  3. Wolfanatic Gaming


  4. aroha ashby

    1 hundred trillion dollars just for a spec look at our life so stay coded locks laidys

  5. aroha ashby

    Stay fat and cuddly laidys in code

  6. aroha ashby

    Try kojic geisha soaps

  7. aroha ashby

    Please wash up alot main singer

  8. Namugenyi Aminah

    Woow can't stop listening

  9. Rorat Leteila

    Who is here on 11/12/2019?

  10. Xamda Yahye

    I love you tory lanze

  11. Stephen Mutuku

    This stills stands tall in December 2019🤙🏿

  12. V X-Plode

  13. the almighty souvlaki

    Tory is so different now. Much better here.

  14. Brian Kiplangat in love with this song...

  15. Prayer Tehmeh

    So mad that this great music didn't get the attention it deserve. I think people love shitty music these days.

  16. joy kinyua


  17. Gemimah Djamen

    November 2019

  18. pokm an

    Oh my God just so good

  19. Juan Jose Murillo

    The original song is Lifted by Palmistry. This us just plain, vulgar theft

  20. Pearl Sokwa

    November 2019😘

  21. Queen Pretty

    I want to download it please

  22. Queen Pretty

    I love it that's good

  23. Nicole Baba

    Tory lanez , the king of samples 🔥👑

  24. amber woods


  25. Антон Заяць


  26. adrian yo

    Awesome,I really love this song and this voice.

  27. Salem Semere


  28. Purity Naisenya

    Nov 2019😍

  29. Nick Tangata

    love this song.

  30. joey makaveli


  31. Alonso Martinez santoyo

    Me encantó

  32. Jackson Maliy

    Every night I do listen to this song before I sleep

  33. ひ1

    I know I'm late 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  34. Nyamekye Keziah

    Nice song really love this

  35. Hannah Marie

    He could sing to me all day long

  36. The Dream Reader

    I think am in the calendar wtf

  37. Jackie Mag

    when you finnely got your ps4

  38. Christina Joseph

    Budget for this music video must've been like $20. Great song though.

  39. Carly Trance

    men this song is the best even in 10 years to come


    Why am I just listening to this song for the first time??? Catchy from the first tune 💥💥🔥

  41. Davil Charan

    For the people those are going to read here hope there is something good going to happen today.

  42. Christopher Bonilla

    Palmistry - Lifted? 🤔

  43. Scooterkid Dynamyte

    I have no idea why this song wasnt bigger

  44. MJ Smith

    I love this song!

  45. Nick Tangata

    i really love this song

  46. Achibo Lucy

    this song got me a lover

  47. Aaron Rawago

    Underrated song of the Year.

  48. Delight Gonyora

    october 2019.who else is still inlove with this one

    akor ogwu

    im here man

  49. iimaney

    it's almost 2020 and i cannot stop listening to this song :')

  50. Madawnga Chawngthu

    Really nice....

  51. raheel Khan123

    2019 agine listening amazing

  52. Babylove Thimothee

    Mw paka pale best song good work

    Sultane Mathieu

    Ou fè sa tou se youn n nan rapè préféré m tèlman li gen flow.

  53. Edgar Omondi

    Tory lanez

  54. Ibrahim Muriithi

    2019 still listening to this

  55. MrDopeCINEMA

    I liked this better in 2016, when it was called “Lifted” by Palmistry

    (Yeah, I know Palmistry has credits on this song, it samples and interpolates his original track, and he’s friends with Cashmere... it’s still annoying)

    Tory Lanez lacks originality... his music is always sampling or interpolating someone else’s.

  56. M I

    Je surkiff cet chanson chak jour😎

  57. princess phoenix

    working in retail brought me here...

  58. moni2606

    Tory showing off his Canadian side :) lol this gives me maple vibes


    Anyone from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳
    BTW love this song😍😍

  60. Yogesh Nirmalkar

    Who is the lady in the video?

  61. BeingSa

    I still don't believe that is just one man singing in the whole music. UAHSIAHSIUHSA

  62. Laura Emily

    went here after listening to cashmere cat's for your eyes only. this is so creative and i think this should've more views. great job guys!


    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥


    September 2019 whose here
    Dammit why his voice soo sweet i cant get enough😫

  65. Joao Roberto

    O único problema dessa música, é que ela acaba!

  66. Ry ZZ

    September 2019

  67. Jordan Kelemen

    Cashmere's voice is as smooth as cashmere lol.

  68. Anisha Chanallee Shade Mason


  69. Major Lazer



    Straight fire !!!!

    Babylove Thimothee

    Good job

    Melissa joyce

    Major Lazer I need downloading link for this song " miss you"

  70. Wombat Happiness Girl

    Finally a video of singing & talent rather than half naked people dancing provocatively .... more of this please .. ... sex does not always sell. Sex is overrated

  71. Trendy Lyrics

    2019 n am still listenin

  72. Obadiah Enock Chibanga

    i play this fucking song everyday ,every minute .i will never get out of interest in this song

  73. Gaffer Futi Steppah

    From #Zimbabwe with nothing but love only 🤒🤒meeehn take me to hospital this tune is too sick

  74. claudia veleke

    I first thought it was a Girl singing

  75. Obadiah Enock Chibanga

    This song ,i cant stop listen to it.its a fucking hit of all generations.big up to Tory Lanez

  76. Ørjan


  77. Gwendolyn Roches

    I listen to this song more than a 10000 times because i love this song


    The song never gets old always branded in my sou

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    One word WACK

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    Tory lanez😍😍

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    i dont know why but everything in this song is just huge...when i'm feeling low the song is always my theraphy

  87. Sheila Ajjie

    Tory: Can I hit it like that, like this, like that uh huh you know

    Me: 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  88. Issa Kat

    The Palmistry Sample tho ❤️

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    all these idiots be like who's listening in 2069

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    Very nice 👍 voice ...

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